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How to Use An Instyler

Using the Instyler 2-way rotating iron hair brush is very easy. This step-by-step instructional guide helps anyone get stylish and sassy curls as if they were made by a salon professional. The Instyler is a new hair styling tool for straightening, polishing and styling hair. The secret of this iron installer is its heated rotating polishing cylinder and four rows of precision aligned bristles. The heated rotating polishing barrel and bristles do most of the work for you. You'll also find you can do much more than you could with your flat iron. Here are 10 easy steps you need to do to get perfect results using the Instyler.

How to Use An Instyler Easy Steps
Steps Time Difficulty
1. Start by having clean dry hair 30 minutes Takes Time
2. Your hair should be detangled 15 minutes Hard
3. Do not use any oil based styling products N/A Easy
4. Set the temperature according to your hair type N/A Easy
5. Work in sections and clip your hair 15 minutes Medium
6. Make sure your sections do not exceed the length of the brush < 1 minute Easy
7. As you brush your hair the ionic bristles reduces frizz N/A Easy
8. The rotating barrel polishes your hair for a vibrant shine N/A Easy
9. Slowly glide the brush down the stands of hair < 1 minute Easy
10. When switching sides double tap the barrel to change rotations N/A Easy

How to Use An Instyler
How To Use An Instyler - What You Need To Know

Instyler Tutorial Step by Step Instructions

Instyler 2-way rotating brush
Step by step tutorial

1. Start by having clean dry hair

Start by having clean dry hair - Instyler tutorial
When using an Instyler you should always start with clean and dry hair. The rotating iron needs to have clean dry hair to get optimum results. Any oil or dirty on your hair can have a big impact on how well your hair will bend and shape. It's much harder to set curls or waves if your hair is not perfectly clean. It is OK however to apply a light coat of heat protectant on your hair right before you use the Instyler.

2. Your hair should also be first detangled

Use a wide tooth comb or brush to make sure your hair is detangled. All the sections of your hair should be combed and tangle free for optimum results and brightness. The last thing you want is to have to stop styling to detangle your hair. Plus you do not want any extra creases or bends in your hair due to tangles.


3. Do not use any oil base products in your hair

So this means no products that contain Argan oil and other oils. Any product that is labeled as “shine-enhancing” or “anti-frizz” are usually made with some type of oil. As the case with most any product overuse can result in lots of build up on your hair. And this even goes for dry shampoo too. Not to say that dry shampoo is oily but never-less it can cause build up over time which will make the Instyler less effective.

4. Set the correct temperature

You may want to experiment with the temperature setting if you are new to the Instyler. Start at the lowest setting and style your hair. Take note on how your hair holds the style during the day. If you have thin hair you might be able to get away with a lower temperature setting. Most folks who have thick hair are going to need a higher temperature setting for the style to hold. The Instyler has 3 temperature settings. A triple led bar of  (385°F/196°C). A double led light bar of (315°F/157°C). And finally a single led light bar of (284°F/140°C), which is the lowest setting.


5. Work in sections and clip your hair

It's a lot easier if you plan ahead. Decide on which side you will start and clip you hair that is not being styled out of the way. This way you have the freedom to move the Instyler into position without worrying about loose hairs getting in the way.


6. Make sure your sections do not exceed the length of the brush barrel

Your hair sections to be styled should not be wider than the InStyler barrel length. For any style you want to achieve, I recommend starting with 1 to 3 inch sections at a time. I have found that in the beginning one inch sections works great!

7. As you brush your hair the ionic bristles reduces frizz. 

First style your hair under layers. After you have finished under layers, style your top layers. With your InStyler, you can use any salon quality styling product, but I do not recommend using any oil.


8. The rotating barrel polishes your hair for a vibrant shine

The technique is similar to using a flat iron in that you put your hair in the brush and then close the product on your hair and then move slowly down the hair length. But the similarities end here. The heated rotating polishing barrel and bristles are doing most of the work for you. You'll also find that with it you can do much more than you could with your flat iron. Like adding curls and waves!


