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How to Do an Easy Bouffant Vintage Hair Style

How to Do an Easy Bouffant Vintage Hair Style
Bouffant Hair Style - Image courtesy of pin.it/adp4kqczvfholw

Quick bouffant history

In Western Europe in the mid-to-late 18th century the bouffant hairstyle was mainstream. Due to Marie Antoinette had relatively thin hair it was thought the bouffant was created for her. She wanted the illusion she had a lot of hair, nice thick and full looking.

In the summer of 1956, LIFE noted the modern bouffant, considered to have been invented by British celebrity hairdresser Raymond Bessone, as it was a common sight in many popular fashion magazines. The style became really popular in the early 1960s when First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed in a bouffant. It was then that her style was widely imitated.

And by the mid-1960s, many well-dressed women and girls were wearing some sort of bouffant hairdo. It remained the trendy trend in one variation or another until supplanted by the end of the decade streamlined bob cut and the early 1970s looser shag or feathered styles.

It was popular with many middle-aged women who dressed conservatively clung to the fashion a little longer. The younger generation, teenagers, liked imitating the presence of famous folk-rock singers like Joan Baez, Mary Travers, and Cher, started to abandon bouffants for short, straight "ironed hair" as early as 1965.

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