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Glamfields Straightening Brush Using Instructions

Glamfields Straightening Brush Usage

Well as you can see there is not much to this video but it does show the product and shows you how easy it is to adjust the temperature on the Glamfields straightening hot brush. By pressing the bottom button and holding it for a few seconds turns the Glamfields styling tool on. Next, by pressing either the up or down buttons you can adjust the temperature that is best for your hair type.

My Favorite Straightener Brushes
Description Recommendation And Use Price
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ghd Glide Hot Brush I love it because of its high quality, and it’s so simple to use. It features a combination of high density shorter and longer bristles for styling larger sections of hair. Check Price
GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener Brush Great budget brush with many features. Check Price
MiroPure, 2-in-1 Ceramic Ionic Straightening Brush Great budget brush with many features. Check Price
TYMO Ionic Hair Straightener Brush Great brush, great features, solid quality Check Price

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Using The Right Temperature

It's important you use the right temperature for your hair type. For example, if you have thin hair a lower temperature is going to be best as not to burn your hair. If you use too hot a temperature you can cause hot spots in your hair. And there is no way to fix your hair when this happens other than let it grow out and then get a trim.

If you have thick or coarse hair then you are going to want to use a higher temperature. Thick hair has a higher tolerance to heat. To make your hair conform to your style a higher heat setting is needed to bend the hair and make it conform.

The trick is to start with the lowest temperature setting possible and then work up to the heat setting that will work.

Straightening Brush Tips

Another good idea is to use a heat protectant product. It does not matter if you have thin hair or thick hair using a heat protectant is a smart idea. However, I would suggest if you have thin hair you really should use a protectant. There are many benefits in addition to protecting your hair. For one, most of these products smell nice and helps with frizz. The protectant helps to seal in shine. In addition, most contain a formula that aids in easy brushing. It allows your brush to glide through your hair giving a smooth and sleek style.

The key to finding a good protectant is to find one that has a weightless formula. A formula that is not going to weight down your hair and make it oily.

Some brands that come to mind quickly are L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray and CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. Both are great and won't leave your hair weighted down.

Now here is the bad news. These products, especially the sprays can be real messy. They can leave your floor and everything it touches very slippery. I would suggest you apply to your hands over the sink and then apply to your hair or apply to a brush and then brush it in. Make sure to clean your hands and brush afterword. Make sure your hands are clean before you pick up your straightening brush, you do not want it to slip out of your hands and hit the floor.

If you have very thin frizzed hair you are going to love either of the products mentioned above.

Straightening Brush Size

Glamfields Straightening Brush Using Instructions
Glamfields Straightening Brush Using Instructions
As you can see by picture above in the video the Glamfields brush size is not too big. The head on the brush is more rectangle shaped so it's a good design for most all hair short or long. A larger head is better for those who have long hair, shoulder length and longer.

This will allow you to brush more hair with each brush stoke and thus allowing you to finish styling a littler quicker than an oval head. Glamfields makes an oval headed brush as well. The one shown in the video above is the Glamfields 2.0 Irons Hair Straightening brush. It's available directly for Glamfields and runs around $43.00.

The other model they offer is an oval head design called Glamfields Ionic Straightening Brush. It's available at popular online stores. This model is also available at Glamfields here: Glamfields Ionic Straightening Brush. It usually sells for $42.00.

Straightening Brush Features

Straightening Brush temperature display

One of the Glamfields brush features I really like is the temperature display as I mentioned above. Another features is price. It's not overpriced. It comes in at a good price point, not too cheap as not to cut corners in manufacturing and not too expensive that puts it out of reach for most people. I will say that the build quality of Glamfileds products are quite good and I'm rue you will agree.

A straightener brush is much safer to use in comparison to flat irons

Safety Feature

Another favorite feature of this brush as well as many other straightening brushes is the safety as compared to a flat iron. All flat irons have the heating plates exposed and it's very easy to come in contact with a hot plate. Straightening brushes like the Glamfields for example uses protecting bristles that make it much harder to come in contact with the hot part of the brush.

Glamfields Straightening Bush Conclusion

In my opinion you really can't go wrong with either of the Glamfields brushes. Both are great. But I will say there are those who are fans of flat irons and there are some really good ones out there. So straightening brushes are not for everyone. If you have really thick hair you may find it hard to move away from pressing your hair between two hot ceramic plates to get it straight.

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