 9. Slowly glide the brush down the stands of hair

As you slowly glide the Instyler down the length of your hair it's rotating barrel is polishing and adding shine to your hair. It's important not to move too fast. You can experiment on how fast you can move and what the end results are. Moving a little slower is optimum here, letting the Instyler do the work for you. 


10. When switching sides double tap the barrel to change rotations.

It's easy to change direction of the rotating barrel. This is important when you switch sides. The barrel should be rotating in the natural direction toward the end of your hair. To activate the 2-way rotation just double click.

Congratulations! You styled you first section of hair. Just repeat the process to finish. 

How to do a classic blowout using the InStyler

  1. I always detangle and section my hair and smooth it out before styling.
  2. Also, I make sure the barrel is rotating away from my face.
  3. Then I grab a 1-2" section of hair (make sure the section is no longer than the barrel) and spread it across the barrel evenly, with the barrel underneath the hair and the brush on top. Any then I make sure there are no loose strands hanging off the section. These could get tangled in the barrel.
  4. Slowly close the Max prime at my roots and then rotate my wrist slightly.
  5. I usually let the barrel rotate for a few seconds before gliding down hair.
  6. And finally for flips at the end, I rotate my wrist once at the end of the hair and hold. Congratulations, you now have a nice flip and classic blowout.

How to do a tousled wave style using the InStyler

  1. Again like mentioned in the above how-to I detangle and section my hair first, and then smooth it before styling.
  2. And again like mentioned above I always make sure the barrel is rotating away from tmy face.
  3. Now, here is where you have to hold tool vertically!!!! This is the most important part.
  4. Then grab a 1-2" section of your hair and wrap it around the barrel. And again like mentioned above always make sure there are no loose strands hanging off the section and that all parts of the hair are on the barrel (and not the tool).
  5. Otherwise your hair could get tangled.
  6. Slowly close the Max prime on your hair for 3-5 seconds. The longer I press, the more defined the curl will be. If you have really thick hair you have have to hold longer. You will need to try a few times to get it right.
  7. And for a more piecey (create a textured or tousled) look or effect, pull at the ends of the hair.
  8. And then finally wrap your hair in alternate directions as you move through each section of hair.
  9. Congratulations you now have a great tousled wave style!!!

How to attach and remove the Instyler cool tip for extra fine control and comfort

  1. First, make sure the barrel is cool.
  2. Then insert the post of the Cool Tip into the hole on the end of the barrel and push until seated.
  3. And finally to remove the Cool Tip, wait until the unit is fully cool, then grasp the Cool Tip with fingers and pull to remove.

How to change the direction of the Instyler rotating brush

To change the rotation direction for mazimum performance when styling close your InStyler MAX twice quickly. Remember, the InStyler MAX’S motorized barrel will rotate in either direction but for maximum results make sure the barrel rotates in the natural direction toward the end of your hair. Double click to activate the 2-way rotation.


How to section hair before using the Instyler

Sectioning long hair is very important. Working in sections allows you to apply the hot air styling tool to a smaller section of your hair at one time. This technique allows you to focus on that part of your hair. This also removed the temptation to over load the styling tool with too much hair thus reducing or possibly eliminating it's effectiveness.

  1. It is important to know how to properly section the hair you want to style in order to achieve the style you want with your InStyler.
  2. Clip your top layers of hair first with longer hair and start by cutting and styling your under layers of hair. Do not use your fingers to collect a section of hair for best results. A much "cleaner" section can be collected with a sectioning comb.
  3. Start with sections of 1 to 3 inches working on each side of the head to the neck nape. Grab it firmly when styling hair, but not too tightly. Let the hair glide. Let the work of the InStyler.


InStyler How To Step By Step Instructions Video

InStyler Features

The Instyler Max Prime is a hair brush ALL-IN-ONE, hot iron, hair curler that delivers amazing results from the comfort of your own home. There is also an InStyler Max Prime wet to dry model. The advantage is your hair can be wet.

InStyler Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Auto Shut-off safety Fahrenheit to Celsius missing
Swivel cord No Temperature lock
Ceramic surface kind to your hair No power button lock
7 levels of heat No hook to hang up
Anti-scald safety design Not lightweight
Quick heat up in 30 seconds Need a comb thru before using

The biggest shocking secret is most people don't realize you have to start with clean dry hair to get the best results!

