Thursday, July 4, 2019

Elite models boar bristle brush

Elite is the world's #1 modeling agency. It represents over 2,000 models across five continents. Since its creation, Elite's engine of the profession has established criteria for model selection and management. Elite propelled the careers of his models by elevating them to the rank of top models far more than just a talent scout.

Elite models boar bristle brush
Elite's goal is to make beauty products for every woman affordable. Products combine design, know-how and professionalism inspired by the modeling world. Today, in their beauty routine, more than 300 different products accompany women every day: wellness, manicure, pedicure, makeup, and hairstyle.

Elite models boar bristle brush

Elite Models Round Brush 100% Boar Bristles - $9.00

Elite Models Round Brush 100% Boar Bristles
Elite Features:
  • It minimize hair breakage (short to mid-length hair)
  • Enhance hair's natural shine
  • The boar's hairs reduce split ends

Tips from the Elite professionals:
  • Dry your hair 80% of the way. 
  • If you are working with medium sections of hair, put the brush under a strand at the roots and guide the heat of the hairdryer onto your brush.
  • Keep the same position as you move down the strands of hair while keeping the heat on your brush.

Elite Models Cushion Brush 100% Boar Bristles - $13.01

Elite Models Cushion Brush 100% Boar Bristles
  • It does not break hair when styling
  • Great for short to mid-length hair
  • The boar bristles revives your hair's natural shine
  • Safe for fragile hair

Elite Models 100 Percent Boar Bristles Cushion Brush - $19.69

Elite Models 100 Percent Boar Bristles Cushion Brush
When using this or any boar brush I highly recommended using a time release formula detangling spray on your brush. 
The Wet brush makes a spritzer for $14.99 that works extremely well. Simply apply a few sprays to your boar brush and then brush like you normally do. Repeat as needed.

The Release Detangler
The Release Detangler is formulated with keratinosomes, small microscopic particles that encapsulate the active ingredients and release them for up to 3 days. They penetrate the hair follicle, delivering time-released nutrients and hydration deep into the hair structure— detangling, protecting and adding strength and shine over time.

    The Wet Brush Shine Boar Brush Pink 6846
  • Conditions to keep hair detached for 3 days
  • Seals hair cuticle to fight frizz and add brightness
  • Strengthens and repairs split ends
  • Helps protect against heat styling
  • Safe for color treated hair
  • Paraben, nitrate and sulfate free

This technique also helps with fly-a-ways and frizzy-ness. Keeps your hair looking fantastic all day long.

When using a boar brush you want to be able to polish the hair. To do that you will need a boar brush with soft tips. So the action can work and rub against your hair polishing it. Typically this action is found with boar bristles having white tips or ends. These white bristles come from the underneath of the boar.

This is called a shine enhancer and found on the "The Wet Brush Shine Boar Brush Pink 6846" which sells for $10.98 at the time of this writing. It comes in a variety of colors. With Mongolian boar and Intellifex bristles, the Shine Brush is designed not only to detangle hair, but also to help lay the cuticle flat to increase brightness. This is another very good option when considering purchasing a boar brush.

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