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Glide hot brush ghd

Glide hot brush ghd

Nowadays everybody wants to straighten hair quickly using a hot brush. Who want to slow down to figure out temperature settings and other complicated buttons that just get in way when using a hot brush? So this leads me to my next question what is the Glide hot brush ghd?

Glide hot brush ghd is a professional styling and ceramic straighter brush by ghd. The Glide ghd brush uses ceramic technology combined with an ionizer to tame and smooth hair. The Glide hot brush is impressive at straightening. 

In addition, I must say, the Glide brush is made very well. And, the brush has one extraordinary feature in which no other hot brush has and that is the Glide is simple to use.

Glide Hot Brush ghd Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Ceramic technology One heat temperature
Ionizer Oval design not optimal for short hair
Tames & minimizes frizz On/Off switch not the best location
High density bristles Weight is over 1 pound
Combination short and long bristles
Automatic sleep mode
9 ft cable
2 year guarantee
Check Price

Glide hot brush ghd claims

The ghd Glide hot brush claims to transform your hair in seconds and will do it effortlessly and quickly. It uses ceramic technology and an ionizer to do the work. Both technologies combine to give you the best of both worlds and eliminate frizz. One of the secrets of the ghd Glide hot brush is the high-density bristles. And in my opinion, this is critical because it allows for cross-sections of hair to be held, with tension. The tension you get from the bristles allows the ghd Glide hot brush to style your hair. It’s hard to style hair using a brush with little hair tension. Hair falls through quickly and, there is no time for the heat and ions work on eliminating frizz and smoothing hair. 

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ghd Curling Iron 1 inch Protective cool tip, automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of non-use; 2 year ghd manufacturer’s guarantee; swivel cord and universal voltage. Check Price
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ghd Gold Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron 25 second heat up time. And I love how it monitors heat over 250 times per second, ensuring the perfect temperature at all times. Automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of non-use; 3 year ghd manufacturer’s guarantee; 9 ft swivel cord. Check Price
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ghd Glide hot brush benefits

ghd Glide hot brush benefits

The long bristles of the ghd Glide also have the benefit of penetrating deeper into the hair. Short bristles only scratch the surface and have not as much penetration. And the brush having only short bristles might be OK if you have short hair. Penetration is not that much of a concern for short-haired folks. When using a styling brush, penetration is crucial, and the only way to get penetration is with longer bristles. Those who have longer hair know this well. How many times have you picked up a hairbrush and bristles were short, and maybe even really soft? It is a classic case of a brush with little or no penetration. The ghd Glide hot brush has longer bristles on the edges and shorter ones on the inside of the head. It allows the Glide to penetrate thicker, longer hair, and then guide the hair strands through the brush head. This way, the Glide's head does not have contact with hair, so the heat and ions can straighten hair.

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Glide Hot Air Brush Comparison
Features ghd Glide Hot Brush Glamfields Hair Straightener Brush Tymo iONIC Hair Straightener Brush MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightener Heat Brush Tymo Ring Hair Straightener Brush
Best Price

Easiest to use

No glove needed

Auto shut-off 60 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 30 minutes
Heat settings 1 4 16 16 5
360 rotating
Essential oil-coating

Universal voltage
Warranty 2 years

Digital temp display

Fast startup

But the extraordinary feature of the Glide bush, in my opinion, is its simplicity. You pick it up, turn in on and start using the Glide. There is not a temperature setting to worry with. There are no settings you have to pay special attention to and adjust, so you don’t burn your hair. Operational it’s is very simple and, it works. There is no over thinking on how to use the ghd Glide or taking time to decide how to set various options. Because there are none! When you turn it on, it automatically heats up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the sweet spot as far as temperature goes. Not too hot and not too cold. It’s just hot enough to smooth hair but not burn your hair. The temperature setting is designed to make sure you have healthier looking hair. Temperature is vital when styling your hair. Not hot enough and, your style will fall out quickly. Sometimes in a matter of hours. Temperature also depends on how thick your hair is. Thicker hair will need more heat to conform to the style.

How to clean your ghd Glide brush

How to clean your ghd Glide brush

  1. Unplug the ghd Glide from the power supply.
  2. Always allow the Glide hot brush to cool before attempting to clean.
  3. Never immerse the Glide in water.
  4. Remove all hair from in between the bristles after every usage. Wipe dean any build-up of styling products with a damp cloth or soft brush but do not scrub. Do this for both the bristles and heater plate.
  5. Do not use an abrasive cleaning fluid to clean your ghd Glide.