The next secret is that you should NOT use any oil-based styling products with your InStyler!

InStyler Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use InStyler on wet or dry hair? The InStyler Wet to Dry is designed to help you save time after blowing your hair dry. And it should not be used on completely wet hair. Towel thoroughly dry the hair, and start with hair that is as dry as possible. Each time you use your InStyler, you will become more effective in styling your hair.

How does an InStyler work? Rather than grinding or pressing the hair like an iron in place. The InStyler promises to leave brushed, polished, body-filled, shiny, and silky hair. The company promises that your hair will not be crushed and burned by using less heat as it does with a flat iron's super-intense heat.

Another secret is you must use the right temperature for your hair type otherwise your curl and or wave will not hold.

Can you curl your hair with an InStyler? Hold back 30 seconds. Gives beautiful, fast, bouncy curls. To make shorter flips wrap parts around the in-styler and thus close slightly allowing the rotation of the ring to change the structure of your hair to an incredible curl. Open the in-styler and bring the curl down.

The main point to remember when styling with the InStyler is that you temperature setting is very important and how long you hold the heat to your hair. All these variations are important because if you have thin hair and you have the InStyler's temperature set too high you can burn your hair.

Remember at 450 degrees food cooks! So what I would do is experiment. Start with the lowest temperature setting and practice. See how your style turns out. Then gradually increase the temperature as you see fit.

Next, remember the longer you hold the InStyler in one spot the more heat is being applied to that one area. By holding the InStyler still on one spot for too long might not be good for your hair. So the speed is critical at which you move the InStyler through your hair.

The more you practice the better you will be become at gauging how fast to more the hot air tool through your hair and what is the right temperature for your hair.

Does the InStyler damage your hair? The InStyler is a great tool for African American Hair because it doesn't leave crease marks like flat irons, and the polishing barrel and bristles leaves the hair looking shiny and beautiful. When used properly, the InStyler is suitable for every hair type.

Will I first dry my hair before using the InStyler? Yes, always start with clean dry hair. Your hair should be completely dry. This tool does not dry your hair. By having completely dry hair your style will hold much better and will last much longer.

In addition, it's good to know that if you do have damp hair it will take much longer to style your hair. My recommendation is not to even try to style with damp hair. I recommend air drying your hair of use a blow dryer before styling with the InStyler. This will save you time and you will have a style that will last all day and not just a few hours.

How hot does the InStyler get? The Instyler has 3 temperature settings, triple bar (385°F/196°C), double bar (315°F/157°C) and single bar (284°F/140°C).

This is where the InStyler can use some improvements. My opinion is that indicator lights are OK but it should have an LED display with the temperature shown. It is very important to know the heat setting as to not burn your hair. Thicker hair will be able to tolerate higher temperatures. Thicker hair will also require a higher temperature setting than fine thin hair. By not applying enough heat to thicker hair the end result is your style will not last all day.

for people who have thin hair you can get away with a much lower temperature setting and your hair will hold it's shape all day. Why use a 385 degrees setting when you can get the same results with a much lower setting? the three indicator lights and three heat settings is just not enough. The tool should give you more control and let you fine tune the temperate to your exact needs.

My opinion is that I would not let this stop me from making a purchase. The InStyler is a great tool at a good price. But approaching $100 it should have an LED display.

Another area of improvement I would liked to have seen is the ability to lock the temperature setting. This way there is no way I can accidentally change the temperature while styling. Let's say I am styling my hair on the low setting. I have thin hair and a lower temperature is all I need. While styling I accidentally press the temperature button and now I am using the highest temperature setting. Remember I have thin hair so this could easily burn my hair if I am not paying close attention.

So for almost $100 the InStyler could have included this feature. Still, this would not prevent me from making a purchase. This is a very good styling tool.

