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Hair Straightener Features

Hair Straightener Features
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When trying to find out what the best hair straightener is for you, look at hair straightener features
and the different types of hot air brushes. Read more of my articles on hot brushes, like what features you should get, hot brush cautions and more. You should also match your hair type to brush features making sure you are going to get maximum results. There are so many features out there, so how do you select the ones you want and really need? Well a great place to start is right here and this article.

Hair Straightener Features. Hair straighteners have 3 basic features. They are Stationary, Rotating and Dual-Rotation

Basic straightener features

  • Stationary - These have a fixed position on the brush, so you have to roll your hair manually. Some people prefer stationary brushes instead of rotating because the hair is not tangled.
  • Rotating - The brush head can rotate, increasing your hair volume and making your styling easier. It is also possible to use the brush without rotation.
  • Dual-rotation - These styling tools have two directional buttons, so that they can spin forward or backward, making them equally convenient for people with a right or left hand.

Other hair brush straightener important features

There are many important features but thees are the most important features that really standout and I personally look for before making a purchase. When looking for a straightener brush these are the ones you want to really look out for.
  • Safety feature - The most important feature of any styling tool is safety and having an auto shutoff. Everything else is secondary. Safety is the primary concern. You do not want a product that is not well made and has your safety in mind. There are hundreds of times when you are going to be in a rush in the mornings and will set the hot brush down on the counter top and will leave the room only to ask yourself an hour or so later, "did I turn off the brush"? At that moment you are going to wish you had a brush with a 30 minute auto shutoff.
  • Control - You must be able to control the brush with one hand comfortably. You don't want a too heavy brush. In addition you do not want a brush where the handle is too big and makes it hare to get a good grip. you must be able to get your fingers around the grip comfortably without slipping. If you just applied a hair conditioner it's a good idea to wash your hands first before using the straighter. Otherwise you run the risk of it slipping out of your hand or even worse yet having hot air directed into your face.
  • Heating features - Heat settings are after that. You want the amount of heat applied to your hair to be controlled. Especially to keep your hair from being damaged or if you have already damaged your hair to prevent it from being damaged even more. Hair straighteners now have precise temperature controls that can be set to your type of hair. For example, a temperature of 365 degrees is generally considered optimal for medium thick hair. You would probably use a lower temperature of 300 degrees for thin hair. And a higher temperature is required for real thick and curly hair, usually 450 degrees.You want multiple heat settings in a wide range for different type of hair thus making sure your hair type is covered. The MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic hair straightener brush has 16 different heat settings. Nice! To read more on MiroPure click here for my article called Miropure hair straightening brush review.
  • Bristle types - The type of bristles you get depend on your hair type. Nylon is going to be best for hair that is not too thin or sensitive scalps. Some straighteners have silicone balls or other materials for tipping bristles that is easy on your scalp. They can make your scalp more comfortable.
  • Plate features - Which types of plates are going to be better ceramic or titanium? Although some use titanium, the majority of straighteners have ceramic or tourmaline plates. For delicate, fine or even color-treated hair, ceramic will be the best choice. The ceramic heats very evenly and slowly without any hot spots than tourmaline or titanium. Tourmaline and titanium, by contrast, heat up very fast and can easily damage thin or sensitive hair. You can use tourmaline or titanium for thick hair. The additional advantage of tourmaline is that it produces 20 times more negative ions, makes your hair moist, silky and reduces frizz
  • Locking controls feature -  Some people don't like hair straightener controls right on the gripping handle because they hit the buttons without knowing it and end up changing the settings while in use the iron. If the buttons don't lock, it can be a big problem. If you can lock the buttons, you won't change a temperature randomly without realizing it. Just imagine you are styling your hair and you have thin hair and are using the hot air brush on a low heat setting when you inadvertently hit the temperature button and the temp shoots up to 450 degrees. This is not the temp you want to be using with thin hair. There are many products on the market today that have an auto lock out feature. Power switch and heat up/down buttons will be locked in 5 seconds when it is power on. You then are required to double click the power switch will then unlock the keys. At the time of this writing the Apalus brush hair straightener has this feature. Nice!
  • Digital temperature readout - A hair straightening temp readout is probably one of the best features you can find. It helps you figure out exactly the temperature at which you set the straightener to prevent unnecessary heat damage. This feature is critical on being able to prevent overheating and the resulting hair damage from using too hot a temp setting. Furthermore, once you find a temperature that works really well for your hair, you'll know exactly what the temperature should be next time.
  • Wide head design - Nice big head is great to work through hair fast. A wide head or a paddle brush design is going to give you the ability to cover more hair with each brush thus taking less time.
  • Warranty period - 12 month warranty is much better than a 6 month warranty. To me a longer warranty means the manufacture has confidence in their product. There is no real proof that a longer warranty results in a better higher quality brush. In fact some people think a longer warranty means the brush is the sure sign of a poor quality. this is because they can get it fixed at no charge so the manufacture is not concerned that much with quality and they can speed through the manufacturing process. But what is does mean, at least to me is that it's a guarantee that if something does go wrong I can have if fixed or replaced for free.

Important feature conclusion

It's not necessary you choose a hair straightener that has all the features mentioned above. Just evaluate the ones that are most important to you and then make your purchase. If I had to pick just one feature out of all the features listed above I would most likely pick the auto shutoff feature for safety. As of this writing I believe most if not all of the major manufactures are adding this feature to their products. It is going to come down to which manufacture has the shortest auto shutoff. A 30 minute versus a 60 minute auto shutoff, obviously a 30 minute is better unless it takes you more than 30 minutes to do your hair.

Hair straightener features - MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic hair straightener brush in action

MiroPure product features and techniques

Beautiful for achieving straight hair - MiroPure brush

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