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Are boar bristle brushes cruelty free

Cruelty free hair brush
Are boar bristles brushes cruelty free?

Are you interested in finding out more about cruelty free boar bristles brushes? If you are a man or woman chances are you use a brush. And since you are reading this article I am guessing you are interested in humanely raised animal brushes.

Boar brush and cruelty free? A boar brush is made from boars in which are said to be humanely raised. A brush is made by cutting the boar's hair in such a way the boar is not harmed. In addition, manufactures also do not do any cruel testing on animals. Many of these products also come in recyclable environmental friendly packaging. Hair brushes made with boar bristles are very good at efficiently spreading the sebum oils from your scalp throughout your hair when you brush. This has a natural conditioning effect making your hair look shiny and reduces frizz.

According to Ed, "There are people who do not want to support cruelty to animals so these brushes have become more popular." By purchasing a brush where the boar for example was killed then you are essentially supporting that industry. So the thought is not to support harming animals and to buy synthetic or specifically labeled brushes that state "Cruelty Free".  So let's jump in and see what's out there.

According to Suzana Rose, at Cruelty-Free Kitty, "Amazon is by far the largest online retailer with the most cruelty-free options, but a word of warning: don't take "cruelty-free" claims or filters at face value. Not all brands listed as "cruelty-free" on Amazon are truly cruelty-free."

Advantages of Cruelty Free Brushes

Advantages Cruelty Free Boar Nylon Bamboo
Conditions Hair Y

Helps Hair Grow Y

Polishes Hair-shaft Y

Creates a Natural Shine Y

Less Static

Head Massage

Styling Y

Animal Friendly
Sustainable Product
Good for Blow-Outs Y Y
Maximum Penetration
Cruelty Free Y Y Y

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Are boar bristle brushes cruelty free

What does cruelty free really mean?
Did you know that in some parts of the world testing on animals is the law? It's required.

Leyla Milani hair brush cruelty free

Leyla Milani hairbrush

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I remember Leyla Milani as the former co-host of the all-women wrestling show of Jimmy Hart, Wrestlicious TakeDown, which made its debut on March 1, 2010. Due to scheduling conflicts, she was eventuality replaced by Brooke Lynn on the March 31, 2010 episode.

But in 2009 she founded Leyla Milani Hair which is a luxury hair-care company specializing in "premium, 100% human hair clip-in or (clip-on) extensions.

In addition, the company has introduced various hair care products, including hair sprays, hair electronics and hair brushes which I want to focus on here.

I like this brush because of several factors. One of which is that it claims to be cruelty free. Which means no cruelty was done when harvesting the boar bristles. You can brush your hair with a clean conscience that no wild boards were harmed in making your brush. The other feature I really like about this brush is that it features a combination of natural and synthetic bristles for a perfect blend. Note that the bristles on this brush are not 100 percent boar bristles, but instead each bristle is a collection that consists of a single plastic-capped bristle surrounded by multiple boar bristles. It massages your scalp and can de-tangle mild tangles as it slides through your hair.

The only grip I have is the color. I am not a fan of the light mint green color. It's such a good brush for a woman or a man but being a man I'm not going to get caught using a light mint color brush or pink. If the brush came in a neutral color suitable for male or female that would be nice considering it's such a good brush.

The perfectly sized brush fits into bags or purses, and travel bags of most any size. You can take it wherever you go. The brush's entire length is 7.25 inches long. The paddle or round part holding the bristles is about 3.5 inches long and 2.125 inches wide. The length of the handle is approximately 3.75 inches long and is approximately 1 inch at its widest point. For your bag, it's a great size. They make a mini and a regular version of the brush.

The brush is perfect combination of natural and nylon creates a gentle brush that effectively removes tangles. The no slip satin finish feels great in your hand while leaving your scalp is feeling great as well after brushing. The dual bristles penetrate hair well adding brightness and volume.

