Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Negative ions and hair

What is a negative ion? And what do negative ions do for your hair? I bet you are primary interested in the benefits of negative ions and how it affects your hair. Well honestly become I wrote this article I had to go back to high school to figure out exactly what is an ion to begin with.

What is an ion?

After some research and remembering high school science class lectures an ion is a molecule. Molecules are either positively charged or negatively charged. These are electrical charges and one positively charged molecule can cancel out another negatively charged molecule. So when you hair is dry that area is positively charged.

What do negative ions do for your hair?

If you add negatively charged ions to the dry hair it cancels out the positive charged ones. This causes your hair to lay flat and you actually see a reduction in hair frizz. So one effective way to reduce frizz is to get a negative ion blow dryer.

Negative ions also cause the water in your hair to evaporate faster. It does this by breaking the water molecules up into smaller formations or water droplets thus allowing them to evaporate faster. Your hair dryer has to work less to dry your hair due to the micro water particles are drying faster. In addition, you can use less heat to dry your hair which is super good. The less heat you need the better. This reduces the chance of creating hot spots on your hair and or burning hair and having split ends.

High end hair dryers contains special parts that are coated with special coatings like ceramic and tourmaline. tourmaline is the key material responsible for generating negative ions. By combining both materials into one hair dryer give you fantastic results in less time and reduces the chance of you damaging your hair. Therefor I highly recommend purchasing a blow dryer with these two materials.

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