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Best straightening brush for thin hair

Best straightening brush for thin hair

Best straightening brushes are handy styling tools that provide a quick and easy way to style thin hair. The best straightening brushes give you a smooth, sleek style with professional-looking results. And you also get the added benefit of adding shine to your hair when using a straightening brush. I have rounded up some of the best of the best straightening brush for thin hair for you and here they are.

What Are The Top Straightening Brushes For Thin Hair by Price Low to High
Hot Brush Recommendation Price
Ricank Professional Hair Straightener One of the best prices for a budget hair straightener. I question it it can straighten 4c hair. One option for thin hair. Check Price
MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush (Pink)
Great all-around budget straightener brush. No Cons from me on this one. Very good! Check Price
MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush (Black)
Another near perfect budget model hair straightener. Has a lot of features for the price. Check Price
Rifny Hair Straightening Comb Great brush for the price, not recommended for short hair. Has 3 heat setting and is not overly priced. Check Price
Glamfields Straightening Brush 2.0 Probably the perfect budget model straightening brush. The back of the brush head does get hot like most all budget models. Check Price
Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler Good budget model. Price is right. I am not a fan of the large handle and no temperature display but I can’t complain too much at this price. Check Price
Abox Ionic Straightening Brush I like hair straighteners with auto shut off at 30 minutes and the digital temperature display. Very good features at this price. Also lock temperature which is good, can save you from burning your hair. Good budget model hair straightener. Check Price
Infinitipro By Conair Wet/Dry Hot Air Brush Styler I like the tourmaline ceramic technology, but not suitable for thick hair. Check Price
InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush Very good. What I like is the quick heat-up at 30 seconds. 7 heat setting which is good. Check Price
Tymo iONIC Hair Straightener Brush Very good, has a lot of controls and features for a hot brush in this price range. Will give you a silky & natural lustrous hair. Check Price
Drybar The Baby Brush Crush Same as the larger Drybar The Brush Crush but in a travel friendly size. Top quality. Check Price
Aquage Ionic Thermal Paddle Brush Works great at straightening hair. Features ion and titanium technology. Solid value. Check Price
CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Paddle Brush Has tourmaline ceramic bristles for a better grip in which is very important for straightening hair. I like the LED digital temperature control and the automatic locking temperature setting so you won’t burn you hair by accidentally increasing the temperature while you are straightening your hair. Solid value! Check Price
Lena Hair Dryer Brush And Volumizer I love because of the powerful negative ion care & far infrared technology. Very good for straightening, volumzing, smoothing and flipping. Check Price
Sultra The Bombshell VoluStyle Heated Brush I like the infrared and ionic technology and great quality. Also has an auto shut off which is great. Has an LED temperature setting with 3 settings for 300 degrees Fahrenheit for fine hair, 360 for normal hair and 430 degrees Fahrenheit for thick hair. These setting makes things really simple. Check Price
Drybar The Brush Crush I love this brush because the back of the head does not get really hot like other cheaper brushes do. Top quality with many great features. #1 Choice for Thick Curly Hair
Check Price
ghd Glide Hot Brush, Professional Hot Brush I love because this is the simplest hot brush to use period! Fantastic to tame and smooth dry hair for quick and effortless styling. #1 Choice For Medium to Thin Hair
Check Price

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Top rated straightening brush

Top rated straightening brushes can straighten your hair with ease as long as you set the temperature correctly. Top rated straightening brushes have a plethora of features and some top brushes are priced really low.  I mean really low for all the features your get. So to me, that begged the question why should I pay double the price for a straightening brush when I can get all the features I want in a top rated straightening brush for really cheap? But then a few things started to pop up that were not easily noticed unless deeper investigation was done. 

And here is what I found out. First off, cheaper (budget) straightener brushes get really hot. On some models, the back of the head gets really hot. So hot in fact, they give you a glove to protect you hand from being burned. In addition, the bristles may also get really hot and there is nothing to protect your fingers so you will need to wear a glove or be very careful. And secondly is quality. Some of the budget models are really good and some are duds. Quality is not even throughout the brand. For example, if you purchased 3 straightener brushes, one out of the 3 may have a problem. Quality is not consistent. Yours maybe a great brush, and you tell your friend about it and hers turns out not so good.

My advise is if you are on a budget and you purchase a budget straightener brush (a brush less than, say $50 to $60) then make sure you check it out really good. And, if defective return it as soon as possible. Don't assume it going to be perfect. Also, while using, make sure to monitor the temperature as not to burn your hair. Plus, don't be afraid to wear the glove and keep the brush head away from your ears.

I believe the more expensive straightener brushes goes thru better quality testing and better materials are used so that the back of the brush head does get so hot. Yea, you have to pay more but in my opinion it's worth it. Now on the other hand if this is just spur of the moment thing and next year you are going to be moving on to another hairstyle then it makes perfect sense to purchase a budget model. You are not that concerned about quality, since it only needs to last about a year or so.

