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Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush

Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush
Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush

Perfect for men who have short thick hair because the bristles are medium stiff and 3/4 of an inch long. I don't suggest this brush for long hair or thin hair due to this brush may not penetrate as needed.


Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush is a hairbrush without a handle. Military brushes are essentially oval hairbrushes. It's very similar to a currycomb without a handle, used for brushing animal hair. The Military brush style has been in use as far back as the 1700s. Their handle-free design allows for easy storage in rucksacks and backpacks for soldiers on the march. Traditionally the brushes have a hardwood handle and wild boar bristles. Military boar bristles hairbrushes are portable and functional for soldiers on the move.


Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brushes

Military Beard Brush Military Beard Brush
Length in Inches 4.5 4.5
Height in Inches 1.3 1.3
Pear Wood Yes Yes
Bristle Offering Medium Stiff Soft
Made in Germany Yes Yes
Price Check Amazon Check Amazon
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Does boar bristle brush damage hair?


Boar bristle brushes are beneficial for your hair because they can increase blood flow to hair follicles in which supports hair growth. In addition, boar bristles provide a nice massaging effect. The best way to distribute your scalps natural oils throughout your hair is by brushing your hair with boar bristle brushes.


There are two types of Fendrihan genuine boar bristle and pear wood military hair brushes available. Pick the one that is right for your hair type. For example, if you have really thick hair, a firm bristle hairbrush will be the best boar bristle brush for you. To get a good brush through, you're going to need stiff bristles penetration. Otherwise, the hairbrush will be reduced in its ability to effectively spread the natural oils of the scalp through your hair when brushing. If you have thin hair, opt for a soft boar bristle brush. Soft boar bristles massage your scalp and stimulate hair growth without over-stressing your scalp.


I like the Fendrihan genuine boar bristle and pear wood military hair brush due to the fair price as compared to its quality. In addition, it's made of pear wood in which is a great wood for a military style hairbrush to be made of. I also love the finger groove cut into the side of the brush. The finger grooves allow for a much better grip while brushing.


The Fendrihan genuine boar bristle and pear wood military hairbrush can not only be used to bush and condition your hair but also your beard. Long beards will need a medium to a firm bristle brush, while short beards will do much better with a soft bristle brush. So by purchasing a Fendrihan genuine boar bristle and pear wood military hairbrush, you really get an effective beard brush and a fantastic hairbrush in an easy carry portable package that does not take much room. It's a win-win situation for men with beards.


Because of the pear wood handle, I recommend the Fendrihan men's hairbrush. It's a wood native to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The wood that lends itself to woodturning and carving because it's very. The wood has amazing working features. But its extraordinary grain pattern is what I love about the wood. Each piece has a pattern of its own. In addition, it has a pleasant fragrance that is nice and distinctive. The wood finishes to a very smooth high polish; it is perfect for hairbrush handles


Are boar bristle brushes good for frizzy hair?


Boar bristle brushes good are not anti-static because the structure of boar bristles resembles human hair. So you'll need to control static conditions and flyaway hair when brushing. Using your hand by either smoothing the hair with your palm when brushing or using a little water from a spritzer before brushing. These are the two easiest ways to control static.




As with most hairbrushes, they all lose bristles including military hair brushes. For most hairbrushes, it is common to lose some bristles. When a hairbrush loses an entire plug, however, that's an issue. I would return the hairbrush if an entire plug comes out. When the bristles are attached to the brush, we call this process tufting.


They require a special machine for tufting. Typically, in the brush head, the tufting machines will drill the holes and then insert the boar bristles. A steel wire or large staple usually holds the boar bristles in place. During this process, the pressure applied is critical. The boar bristles will break or snap if they apply too much tension. And the bristles will come loose if they use too little tension and will eventually come out after use. This is where inspection of quality comes into play.


The tufting machine applies proper tension when bristles are inserted into the brush handle. To ensure that bristles do not come out of the hairbrush, the tufting machine should be constantly monitored.


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