Sunday, July 12, 2020

Truss Curly Shampoo For Curly or Wavy Hair and Frizz Control

Truss Curly Shampoo For Curly or Wavy Hair and Frizz Control


Accentuate the natural appeal of curls and waves without moisture & natural hair oils being removed or hair weighted down. This shampoo is gentle enough for curly hair to get the most fragile and damaged. Detangle hair easily, prevent breakage and further damage from brushing and combing while adding moisturize and eliminating dry, frizzy hair. Intensive conditioner softens all curl types and infuses hair with deep conditioning agents for a long lasting effect with a beautiful natural shine.


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Advanced curl formula contains Amisil for heat protection, Polisil to replenish moisture and elasticity, Avocado Oil for sun protection, Keratin to increase strength and Panthenol to tone the scalp. pH is extremely important in the care of curls and too high of pH can damage curls. This balanced formula brings the correct nutrients and pH to restore elasticity and keep your curl pattern even no matter how dense or heavy your curls are. 

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