Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Zilberhaar boar brushes

Zilberhaar boar brushes
Zilberhaar brushes

Zilberhaar what you need to know 

The Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit is a 2nd Cut Boar Bristle Brush. What does that mean?

Did you know the quality of the bristle is determined by two factors:
  1. The quality of the the actual bristle. 
  2. And the "cut" of the bristle used. 

The "First Cut" is the most desirable and the most expensive. Many manufactures use "Second" or "Third Cuts" because they are softer and well suited for thin or thinning hair. As in this case Zilberhaar is using a "Second Cut" for a softer bristle.

The benefits of regular brushing

Hair brushing is important for cleaning, massaging the skin or scalp and stimulating the release of a beneficial oil called sebum for conditioning. Brushing distributes the Sebum or your hairs natural oils. This is a conditioning coating, lubricating, and protecting oil for the hair shaft. The result is a healthy glow or sheen and soft flexible hair. Because sebum is your body's natural oil to protect and moisturize. Regular brushing results in hair that is healthier, more manageable, and of course easier to style.

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