Say bye-bye to fly-aways. Due to the dual boar and nylon bristles is one of the best brushes when brushing your hair for reducing static. It smooths and combs your hair beautifully without any pulling or tugging. The oval cushion is very well balanced with a combination of natural boar bristles with a soft finished edge and nylon. The bristles glide through your hair smoothly while boosting brightness and adding volume. The smooth, satin finish handles feel great in your hand while your scalp feels great.

Perfect for all types of hair and excellent for use with extensions as well. But the best part and most important if you are reading this article is that Milani calms during the collection of the boar bristles, no animals are harmed.

Know more about animal testing and cruelty
How much animal testing do you think is really going on?

Cruelty free TI-Style thermal round brush

TI-Style thermal round hairbrush

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According to the TI-Style they say for over a decade, they have been responsible for a lot of happy hair in the US and Europe. TI-Style specializes in 100% non-cruel hair styling and beauty products. However their website does not really say this brush is cruelty free. I like it because it's a round brush and it is very versatile. The brush has reinforced first-cut Spanish boar bristles of salon quality. It has a 1.5 inch barrel with 65 percent pure boar bristles and 35 percent nylon mixture. This brush like any other quality cruelty free boar brush should last for years. It may be the last brush you'll buy.

the secret of course to reducing frizz is the round brush spreads the natural oils of your scalp, which is called sebum, and lubricates each of your hair strands to reduce frizz and increase the luster of your hair. But if you hair already has split-ends then no amount of brushing with this brush is going to solve that problem. The barrel of the brush holds your hair in the ideal shape while the aerial chamber lets in air for better circulation.

To get that salon look if your hair is really frizzy you can always add a touch of leave-in conditioner to your hair before brushing. This will help tame the fizzyness. Did you ever wonder how your hair stylists can get that perfect salon look? One secret is the round brush they use and now you can get similar results at home. This round hair brush is designed to provide your hair roots with maximum volume during blow drying plus its cruelty free. The handle is covered with a soft touch rubber finish. The handle finish is not a squashy, jello-like finish, but a nice firm one that I like. It's easy to clean and looks to be well constructed. TI-Style sells this model to many salons. It seems to be one of their best selling brushes. It does appear to be designed for professional so I am guessing it would last a life time however there have been reports where the bristles melted and the handle broke. It comes with a 30 day guarantee so I would be sure to run it through it's paces in the first 30 days.

Beauty Without Cruelty hair care and styling products
What is the perfect combination of botanical herbs, pro-vitamins and natural plant protein for healthy, vibrant hair?

Conclusion for are boar bristle brushes cruelty free

Who doesn’t use a comb or brush in their daily routine nowadays? There are of course exceptions for folks like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson and Patrick Stewart. And the list goes on; I only mentioned a few well know actors who may not need a boar bristle brush for example. When it comes to the brush we use we don’t really think much about where the bristles came from. But should we?

Honesty there is not much out there for cruelty free brushes especially when you want a boar brush. There may be others out there than the ones I listed above but the bottom line is that the pickings are slim to none. Most all brushes have problems and some have more than others. It seems handles breaking is a popular one. Many of the brushes that have a two piece handle seems to break under heavy use especially with while brushing longer hair. With longer hair you are putting more tension on the brush handle. The most durable brush is going to be a brush where the handle if one piece like in a wooden brush. I was really was surprised there is just not that much out there for cruelty free boar bristle brushes.

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Boar brush vegan
Cruelty free boar bristles brushes
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  1. The article is incorrect, they are not cruelty free.
    Although the animal is not killed for the hair, it is traumatised by its acquisition for a multitude of reasons, just watch the process online. Also, the hair is only harvested a few times in it's lifetime they're then slaughtered
    So the Boars are bred for slaughter...

    1. Thank you for you comment on are boar bristle brushes cruelty free. Please email me the video link.

    2. Thank you... So glad I did not buy 9r promote!