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Straightener Brushes - My top pick is the Drybar and yes it cost more but you do not need a glove to protect your hand because the back of the brush does not get burning hot. The brush is nicely insulated to protect your hands. Top straightener brushes need to give you enough heat settings for styling a wide range of hair types. Fine to normal hair needs only minimum heat where as thick natural hair needs more heat. Having a digital temperature display and up to 16 heat settings goes a long way in protecting your hair. My picks below are the best of the best.

Hot Air Brushes - My top pick below is the Revlon One-Step, it's not perfect but it has the air flow and tension for great styling. For the price it's unbeatable. Great hot air brushes need 3 qualities. 1). Air Flow - must have enough flow and be even. Air should flow evenly from top to bottom of the head unit. 2). Tension - bristles must be able to penetrate, grab and hold hair for styling. 3). Temperature settings - should have at the minimum 3 to 4 heat settings but more is better. The best brushes have a digital display and up to 16 settings allowing you to dial in the perfect temperature to set your hair for an all-day lasting style. Unfortunately none of the hot brush have this feature.

Styling Brushes - Great brushes have 3 things in common. 1). Penetration, the ability to penetrate hair. Bristles must be stiff enough and long enough. 2). Tension, bristles must be able to grab and hold hair with enough tension for styling. 3). Control, the brush handle should give you a good grip to bend and style hair. All my picks have these qualities and more.

Silicone Shampoo Brushes - Silicone shampoo brushes work well because they have bristles that are firm enough to massage your scalp but soft enough not to cause damage. Shampoo brushes have specially formulated firm but flexible bristles that exfoliates and cleans your scalp with every brush stoke. The bristles help shampoo penetrate deeper to the scalp so you get an effective deep cleaning. Deeper penetration and cleaning helps maintain healthy hair and scalp by lifting dandruff flakes away and stimulating your skin cells.

Leave in Products - Think of these as multi-purpose tools for your hair. They do many things from rejuvenating damaged hair, detangling hair, aide in styling, taming frizz and even protecting your hair from heat while adding shine. What you want in a leave in product is not to leave your hair oily, dry or flake off after it dries. And you want the product to do what it claims. All my top picks do just that. They are the best of best at what they do. Everyone needs a miracle when it come to hair and my top pick gives you just that: Its a 10 miracle leave in product.

Shampoos - 4 key things to look for in a high quality shampoo: 1). Works with all hair conditions. The shampoo must be able to work well with frizzy, oily, and dry hair without making any of these conditions worst. 2). I like sulfate free. And here is why if you have dry or frizzy hair, sulfates will strip away any natural oils leaving you hair dry and frizzy. 3). Must work well with color treated hair. Not to say it is specially formulated for color treated hair but at least it is safe to use on a regular basis. 4). Must help with tangles. Not to say it is a detangler but at least does not promote tangles. All my tops picks below do the 4 key things at a reasonable cost. That is why I use the OGX brand.

Dry Scalp and Dandruff Products – sometimes you have a dry and itchy scalp condition and a dandruff shampoo is not really needed. You just need a shampoo and conditioner to relieve the itch. I recommend OGX Teatree Mint shampoo and conditioners. It really works, I know because this is what I use. Also, you maybe looking to really control dandruff and need a shampoo with a little more dandruff fighting ingredients. I recommend Nizoral. Another product that works well and I personally use. And lastly when you need a stronger dandruff shampoo I recommend T/Gel by Neutrogena. I like this shampoo because it starts working after just one use.

Hair dryers - I look for 4 main features in a top quality hair dryer. 1). Must weigh under 1 pound. The lighter the better and the reason why is because when in use it is going to be either above your head or up in the air to the side of your head closely following the brush as it moves through hair. Who wants muscle strain? 2). Negative Ion capability and have the ability to turn off negative ions when needed. It is super important to be able to control this feature because who wants flat hair all the time? 3). A narrow nozzle for polished finishes. You need the ability to focus hot air on your hair right at the point where it wraps around the brush not on the bristles. Who wants to destroy their expensive brush, right? 4). A shot of cold air to set the hair molecules for that all day lasting style. My top pick is the Sam Villa Professional Ionic hair dryer. And yes, it cost more but it is worth it in my opinion. I realize there are folks who are on a strict budget so I added in some really good budget models to round out the list.

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