Sunday, December 1, 2019

Why should you use a brush

Men usually connect the usage of a hair brush solely with styling. If they can control their hair without a brush, they tend to forget all about getting one. The reason why this is simply wrong is because there’s much more to brushing than people usually think.

Here are some of the biggest benefits a high quality brush can provide for your scalp and hair:

Cleansing – It’s important to find a strong natural bristle because this part of your brush helps you get rid of stuff like dead skin and natural oil that accumulated on your scalp. Having a clean head means you’ll most likely stay clean from stuff like dandruff, dead skin cells accumulation and ingrown hair. Plus, you won’t need to wash your hair every day, which means you’ll keep moisturization levels at check as well.

Conditioning – The effect of regular brushing is pretty close to dry shampooing and you won’t only clean your hair, but keep it shinier than ever. When you go through your hair with a hard boar bristle brush you’re automatically spreading the natural sebum oil throughout the length of your hair. This will make your hair really soft (similarly to keeping your beard soft) and looking like it’s well nourished, but it will also make it easier for you to shape it up for your desired hairstyle.

Battling hair loss – You’re not only keeping your hair soft and your scalp clean when using a brush, but also battling against hair loss. How is this even possible? With the help of the hard bristle of the brush you’re using, you’re actually massaging your scalp and promoting increase in blood flow and absorption of oxygen in your skin cells.

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