Sunday, December 1, 2019

How to use a brush

How to use a brush step by step

Get the right tools – We already mentioned all the brush types you have on your disposal previously, so it’s time to get one that suits your need. Whether this is a paddle or a radiant brush, it’s important that it’s made from natural hair, not only because it won’t create any static, but because it’s also better for the health of your scalp and hair.

Take a stance – Stand straight for a minute or two and then bend over so the tip of your head is as parallel to the ground as you can go. This isn’t something only people with long hair should do as it has nothing to do with the length of your hair. This way you make your blood flow faster under your scalp and you get the opportunity to increase the levels of oxygen by just taking this position.

Take your time – Don’t rush. A good brushing routine should last anywhere between three and five minutes. Once you’re done with the first phase, you can repeat the process starting from the top.

Be gentle – Don’t push too hard. Creating more pressure on your scalp won’t help you with anything and it will just scar the gentle skin on your head. Dead skin cells and debris are not so hard to get rid of, you just need to be as detailed as possible.

Think about direction – Start from the closest point to your neck and move your way up to the top of your head. After you’re done, go in the opposite direction and at the end shape up for your desired style.

Detangle with a comb – Don’t try and using a thick boar bristle brush to detangle your hair, instead you can use a rat tail comb to get rid of any swirls and tangled hair before starting to brush.

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