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Do boar bristle brushes damage hair?

Do boar bristle brushes damage hair

There are several different types of hair and depending on your hair type you should choose the brush that is best for you. A boar brush my not be the best choice depending on your hair and purpose.

Do boar bristle brushes damage hair? No, natural boar bristle brushes are the standard when it comes to distributing your natural scalp oils throughout your hair. Long before conditioners were invented people brushed their hair to promote healthy hair and a natural shine.

Natural boar brushes

Can you damage your hair using a bristle brush?

Now, that's not to say you can't damage your hair using a boar brush. You can easily damage your hair by forcefully taking the brush and ripping through your hair, or brushing when your hair is wet or even trying to detangle your hair with a boar brush. These are instances where you should not be using a boar bush. There are other brushes better suited for the job that is not going to damage your hair.

For example, a boar bush is not a detangling brush and if used as one could possibly damage your hair. It's not made to be pulled through your hair. Instead a detangling comb would work much better. And for thoese really stubborn tangles using a small amount of conditioner and a detangling comb will do the trick.

Brushing when you hair is wet is not a good idea either. Because it can cause breakage and does not correctly distribute the natural oils in your hair when wet.

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Questions and answers to damaging hair and boar brushes

Do boar bristle brushes help hair grow? Yes, the boar bristle brush gently massages the scalp, and thus increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. Without blood flow, your hair can't grow. This can be one of many reasons for the cause of hair loss and or very slow hair growth.

Is brushing good for thinning hair? Yes, but make sure to get the right brush for your hair type. Also, avoid vigorous brushing as it can remove the protective layers of your hair's outer cuticle. Always use gentle strokes to help prevent hair breakage and scalp irritation.

Are boar bristle brushes good for thick hair? Yes, but I recommend a mix of boar and nylon bristles or a boar brush specifically made for thick hair such as a Dovahlia brush. When selecting a brush, you should take into account some factors such as hair texture, density and elasticity. Different hair types therefore require different hair care routines. A pure boar bristle brush is designed for thin, fine hair. It can easily go through delicate hair gently.

A boar bristle hair brush with plastic pins and boar bristles is for normal and thick hair. This type of brush easily penetrates through the hair and offers the benefits of boar bristles.

Morrocco method hair brushing? Brushing and massaging is two of the key elements for hair maintenance and rejuvenation. Daily hair and scalp brushing can be cleaner than using synthetic shampoo. Brushing removes waste, such as uric acid deposits, catarrh and other acidic debris, which can be incrusted into the scalp. Brushing is a form of shampooing. It's like shampooing your hair when it's dry.

The stimulation from the bristles distributes sebum throughout hair and scalp, making both stronger and more resilient. It's also an excellent natural conditioner because coating hair with sebum (natural oil) as you brush restores moisture, giving hair added sheen, smoothed texture and greater manageability.

When to brush? For best performance brush your hair three times a day: In the morning, a second time in the late afternoon and finally before bedtime. If you have curly hair, you can reduce hair brushing to once a week or so.

What brush to use? It's recommend to use a boar brush since they are the preferred material and they are almost identical to human hair in texture. This allows the sebum to be collected and redistributed easily all along the hair shaft. A pure boar bristle brush is soft and ideal for thin, weak or fragile hair. 

Best boar bristle brushes and hair type

Generally speaking, if you have thick, dense hair, you want a brush that can penetrate deeper. These types of brushes have less bristles, or either the bristle density is much less. In addition to boar's bristles, these brushes have nylon bristles. The nylon bristles are usually longer and penetrate to the scalp. The shorter boar bristles then distribute the natural oils thought of your hair. This generally works best for people with thick hair.

For people with thinner hair, a regular boar bush seems to work best. The bristles can penetrate the scalp and distribute oils along the shaft with each brush stroke. These brushes will do better to distribute oils than the nylon mix brushes. The biggest drawback is that it can produce more static and frizzy. Most people who use a pure boar brush use a little oil to tame any fizz.

All brushes are not created equal. At first look they all may appear to the the same but there are differences depending on your hair type and purpose.

3 Top boar bristle brushes recommendations for healthy hair

  1. Spornette DeVille oval boar brush #342 - $24.97
  2. Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Round Thermal Boar Hair Brush - $14.50
  3. Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Brush - $17.09

Why I recommend the Spornette DeVille oval boar brush #342 - $24.97

Spornette DeVille oval boar brush

Why I recommend the Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Round Thermal Boar Hair Brush - $14.50

Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Round Thermal Boar Hair Brush

Why I recommend Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Brush - $17.09

Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Brush

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