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Are boar bristle brushes made from boars

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Brushing will clean the dust and hairspray from your hair. The boar bristles as they come in contact with your hair are effectively brushing out the dead cells from you scalp, cleaning hairspray and any dust that has collected. In addition, brushing stimulates blood circulation and pushes the oil produced by your scalp along you hair shaft giving a cleaner shiny look and feel.
Wild boar bristle hairbrush

Are boar bristle brushes made from boars? Yes, high quality hair brushes are usually made with real or wild boar bristles in which beauty experts say significantly reduces frizz and works very well in efficiently spreading sebum, your hair oils throughout your hair for a shinny healthy look.

Hair experts recommend the use of a hairbrush with natural bristles, without synthetic bristles. The best hair brush to use for example would be a hairbrush with 100% boar bristles for your daily hair care. One of the main reasons why boar bristles are recommended over nylon is pure boar bristles don't damage your hair, they don't generate static electricity, and they maintain your hair's elasticity. And they are easy to clean. Are plastic brushes bad for your hair?

In addition to nylon and plastic have you considered using a wooden hair brush as a boar brush alternative?

Some nylon bristles are tough on your hair. They can snag and pull your hair to the point where they could damage your hair. In addition they can generate a fair amount of static electricity. Many stylists do not take any chances and just purchase a good boar brush. A premium boar brush is going to cost significantly more than a nylon brush but with proper care should last you a lifetime or close to it.

I recommend looking carefully at the brush before you purchase and try to find one where the bristles are in uneven length. 

What this will do is to make sure to get a good hold on your hair as not to slip out and off the Hair. This way each brush stroke will be more effective in cleaning and spreading your natural hair oil along each hair shaft.

Hair brush facts you should know if you want beautifully styled hair. What different hair brushes are used for and why you need to know

If you have dull and dry hair then by brushing will improve the texture of your hair by activating the natural oils in the oil glands of the hair. Also, the hairbrush should not be too heavy in you hand. It should feel balanced and light in your hand.

Pure wild boar bristle hair brush, Model PW1, made from boars

One example of a quality brush is the PW1 by Desert Breeze Distributing. The PW1 hairbrush is a full-size brush, 2 "wide (brush area) x 8.75" (total length) and is pure 1st cut wild boar bristles (most firm part of the bristle) from a special type of wild boar raised in the high mountains of the Tibet Plateau. Bristles are about 5/8 "long. They are made in the German Black Forest in a family shop that has been making high-quality hairbrushes for over 100 years. Bristles are precision cut for staggered lengths approximately 5/8 "long, allowing the brush to grip hair down to the scalp (fine to medium thickness hair only). Precision spacing between the bristles allows the brush to penetrate through fine hair types.

I recommend this boar brush for people who have thin short hair. The bristles are softer and more flexible than say the Calcutta bristles and may not penetrate through thicker hair.

The handle of this beautifully crafted brush is made from oiled pear wood, grown locally in Germany. The wood has a graven image of the butterfly, a symbol of nature's gentle and transforming powers.

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The bristles as they brush your hair naturally conditions and improves your hair texture thus reducing the need for over the counter styling products. The boars hair is similar to human hair in that when brushing it does not generate static. However, if you do experience static you can smooth the ends of your hair with your palm or use a small amount of leave-in conditioner in your hair before brushing.

High quality boar bristles made from boars mainly come from the high mountains of the Tibet Plateau

There are many different types of wild boars. Since 1990, up to 16 subspecies are recognized which are divided into four regional groups based on the height of the skull and the length of the tear bone. Males who are fully grown are usually solitary outside the breeding season. The gray wolf is the main predator of the wild boar in most areas with the exception of the Far East and the Lesser Sunda Islands, where their predator is the tiger and Komodo dragon. Boar is sometimes used specifically for males and can also be used for domesticated male pigs, in particular for breeding males. Sow, the traditional name for a female and piglets are the young.

Boar terminology 
  • Squeaker - 0 to 10 months old 
  • Juvenile - 10 to 12 months 
  • Pig of the sounder - 2 years 
  • Boar of the 4th/5th/6th year - 3 to 5 years 
  • Old boar - six years 
  • Grand old boar or Solitary boar - over 7 years

Boar subspecies
  • Western: These subspecies are typically high-skull with thick under-wool and poorly developed manes.
  • Indian: These subspecies have sparse or absent under-wool, with long manes and prominent bands on the snout and mouth.
    Indian boar photo By JP Bennett -, CC BY 2.0,
  •  Eastern: These subspecies are characterized by a whitish streak extending from the corners of the mouth to the lower jaw. Most are high-skull. The under-wool is thick, and the mane is largely absent.
  •  Indonesian: It is characterized by its sparse body hair, lack of under-wool, fairly long mane, a broad reddish band extending from the muzzle to the sides of the neck.

Understanding brushes made from boars

My understanding after researching is most boar bristles come from India, Nepal, Burma, western Thailand and Sri Lanka. Not to say that all bristles originate from this area but my research indicates this is a popular region.

The boar from this region is a long-manned subspecies with a coat that is brindled black. Its head is larger and more pointed and its ears smaller and more pointed. The plane of the forehead is straight. These boars are raised for meat, but the bristles are saved for use in high-quality brushes. The first cut of the bristle is the strongest.

