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How to soften hair brush bristles

If you are attempting to soften nylon bristles don't bother, because it's not possible. Synthetic bristles brushes do not soften using this technique. This only works on real boar bristles. If you are interest in saving a few dollars you might try this method. Sometimes you can revive an old hair brush. It's worth a try due all you have to lose is your time and a little olive oil.

Also, if you have ever bought a boar brush and you find the bristles are too stiff you can to use this technique for soften the bristles.

Soften boar bristles

Step by step instructions on how to soften hair brush bristles

Many folks would like to soften their boar bristle brushes. Maybe you purchased a first cut boar bristle brush and have thin hair and as a result would like a little softer brush. You may ask what is first cut boar bristles? First cut bristles are taken from the root or bulb end of the bristle. First cuts are more expensive and more desirable because the bulb end of the bristle is thicker and has better penetration. First cut boar brushes have much stiffer bristles. Many manufactures reserve First cuts for their premium products. You want the bristles to be long enough to penetrate to your scalp. And having thinner hair the bristles have an easier time with penetrations. Sometimes too much and therefore irritates your scalp by being too stiff and penetrating too much. Having a long enough bristle is essential for massaging your scalp for stimulating the release of a beneficial oil called sebum for conditioning your hair. The trick is to find the right stiffness as not to cause pain when brushing but also get the right amount of penetration.

You can tell if you need a softer brush just by brushing your hair and if your scalp get irritated or you feel pain then the bristles are too stiff.

Some brushes are expensive so if you can salvage one by making it softer you will come out ahead.

Now I want to make sure you understand this only works on real 100% boar bristle brushes. If you have a nylon brush or synthetic brushes, sorry you are out of luck. The following techniques will not work.

Now this can lead to a another more difficult problem. Some brushes that have a mixture of boar and nylon bristles. So if you follow these instructions for soften the bristles it only going to work on the boar bristles. The nylon bristles will still be too stiff for you. So you are better off not wasting your time on this technique. Before you begin you will need to verify if you have a nylon and boar bristle brush. The best way is to read the manufacture’s packaging or look up details online.

Both nylon and real 100% boar bristles has their own strengths and weakness If you have really thick and or curly hair you are going to need maximum penetration. A boar bristle brush alone may not provide you with the penetration you need. So this is why some manufactures also make a boar and nylon combination brush. A really stiff First Cut boar along with nylon can get you the extra penetration you need to reach your scalp. The combination give you almost all the benefits of using an all boar bristle brush. Reaching your scalp is important to be effective at spreading your natural oils throughout your hair.

The reason why boar is so effective is that it's like your own hair. Boar has tiny scales just like a human hair. These tiny scales are real good at collecting your scalps natural oils and spreading them  from the roots to the tips of your hair. Nylon is much smoother therefore is not as effective as boar.

Tools and materials needed to soften hair brush bristles

  1. One cup of warm water 
  2. A mixing container that will hold your brush. A shallow bowl or container works best 
  3. Virgin olive oil, any brand will do 
  4. Paper towels 
  5. Blow-dryer
  6. About 10 minutes of your time

Steps to soften hair brush bristles

  1. Take the cup of warm water and pour it into the shallow container.
  2. Add one table spoon of virgin olive oil to the shallow container filled with water. Mix the olive oil and water. As you mix you will notice that oil and water do not mix very well so just do the best you can and not to worry.
  3. The warm water helps the boar bristles absorb better. Take your brush and lay it down in the warm oily water for 5 minutes. Make sure the bristles are positioned face down into the water. You want as much of the bristles to be covered by the oily water.
  4. After 5 minutes take the brush out of the oily water and pat the bristles lightly on the paper towels.
  5. After you have removed most of the oily water and it’s not dripping, take your blow-dryer and position it about 3 to 4 inches away from the bristles on the brush. Start blow-drying the brush on low heat stetting. Fan the blow-dryer across the bristles for about 5 minutes.
  6. Now your boar bristles are nice and soft and ready for your hair. 
 1). Add the warm water to a shallow container

Step 1 How to soften hair brush bristles

2). Add in one table spoon olive oil

Step 2 How to soften hair brush bristles

3). Mix the warm water and olive oil

Step 3 How to soften hair brush bristles

4). Place brush face down in the warm water and olive oil

Step 4 How to soften hair brush bristles

5). After 5 minutes of soaking remove and pat dry on paper towels

Step 5 How to soften hair brush bristles

6). Dry with blow-dryer for 5 minutes

Step 6 How to soften hair brush bristles

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