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How to Use An Instyler

How to Use An Instyler

This step-by-step instructional guide helps anyone get stylish and sassy curls as if they were made by a salon professional. The Instyler is a hair brush ALL-IN-ONE, hot iron, hair curler that delivers amazing results from the comfort of your own home.

The Instyler is a new hair styling tool for straightening, polishing and styling hair. The secret of this iron installer is its heated rotating polishing cylinder and four rows of precision aligned bristles.The heated rotating polishing barrel and bristles are doing most of the work for you. You'll also find that with it you can do much, much more than you could with your flat iron.

The biggest shocking secret is most people don't realize you have to start with clean dry hair to get the best results!

How to Use An Instyler? You should always start with clean and dry hair before using your InStyler. Your hair should also be first detangled with a brush and all sections should be combed for optimum results and brightness. The hair sections to be styled should not be wider than the InStyler barrel length. For any style you want to achieve, we recommend starting with 1 to 3 inch sections at a time. First style your hair under layers. After you have finished under layers, style your top layers. With your InStyler, you can use any salon quality styling product, but we do not recommend using any oil.

How to use the Instyler

The technique is similar in that you put your hair in the brush and then close the product on your hair and then move slowly down the hair length. The similarities end here. The heated rotating polishing barrel and bristles are doing most of the work for you. You'll also find that with it you can do much, much more than you could with your flat iron.

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How to section hair

Cutting hair. It is important to know how to properly section the hair you want to style in order to achieve the style you want with your InStyler. Clip your top layers of hair first with longer hair and start by cutting and styling your under layers of hair. Do not use your fingers to collect a section of hair for best results. A much "cleaner" section can be collected with a sectioning comb. Start with sections of 1 to 3 inches working on each side of the head to the neck nape. Grab it firmly when styling hair, but not too tightly. Let the hair glide. Let the work of the InStyler.

Using the Instyler for the first time

Testing Hair Tool InStyler

How to use the InStyler tutorial 

Techniques from InStyler. 

Three volume levels. There are different ways to collect a section of hair depending on what style you want to achieve.

  1. For general straightening and soft curls, use a horizontal hair section. 
  2. Use a vertical section of hair for additional body and volume. 
  3. Use a "square" section of hair for even more body and volume. Use a sectioning comb to make a square section of hair. 

InStyler rotating iron first impressions 

The MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron is a straightener and curling wand in one, takes the "flat" out of you hair. The curling iron part rotates with the hair brush combs through the hair. The curling wand is tourmaline ceramic and the hair brush end has ionic bristles.

Three looks with the Instyler 

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