Tuesday, July 14, 2020

How to Use a S-Heart-S Shampoo Brush

How to use a S-Heart-S shampoo brush


Steps On How To Use A S-Heart-S Shampoo Brush


I love the S-Heart-S shampoo brush because it so much more than just a shampoo brush. In addition to being a great shampoo brush, it's also a detangle brush, a massage brush and a light styling brush. The S-Heart-S shampoo brush can take the place of several brushes. I like it because it's so versatile.


Step 1. Lightly brush your hair to remove any tangles or knots in your hair.



Step 2. Lather your hair with shampoo as you would normally.



Step 3. Begin using the shampoo brush. start by brushing your hair from front to back. While brushing apply firm but gentle pressure. Focus, your brushing on the scalp and not your hair.



Front to the crown



Side to crown



Nape to crown



If you have long hair, brush small sections at one time. If you have thick hair, divide your hair and work in sections. For your back, you can divide your hair into upper and lower sections. Upper hair sections can be brushed upward while the lower parts of your hair can be brushed downward.



As you brush, you will find the bristles gently exfoliating your scalp and can do a much better job than your finger alone.



Step 4. rinse your hair normally. you can also use the shampoo brush while rinsing to get out all the shampoo.



Besides shampooing your hair, the shampoo brush can also apply conditioner. Start by applying conditioner to the ends of your hair and work upward. Next is to brush your hair using the shampoo brush. the brush will disperse the conditioner throughout your hair. Then rinse your hair as you would normally do. And like I mentioned above, you can also use the shampoo brush again during the final rinse.


As you use your shampoo brush more and more, you will find it's more than just a shampoo brush. It can also be used for light styling and detangling. Besides, you can reduce static electricity in your hair by using a little water. When using on dry hair, spritz a little water to reduce static electricity.


When using your shampoo brush with a blow dryer, position the blow dryer at least six inches away from the blow dryer. Also, point the hot hair from the blow dryer at your hair and not the bristles of the shampoo brush.



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