Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Vegan Tampico fiber hairbrush by Redecker

Redecker Vegan Tampico Fiber Hairbrush
Redecker Vegan Tampico Fiber Hairbrush


The Tampico brush is not a boar brush. Why I like the vegan Tampico brush:

  1. Brush is 8 "long and made without any animal products; cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.
  2. Great for daily brushing; the plant bristles naturally condition the scalp and detangle the knots.
  3. Made of all-natural tampico fiber, stiff plant fiber bristles are perfect for hair brushing; bristles have a high degree of shape retention and withstand high heat when blowing hair drying.
  4. Handle made of natural oiled beech wood, highly resistant to wear and tear; ages gracefully and long enough for daily use.
  5. Bristles are not stiff. They are soft to medium.

Cruelty free

Part of Redecker's exclusive cruelty-free collection, the Vegan Tampico Fiber Hairbrush with Oiled Beechwood Handle offers an all-natural hair care solution. Made from tampico fiber, the plant-based bristles condition the scalp while the knots are smoothed and detangling. Stiff bristles retain their shape and withstand high temperatures, perfect for brushing and drying hair. The brush handle is made of natural oiled beechwood, which is resistant to wear and tear and is long-lasting enough for regular use. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, this 8 "long brush is handmade without animal products. For maintenance, rinse with warm water and towel blot to remove excess moisture.


Tampico fiberr plant
The Agave Lechugilla Plant courtesy of
Is this a NOT 100% boar bristle brush. There are NO plastic bristles. Bristles are made from all-natural tampico plant fiber. Handle is made from all-natural oiled beech-wood which is highly resistant to wear and tear. My experience is that Tampico fiber bristles is a soft to medium-soft bristle. It's not a firm bristle. It keeps it's shape and wears very well. More about fiber processing.

More about Redecker

The first handmade Bürstenhaus Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. Since then, a lot has changed. Today, the name Bürstenhaus Redecker stands for the perfect combination of natural performance, feature and design for many years. This lives on the combination of inventiveness, sound craftsmanship and imagination. Handcrafted in Germany, Bürstenhaus Redecker brushes are made of domestic woods, bristles, hair, and plant fibers, and have been for decades. Precedence is given to natural and sustainable raw materials.

Air dry with blisters facing down to prevent damage to the wooden handle. Made in Germany.

Champion brush from the brushhouse Redecker

The brush house Redecker

Brushes, brooms and brush from the brush house Redecker

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Hand brush with dustpan from Redecker

Redecker brush manufacture since 1935

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