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How to get a stuck hairbrush out of your hair

How to get a stuck hairbrush out of your hair
Stuck hairbrush

Ever had a hairbrush stuck in your hair? Well getting it our is a little easier said than done, right? It's easy to get a brush stuck especially if your hair is tangled. But relax and don't panic, at least not yet. What you do need to do is stop pulling. By continued pulling all you will do is make things worse. Instead, quickly reach for a bottle of detangling solution and spray all around the area and on the brush bristles too. Don't be afraid to use a liberal amount. If you do not have any detangle solution then mix up some water with your conditioner. The idea is to make your hair as slippery as possible. Then very slowly and gently use your fingers to pick the hair from the brush. And of course as a last result you can always take out the scissors and start cutting or visit your friendly neighbor stylist for help.

Simple steps to remove a stuck brush

  1. Work slowly
  2. Do not pull on the brush
  3. Use your fingers to gently pull hair from the brush
  4. Take your time
  5. After the brush has been removed, brush knots from hair
  6. Start at the tips
  7. Working you way to the scalp
If you try to do your own hair this may happen frequently. Having to remove a stuck brush from your hair is very common. Round brushes are probably the most common type of brush to get stuck in your hair. And it’s easy to see why. Due to it’s round and has a surface that can grab your hair on all sides. This makes it easier to get it stuck.

What ever you do make sure that you do not pull on the brush. When you pull, you end up reinforcing the knot that is already there. It will get so tight your only option will be to cut your hair. Start by removing very small sections of hair from the brush by using your fingers. Hold the brush in one hand and using your other hand or have a friend help you remove hair from the brush very gently. You can try to unravel the brush. Sometimes this method works. What I mean by unraveling is turn the brush to unravel the hair. You hair may have gotten wrapped around the brush one too many times. By turning the brush in the opposite direction sometime unravels your hair.

After removing the stuck brush your hair will most likely have knots where the brush was. So you will need to slowly and carefully starting at the tips of your hair brush you hair. Start at the tips and work your way to the roots until all the knots have been brushed out.

The key to remember is not to pull on your hair and to take your time. Also be very gentle with your hair.

Another method instead of using your fingers to gently pull out the hair from the brush by using a rat tail comb end or a pick. Gently insert the pick end of the comb underneath the hair stuck in the brush and lift up and away from the brush. Make sure you work slowly and in small sections.

Remember no pulling. Just be patient and soon you will have things back to normal.

How to prevent your brush from getting stuck in you hair

  1. Start with a clean brush
  2. Brush in one direction
  3. Work in sections
  4. Sections of hair needs to be shorter than the length of your brush
  5. Do not let hair overhang your brush
To prevent your brush from getting stuck in your hair in the first place always make sure to start brushing with a clean brush. When using a round brush, brush your hair in one direction only and do not roll the brush backwards from the direction you started with in the first place. Another tip is to make sure you work in sections. Do not style your hair in sections that is longer than your brush. This will allow the hair to fold over on itself and get tangled and stuck in the brush. So be careful no to let you hair hang over your brush. Simply reduce the section of hair you are working with to slightly shorter than the brush you are using.

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