Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Redecker wild boar bristle men's hairbrush

Redecker wild boar brush
Redecker wild boar brush
Are you looking for a flexible brush for day-to-day hair care? Well this might be just what you are looking for a brush that can easily groom all kinds of hair. The natural wild boar bristles are firm enough to tame rough, thick, unruly hair, but soft enough to smooth delicate, thin hair and massage your scalp at the same time.

This brush features 8 rows of brushes, and it's simple and convenient. The brush body is made of waxed olive wood, which is durable, ergonomically built, water-repellent and ideal for humid or damp conditions. The brush is 7 "long and made in Germany.

brush features 8 rows of brushes
Features 8 rows of bristles

How to clean a boar brush

Redecker recommends to clean with a mild soap and warm water solution and never soak the brush in water. Hang to air dry with bristles facing down to prevent damage to wooden handle so water does not stand in the bore holes.

Brush dimensions

Brush dimensions

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