InStyler Use Guide PDF

Instyler Models And Feature Comparison

InStyler Model Comparison
Check Amazon Straightens Volumize Curls & Waves For Wet Hair
InStyler Max Y Y Y
InStyler BLU Turbo
InStyler Prime Y Y Y
InStyler Max Wet to Dry Y Y Y Y
InStyler Glossie Y

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro Y Y Y

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I have even more articles all about the InStyler. Here is a list of my articles on this site all about the InStyler. If you read these you will know more than anyone about the InStyler!

Techniques from InStyler

Three volume levels. There are different ways to collect a section of hair depending on what style you want to achieve.

  1. For general straightening and soft curls, use a horizontal hair section. 
  2. Use a vertical section of hair for additional body and volume. 
  3. Use a "square" section of hair for even more body and volume. Use a sectioning comb to make a square section of hair. 

The MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron is a straightener and curling wand in one, takes the "flat" out of you hair. The curling iron part rotates with the hair brush combs through the hair.

References: and Robin Higgins from Pixabay


  1. I've been reading online reviews and watching videos and found your article. Very good article, thank you. My friend has an InStyler, and she likes it. We have close to the same type of hair, so I think the InStyler hot air brush is a good solution for me too. Would you recommend the InStyler for long hair? Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I hope you got value from my how to use an InStyler article.

    Yes, I would. I believe it's an excellent styling tool. Now with that being said I would say that using this tool with long hair you will need to work in sections. The key to getting the most out of the InStyler is knowing how to use your InStyler!

    Working in sections allows the hot air styling tool to be applied to a smaller section of your hair at once. This technique enables you to concentrate on that part of your hair. This also removes the temptation to overload the styling tool with too much hair, thus reducing its effectiveness or possibly eliminating it. I hope that helps.

  3. I might order this one day soon. I figured what the heck, it's convenient and looks easy to use, I’ll give it a try. It’s definitely better than using a flat iron, because my hair will be better protected from overheating. I’ve read several articles and all say about the same thing about replacing my flat iron with a straightening brush. My preference an Instyler, so far...still looking... Among all the straightening brush ratings, this one has OK ratings, not the best but OK... The newer model has the option to rotate both ways...I am wondering if that really makes a difference? I guess I need someone to say its worth the 100 bucks! It's just so hard to tell until you get one in your hands and actually start using one.

  4. The Instyler is a new hair styling device used to straighten, shine and style your hair. It features a revolving, hot tube and four brush pieces. A new design polishes every strand of hair separately. It's not a comb or a flat iron, but it's a revolving hot iron that aids shaping and straightening the hair. The origin of this isolating iron lies in its revolving, heated polishing ring and its four rows of micro aligned bristles. It has three temperature settings that can then be changed as needed.

    The distinction between the flat iron and the InStyler that the InStyler is unique from flat irons in such a sense that the flat iron shapes the hair by compressing, mashing and heating the hair between two hot plates. In the process, the hair is basically heated and grilled. Hope you like yours grilled. Anyway, the instyler, on the other hand, is a hand-rotating, heated ring that provides the hair the moisture it needs to stylize the hair. It doesn't sear or cook your hair (grilled) too much like a flat iron because the ring is constantly moving. The InStyler can be used as a grooming tool for spinning, curling, straightening and adding texture to the hair that a flat iron can't do.

    The hot iron rotating filament gives your hair lift and fullness right from the scalp. This makes your hair shine and seem fuller to life more than most any other grooming products that I am aware of. Even the hardest hair can be straightened quickly. It manages to create an amazing amount of lift to hair and provides more shine as its lifting. Your hairstyle changes can be made quickly once you get the hang of it. The effects obtained by the InStyler can last for a whole day provided you use the right heat setting. There are two sizes of the cylinder. The first one has a barrel of 1 1⁄4 inch which can be used to curl, straighten and texture the hair. There's another new smaller one with a 3⁄4 inch barrel that's perfect for straightening, creating tight curls and banging on short hair.

    I would say it's worth purchasing one and it makes a difference. Hope that helps!

  5. If it's not spinning, does that mean its broken? Or does it take a battery. How do I get it fixed

    1. Check to make sure your InStyler is plugged in. Press the Power button.
      The LED bars should light and begin flashing. Once the LED stops flashing
      the InStyler is ready to go. You must close the handle to begin the rotation.

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