  6. Glide hot brush pitfalls to consider

    ghd Glide hot brush pitfalls

    All that said, the Glide is not perfect and does have some pitfalls. If you have simplicity, you also lose some important features that some folks may need. For example, the Glide heats up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit and, you need more heat, too bad. If you have thick hair, it will take longer to style your hair because thick hair needs more heat. And you are probably not going to get that flat, svelte look you are after without spending a little more time. A flat iron may be best if you fall into this category.

    Besides, the Glide is an oval head design and is not the most desirable for short hair. So if you have hair that is about three inches long and not any longer using the ghd Glide hot brush is going to be a bit challenging for you. You might be better off looking at a small round hot brush. I know Conair makes one called the “Conair Instant Heat Styling Brush - paid link” that works well with short hair. The reason why I mention it is that I like it due to its stunning features like having an insane 25 heat settings. And it ready to use in 60 seconds due to its fast heat up time. The brush comes in two sizes, a 1.25 inch and a ¾ inch, so make sure you get the right size for your length of hair.

    Before using the ghd hot brush protect your hair

    Before using the ghd hot brush

    Before you use the Glide hot brush, give your hair a spritz of heat protectant spray. Clip and section off hair. This way, those folks with long hair are only working with one hair section at a time. And the hair you are not working on is not in the way. Start with the ghd Glide underneath your hair and lift upward as you brush your hair to the ends. If you like a beveled, soft shape, then turn the Glide on its side as you brush towards the ends. When finished, you can end by adding a spritz of hair shine. When you finish, the ceramic and ionic technology will make a believer out of you. Yes, it works.

    To reduce the risk of burns while using the ghd Glide:

    To reduce the risk of burns

    1. It's a good idea not to touch the Glide's heater plates.
    2. Also I would not let it touch other heat sensitive materials.
    3. It's a great idea when you are not styling to lay the ghd Glide on a flat heat-resistant surface such as a heat mat.
    4. When you are finished styling always switch off the Glide and unplug it from the power supply.
    5. Always wait for the Glide to cool before storing.
    6. Also after styling the plates remain hot so for safe cooling cover the plates with the heat proof plate guard.
    7. When the Glide hot brush has cooled, fold the power cord In the same way as it was delivered. Do not wind it around your hand or the body of the Glide as this can lead to early failure of the power cord. I know you will be tempted to wind the cord around the handle like I am so use to doing but you will have to remember not to do it.

    Glide hot brush safety features

    The ghd Glide safety features

    One of the safety features I like about the Glide if it has been left on and has not been used for 60 minutes, it will automatically turn off. The brush will play a sleep mode tune, the plate will start to cool and the light will slowly pulse till the plate reaches a safe temperature. 

    To restart while it is In sleep mode, simply turn it on by pressing and holding down the ON/OFF button for more than 1 second. Please make note although the Glide is turned off, it Is still connected to the power and should be unplugged from the power source, electricity, at the earliest opportunity. In the unlikely event of a control system error, for safety the heaters will turn off. The Glide will emit bleeps and the light will flash red every five seconds. If this occurs you can try to un-plug and re-plug at the power supply and re-start. And as always contact ghd Customer Service for any advice and the latest information.

    How to store your ghd Glide brush

    How to store your ghd Glide brush

    1. Always allow the Glide ghd hot brush to cool down before storing away. Never store a brush while its still hot.
    2. When the Glide has cooled down, fold the power cord in the same way as it came packaged. Do not wrap the supply cord around the Glide's handle.

    ghd brush conclusion

    The ghd Glide hot brush conclusion

    The results are great for the majority of folks. Using the Glide for you guys will be perfect. And the best thing about the ghd Glide is its simplicity. It, in my opinion, is worth having. It’s going to be hard to beat a high-quality simple to use a hot hairbrush. And at the end of the day, your hair is going to be healthier due to it is not pressed between two pieces of hot ceramic plates. You will experience less breakage, split-ends, and no hot spots on your hair. Your ears will thank you after purchasing the Glide. Your ears will not miss being burned every once in a while. The main thing to remember is not to overdo it because too much of almost anything can be dreadful.

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