Monday, December 2, 2019

How to tame frizzy hair

How to tame frizzy hair
How to tame the frizz in your hair
You you ever feel like you are all alone when you are tackling your frizzy hair? It's just you and your frizzy hair and your hair is winning the battle. Many people struggle with unruly hair so don't feel like you are alone.

Use the right products and techniques to tame the frizz

If you choose the right products you can learn to do the right techniques and win the battle. You too can have beautiful silky straight hair. Naturally dry hair, bleached hair and chemically treated hair is prone to have the frizz. And brushing your hair while it's bone dry is just going to cause more frizz. Try to find products without alcohol as not to dry your hair even more. For example, use Argan oil instead instead of hair care products what contain alcohol. I am a big fan of using Argan oil to help add back moister into you hair. If you still have the frizz after using Argan oil you can apply a tiny amount of hair wax to the unruly parts. But be careful to only use a very small amount of wax so you won't get that weighted down look. 
  1. Choose a sulfate-free and alcohol free shampoo and products
  2. Use conditioner
  3. Using a hydrating mask does wonders for your hair
  4. Use Coconut oil or Argan on your hair
  5. Always air dry your hair to 80% before blow-drying
  6. Using a diffuser when blow-drying helps
  7. Apply hair wax to the really frizzy parts after styling
  8. Always use the lowest heat setting when blow drying your hair
  9. Always use the lowest heat setting when using a hot brush or flat iron
  10. Invest in high quality products with ample heat settings
  11. Invest in an ion blow dryer 
  12. Do not bleach your hair, or at least try to not bleach frequently if you must
  13. Do not color your hair, or at least use an ammonia free product
  14. Do not rub your hair vigiriously with a cotton towel after washing, instead use a t-shirt
  15. Be gentle with your hair
  16. Protect your hair from the sun
  17. When swimming protect your hair from chlorine, try to wear a swim cap
  18. Inspect your combs and brushes for sharp edges that could rip your hair

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