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Round Brush

Round brush

A round brush is generally used on long hair but can be used on short hair provided you use the right diameter brush. Read my article what size round to use on short hair, increasing volume using a round brush for short hair and what round brush to use if you have thick hair for more information. These brushes are used under your hair to increase volume and add waves or curls. The more bristles the more tension you can put on your hair while styling. Round brushes are excellent to incorporate bounces, curves or waves. The round brush diameter is important in terms of results and the style which you can achieve. You can read my article in round brush diameters and sizes if you want to know more.

What diameter is best?

Round brushes come in many sizes but the main thing to remember is the shorter the hair you have the smaller diameter brush you will want. This is because you will need the small size to be able to work with the length of hair you have to get enough tension for styling. Generally speaking the larger diameters are going to excel at giving you waves and curls while styling. Read more see best brush for fine hair blowout and best brush for long fine hair blowout.

Round brush size guidelines:
  1. 17mm or 1/2 to 3/4 = very short hair, ear length 
  2. 23mm or 3/4 to 1 = short hair, above chin 
  3. 32mm or 1 to 1.5 = shoulder length 
  4. 43mm or 1.5 to 2 = beyond shoulder

Round boar brush
 Spornette Deville Boar Rounder
What kind of bristles are best?

Round brushes can have bristles made of boar, nylon or both. Nicole Contrastano, hairstylist at Pierre Michel Salon, recommends a round brush with boar bristles. I believe you get much better hair tension with boar. And, my personal choice is brushes that have one piece wooden handles due to they are less prone to break as compared to two piece plastic handles.

Round brush advantages

100% natural boar bristle brushes creates the perfect tension for getting lift and bounce at the root. It also is great for creating a smooth clean and natural shine with every brush. Boar bristles distribute your natural oils from your roots down the hair shaft. This the best natural conditioner you can use. Boar bristles can also stimulate your scalp and thus increasing blood flow with every use. For more red my article benefits of brushing and boar bristles for men.

How to use a round brush?

By starting at the root of your hair you can increase lift and volume quickly. This also has the extra benefit of not having to use a great deal of styling product. a round brush can create texture and movement throughout the hair by curling and waving each section by wrapping then around the brush, heating the hair then cooling it back down to set the curl.

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