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Why should you use a brush

Reasons why you should use a hair brush

Men and women usually connect the usage of a hair brush solely with styling. If you can control your hair without a brush, you tend to forget all about getting one, right? Well that is not the best approach to take because there’s much more to brushing than people usually think. So let's dive in and find out why.

You should use a hair brush because brushing is an excellent way to distribute oils produced by your sebaceous glands to naturally condition your hair. By distributing oils by using a brush you are conditioning your hair naturally in which results in healthy and shinny hair. Another reason for using a hair brush is humans loose 100 hairs on average per day. Brushing is an excellent way to clean and remove those loose hairs. Your hair is fed nutrients to grow by the bloodstream. When you use a brush you are stimulating blood to rise to the surface of the scalp to hair follicles in which may promote hair growth.

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Here are some of the biggest benefits a high quality brush can provide for your scalp. Plus when you should never ever brush your hair and how you could be damaging your hair and not even realize it!!!

Use a brush to clean your hair

It’s important to find a strong natural bristle because this part of your brush helps you get rid of stuff like dead skin and natural oil that accumulated on your scalp. Having a clean head means you’ll most likely stay clean from stuff like dandruff, dead skin cells accumulation and ingrown hair. Plus, you won’t need to wash your hair every day, which means you’ll keep moisturization levels at check as well.

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Use a brush to condition your hair

The effect of regular brushing is pretty close to dry shampooing and you won’t only clean your hair, but keep it shinier than ever. When you go through your hair with a hard boar bristle brush you’re automatically spreading the natural sebum oil throughout the length of your hair. This will make your hair really soft (similarly to keeping your beard soft) and looking like it’s well nourished, but it will also make it easier for you to shape it up for your desired hairstyle.

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Use a brush to help battle hair loss

You’re not only keeping your hair soft and your scalp clean when using a brush, but also battling against hair loss. How is this even possible? With the help of the hard bristles of the brush you’re using, you’re actually massaging your scalp and promoting increase in blood flow and absorption of oxygen in your skin cells.

What about over brushing?

The one thing you want to make sue is that you do not over brush, Over brushing can cause too much friction between your hair and the brush. And this can result in damage to the cut. The cuticle is the outside layer of your hair. This can cause you hair to be in a weakened state. Many women and men who chemically treat their hair should take notice. Your hair could be weak and you should gently brush your hair as not to cause any more damage. In most cases twice a hay is more than enough and is all you need.

Furthermore you should never or try to avoid brushing your hair while it wet. Wet hair is at it's weakest state and can break when stretched. A human hair can stretch up to three times it's original length when wet. Once dry it resumes it's original length. By brushing wet hair the brush causes tension grabbing the hair and pulling it. the hair is stretched and then snaps thus give you split ends. By repeating the process over and over again you end up with a lot of unwanted split ends.

If you have to brush your hair while wet it's almost always better to apply a conditioner and use a wide tooth comb. Comb out your hair and then rinse out the conditioner. you can repeat the process as needed.

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Boar bristle brushes for men made in Germany

Boar brushes made in Germany by master craftsman

Boar brushes made in Germany by master craftsman
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Are boar bristles vegan?

Are boar brushes considered to be vegan
Are boar bristles vegan?
Most are made of nylon and plastic. These are definitely vegan. But what about the ones that are derived from hogs, are they vegan? The problem is when upgrading from a synthetic to a natural one the main material used for natural bristles comes from pigs which are not vegan. This is very unpleasant and totally unacceptable to many vegans. So the main reason to upgrade to a boar bush is that many stylists claim that it helps to collect and distribute the natural oils evenly. And combine that with natural bristles your scalp is encouraged to produce a healthy production of sebum that smooths down the shaft thus increasing brightness and health. So if you are a vegan...

Do boar bristles damage hair?

Do boar bristles damage hair? There are several different types of hair and depending on your type you should choose the tools that is best for you. You can easily cause damage by forcefully taking it and ripping through your tufts, or combing when your hair is wet or even trying to detangle. These are instances where you should not be using it. There are other tools better suited for the job that is not going to...

Are boar bristle brushes made from boars?

Are boar bristle brushes made from boars
Are boar bristle brushes made from boars?
Combing will clean the dust and conditioning products from your tresses. As they come in contact with your mane are cleaning out the dead cells from you scalp, cleaning...

Are boar bristles good?

Are boar bristles good?
They have been around for a long time. They have always been known for creating shiny, healthy tresses without the use of styling products. It works to move oil down each follicle very time to comb. It's this oil that coats each strand and help repair damaged areas and adds a protective shine. The process does not change the texture of your follicles. So if you have curly tufts for example, it's not going to change that. You will still have curly hair. But the natural oil can make your it more bouncy for example. By combing your...

Are boar bristles cruelty free?

Are boar bristles cruelty free
Are boar bristles cruelty free?
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Best boar bristle brush

Best Boar Bristle Brush
Best boar bristle brush
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What is a Boar Bristle Brush Used For

What is a Boar Bristle Brush Used For?
What is a Boar Bristle Brush Used For
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