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Vent brush

Vent brush

A vented brush is primarily used to help or aid in drying your hair. It is also used as a styling tool. It's great because the bristle count is very low as compared to other brushes thus allows your hair dryer to dry your hair faster. Most vented brushes have just enough bristles to provide tension for light styling and volumizing .

How NOT to use a vented brush

Many people use a vent brush right after they get out of the shower. I believe this is not optimal due to wet hair is at it's weakest point. It's better to wait until you hair is at least 80% dry then finish it off with a vent brush and hair dryer.

Also, I have seen many people use a vent brush as a detangler. Although it can be used to detangle hair and depending on your hair type it can work, there are better options available.

For short hair, using a vented brush to detangle would most likely work just fine, but for longer hair I would recommend a Wet Brush Original Detangler or a Tangle Teezer. Tangel Teezer makes diffident types of brushes depending on your hair type. For example, Tangle Teezer has one specifically for thick and curly hair and another to detangle thin or fine hair. These options are much better, faster and less prone to damage your hair while detangling.

Vent brush
Denman 7 Row D100 Vent Brush
How to use a vented brush

If you are in a rush in the mornings then you have no choice but to use it on wet hair. In this case make sure you use a good leave in conditioner to help the brush glide through your hair without pulling and stretching your hair. Then proceed slowly and gently. This method reduces the potential for damaging your hair.

  1. Apply a leave in conditioner to wet hair and gently brush through.
  2. If you have longer hair, work in sections and start blow drying at the root. 
  3. Keep the hair dryer at a slight distance, there is no need to press the nozzle against the bristles.
  4. For longer hair make sure your ends are protected with a heat protectant.
  5. Over direct and under direct the blow dryer to get the desired volume and lift for your style.
  6. For added lift for men, finger tousle your hair. For women Velcro rollers can be used to provide extra lift and volume.

Advantages of using a vented brush

  1. AIR CIRCULATION: Vented brushes have specially located air vents to help circulate air at the root  of your hair and is designed to be used with a hairdryer.
  2. SCALP PROTECTION: Most vented brushes features ball ends on tips that protect the scalp and are kind to your hair.
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT GRIP And CONTROL: Most vented brushes are very lightweight and provide a comfortable grip while using.

What to look for in a quality vent brush

  1. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: You want a vent brush crafted from durable and premium quality material. Material that can take the heat from a hair dryer.
  2. ONE PIECE HANDLE: Uniquely designed one piece handle that won't break.
  3. BALL TIPPED: Ball-tipped heat and chemical resistant brush with a non-slip handle.

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