Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fendrihan 5 row thermowood ash brush

Fendrihan 5 Row Thermowood Ash
Fendrihan 5 row brush with a Thermowood Ash handle

Go for the wooden handle and you'll be glad you did. This brush is made of Thermowood ash which comes from Scandinavian softwood timber that has been heat treated. As Thermowood is manufactured it is pressurized and heated and the drying process strictly controlled. The end result is a much more durable wood that can last more then 30 years. And with proper care can easily last a lifetime.
Fendrihan 5 row thermowood ash benefits

Fendrihan 5 row Thermowood ash benefits

  1. Genuine boar bristles. Nice dark bristles to match the brush
  2. Boar bristles massage your scalp and stimulate oils
  3. A dark, lightweight, heat-treated wood handle
  4. Classic styling is a throw-back to classic hairbrush designs
  5. Made in Germany
  6. Length: 8.3 inches
  7. Weight: 2 oz
ash wood boar brush

Made in GermanyBoar brush made in germany

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