My understanding is that the boar is not killed primarily for it's bristles but is a by-product. There are brushes on the market that are made from boar bristles in which no harm was done to the animal. These are called cruelty free brushes. What does cruelty free really mean?

The root or follicle of the bristle is gentle on the scalp.
Bundles of cleaned, cut and ready to be made into brushes boar bristles.

I recommend a brush that uses only the first cut of the boar bristle because it is the most firm and usually the only cut highest quality brush manufactures use.

The boar bristles do not come from factory farms, but come from special types of wild boars grown in rough terrain and climatic conditions on small farms. These unique bristles are limited in supply and are therefore more expensive than those from factory farms.

Not all boar bristles are the same

Boar bristles can vary greatly between subspecies, the age of the animal, and even the climates and terrain they are raised in. For example to get thick bristles you need boars raised in rugged climates and terrains. These boars grow especially thick bristles. A boar raised in the Tibet Plateau will have a thinner bristle than a boar raised in the highland of India. Boars from both these regions have very high quality bristles. These are high quality bristles used in premium hair brushes.

What are boar bristles made from?

Human hair is mad of keratin. Keratin is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins that make up
By The making of this document was supported by Wikimedia CH. (Submit your project!)For all the files concerned, please see the category Supported by Wikimedia CH. - Own work, GFDL 1.2,
hair, nails, horns, claws, hooves and the outer layer of human skin.

Keratin is also a protein that prevents damage or stress to epithelial cells. In water and organic solvents, keratin is extremely insoluble.

Keratin monomers form intermediate filaments that are tough and form strong un-mineralized epidermal attachments found in reptiles, birds, amphibians and mammals.

Boar bristles are great for coming in contact with human hair because they are very similar in structure. Like human hair, boar bristles are made of keratin. If you look very closely at a bristle you will see scales on the hair.

These tiny microscopic scales absorb the scalp's natural oils and gently distribute them over the shaft of the hair. Synthetic bristles cannot offer the same high a quality advantages.

Regular brushing with a boar bristle brush over time has a powerful effect on the overall health of your scalp and hair and improves texture and ebullience from the roots to the ends of your hair. But is it bad to brush your hair a lot?

Boar bristle brush cleaning and care

For best cleaning results, always keep your brush free of loose hair by using a brush cleaner or a fine tooth comb to remove all loose hair. You can also wash your brush in lukewarm water using a mixture of of shampoo.

Note: Do not leave the brush to soak in the water. 

Rinse the brush in clean water and then dry the handle with a soft cloth. Allow to the brush finish drying at room temperature with bristles pointing downward. Proper care of your brush will prolong it's life.

Choose the right boar bristles for your hair type

Don't just pick any boar brush. Pick the right boar brush for your hair type. These are many different hair types and there are different styles of brushes for each hair type. Medium stiff bristles from boars raised on the Tibet Plateau are best for fine to medium thick hair. Bristle length is approximately 5/8 inches long. Calcutta boar bristles, which are the stiffest bristles from boars. These boars are raised in the highlands of India. This bristle is best for hair of medium thickness, or those who prefer a more rigid brush. Bristles of the Calcutta are slightly longer at approximately 3/4 inches long. And for those of you have have really thick hair for best penetration you will most likely have to brush you hair in sections. And if you purchased a boar brush and it's too stiff click here to learn how to soften your boar brush bristles.
Choose the right boar bristles for your hair type
Paddle brushes are commonly used for styling hair fast and lots of hair. More on paddle brushes. A round brush is generally used on long hair but can be used on short hair provided you use the right diameter brush. More on round brushes. A vented brush is primarily used to help or aid in drying your hair. It is also used as a styling tool. More on vent brushes.

Conclusion to are boar bristle brushes made from wild boars

Indeed, bristles are made from boars. Pure boar bristles naturally conditions hair, improves hair texture, and reduces the need for styling products. Because the structures of boar bristles are very similar to human hair, they are anti-static. If you need to have more static control, you can either smooth in the palm-of-hand a small amount of leave in hair conditioner before brushing.

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  1. There are many vegan alternatives that are simply made from plastic. All plastics are made from petroleum and are not biodegradable so what’s the point of buying vegan to save the planet? So take nylon, it’s basically plastic and made from petroleum. Marketing is labeling vegan as a good thing and if you buy vegan products you are saving the planet. But most of these products just end up filling our landfills. Why make new products out of plastic that will never be biodegradable when you can make products out of what we already have available on our planet and are also biodegradable and don't fill-up our landfills?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Plastics are everywhere and they do contribute to filling up our landfills. A good boar brush is hard to beat but getting the right one for your hair type is the key.

  2. Most boars are bread for meat and are not killed just for their bristles. Plus there are farms that raise boars just for the bristles and do kill the animal. So I am not for vegan just for the purpose of making more plastic. Sound like reusing is much more planet friendly than make more oil products.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You make a good point.

  3. I’ll take a good boar brush over a nylon brush any day. Nothing makes your hair shine like brushing with a boar brush.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Boar brushes have many benefits and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.