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What is negative ion hair dryer

What is negative ion hair dryer
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What is a negative ion?

An ion is an electrically charged atom or group of atoms produced by the loss or loss of one or more electrons. A positive ion is caused by electron loss and is drawn to the cathode by electrolysis. And a negative ion, which is formed by an electron gain and attracted to what is commonly called an anode.

What does negative ions do?

Ionic hairdryers produce millions of negatively charged ions. When these negative ions are directed at positively charged water molecules in your hair they help break up the water molecules. The negative ions do not open up the hair shaft but instead the hair shaft stays smooth and sleek. This give the hair shaft it’s smooth, sleek and shiny appearance.

In my opinion, a ceramic hair dryer is useful to almost all hair types. If you were to look at the inside of a ceramic hairdryer you would see its specially coated to help spread heat evenly. The airflow can be inconsistent in a conventional hairdryer.

Ceramic hairdryers often control the heat by automatically sensing the temperature of the room and changing it accordingly. The air coming out of your dryer becomes warmer at the beginning of the blow-dry. Then the air cools down slowly. Your hair will dry faster and the cycle will cause less damage.

Ceramic,  Ionic, Tourmaline Technology

Benefits of using ionic technology 

  1. Allows you to use a lower temperature to dry your hair. Less heat. 
  2. Hair dries faster 
  3. Much less frizz

Disadvantages of using ionic technology 

  1. Ionic dryers and hair tools cost more 
  2. Can easily over dry your hair 
  3. Fine hair types may have limp looking hair

If frizz control is your main concern, in my opinion it would be worth investing in an ion hair dryer over a ceramic one or any other one for that matter. The negative ions are going to greatly help tame your frizzy hair.

In addition, if you would like the advantages of both ion and ceramic technology, there are hybrid dryers available and are affordable. These hybrid dryers produce ceramic coating while also spreading negative ions for faster drying.

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