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How to get static out of a hair brush

How to get static out of a hair brush
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How many times have you started to brush your hair when you notice your hair is raising up to meet your brush? One quick way to cure this problem is to take an ordinary dryer sheet and rub on your brush or comb. Then try again.

Static prevention

If you want to prevent static electricity from happening in the first place you can always try wrapping your brushes and combs in dryer sheets during high static times. Some stylist considers this technique a good static eliminator. Generally high static times are going to be in the middle of the winter. This is when there is lower humidity in the air. The indoor air is usually dry due to your heater keeping your house or work nice and cozy.

Also did you know that brushes generally carry more static than combs. So if you can you might try reaching for a comb in high static times. another good idea is to use a good detangler or leave in conditioner. This technique also helps elevate static in your hair.

How to get rid of static from a hair brush

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