Do straightening brushes really work?

This is a good question to ask do straightening brushes really work. And the answer is yes, they do. And I might add, straightening brushes work surprising well. Just count how many days have you had a bad hair day. And it all seems to hit you when you are in a rush to get somewhere, right? But straightening brush comes to the rescue by helping you save time over using a flat iron. But perhaps one of the biggest advantages I really like about a straightening brush does not only does it save time but is better for thin hair than a flat iron. Read my article called hair brush straightener review tools that won't damage your hair for for information. Now that's not to say it's not without its own faults, but it does not take much to be better for your hair. There are some hair straightener disadvantages you should be aware of. But, what can be worst than your hair being pressed between two hot plates, right?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are many heat risks with flat ironing your hair. Flat irons can sometimes be equipped with heat settings that can go up to 410 degrees or more. Exposing your hair to such high temperatures from 347 to 419 degrees for just five minutes can cause harm to your hair and even less for thin hair.

Best straightening brush for fine thin hair

Straightening brushes have many great advantages over flat irons. It's basically a much gentler way of straightening your hair because they operate at a lower temperature and only heats your hair on one side, unlike a flat iron. In addition, your hair flows through a straightening brush as you are applying a brushing action and not a pressing and pulling action like a flat iron. All this translates to a much better way to straighten thin hair without causing as much damage. However, just be aware that overuse can cause damage too. So, be careful and not overuse your straightener brush.

Straightener brushes have hard bristles that do not get hot, so you will not burn your scalp or your fingers. Also, keep in mind to get the best results you will need to still do a comb through before using a straightener brush. Your hair needs to be combed with all knots and tangles removed. And as always, it’s best to work in sections. Start by pinking up hair that is not being straightened to keep it out of the way while you style. I recommend you style your hair slowly and always use a heat protecting spray.

My advice is lower temperatures are going to be better for thin or damaged hair and higher temperatures are needed for thicker coarse hair. If you style your hair at a lower temperature and you have thick hair, your style may not last as long. After a few hours, you may lose your style. I recommend you start out by using the lowest temperature you can and then work your way up to a safe temperature that gives you a lasting style. If you have thin hair and use too hot, a temperature you cal create hot spots on your hair or even burn hair. The bottom line is thin hair can not take as much heat as thicker hair.

My temperature recommendations for thin to medium hair are as follows:

  • Fine or thin hair, or damaged hair - 300 Fahrenheit
  • Thick or coarse hair - 360 Fahrenheit
  • Really coarse hair - 430 Fahrenheit

My advice when shopping for a straightening brush for thin hair is not to be too quick to purchase the lowest-priced hair straightener. Look for one that has a digital temperature display so you know what temperature you are using. This one feature alone is worth spending more money on if you have thin hair. In addition, I recommend you look for a brush having an automatic shutoff. Many brushes have this feature nowadays, but I prefer the ones with a 30 minute shut off instead of an hour. But anything is better than nothing.

Best straightening brush for short thin hair

If you have short hair forget it, don't even bother to purchase a straightening brush. For short hair, I am talking about hair that is about ear length. And the reason why is because the brush head is too big. It is simply not effective. You are better off with a flat iron or a hot air brush like the Sultra Thermalite Dryer Brush if your hair is a little longer. You can straighten shorter hair with a flat iron much better as opposed to a straightening brush if you have short hair.

My recommendation for the best straightening brush for folks who have thin hair

If I were stranded on a desert island and I had to choose the best straightening brush for thin hair it would be the ghd. Now, your next question is going to be why. And, here is why. Ghd makes some of the best straightening brushes in the world period. Their products are top quality and easy to use. All the other straightening brushes have a bunch of great features but the one thing the ghd has the others do not is simplicity and ease of use. All the other straightener brushes can't compete. The ghd has only one temperature setting of 365 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it super easy to use. Just pick it up turn it on and in a few brush strokes, you have minimized frizz. At 365 degrees it's an optimum temperature for thin to medium thick hair which most people have.

The ceramic ionizer heats up to a consistent 365 degrees. You do not have to worry about accidentally pressing the temperature button and by mistake use a temperature that is too hot. It's simple, quick, and effective. The biggest downfall may be the price. Yes, it cost more than the other straighteners brushes but I look at it this way. It can be justified by comparing all the hair care products you purchase during the year. Think how much you purchase, like a good spritzer, shampoo, conditioner, and let's not forget about hair treatments. So, as you can see, it adds up fast. Now, paying for a ghd straightening brush does not seem so much after all. Plus if it saves you from burning your thin hair even better, right?

American Academy of Dermatology
ghd one of my top picks!!!
Drybar one of my top picks!!!
Hair straightening brush
Straightening tips
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