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Shower comb

Are you looking for the perfect shower comb? One that will not make you cry when your hair gets so matted and tangled? Well you came to the right place because this article I'll provide shower combs to help you work through those impossible snarls and massive hair clumps. The last thing you want is your comb pulling and ripping at your hair. So you may be interested in reading my article answering the question, "Should I comb my hair after washing it?". Another article I wrote I am sure you are interested in is, Is it bad to comb your hair in the shower? In this article I answer the question and go over how to comb your hair after washing and other great tips.

Are you looking for the perfect shower comb
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The best way to start is to invest in high quality tools that get the job done. And take note, that high quality does not always equate to high price. There are many low cost options available that are also high quality. Before I get started showing you the best and most popular shower combs to get you through the combing process with minimal or no tears here are some handy tips about combs you should know before making your purchase.

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What you need to know about plastic combs

Broken shower comb
Hard plastic combs can break | Image by pixabay ID 955169
Most all hard plastic combs break when dropped onto a hard surface or when bumped into something hard. Extra care should be taken with your combs so that breakage does not occur. Always store them in a safe place away from hard objects. When looking for a shower comb having a built-in shower hook is a big advantage. You have a place to hook your comb, it's there when you need it in the shower.

Tip: Look for smooth conical teeth and rounded tips for greater comfort when searching for plastic combs or any comb for that matter - I can't stress this enough!!!

When looking for plastic combs always look for smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for greater comfort. Look for seams on the comb that might be rough in spots. These can grab or pull your hair causing damage. Many cheaper combs that are molded have mold seams where the two plastic parts come together. Are plastic brushes bad for your hair? Some manufactures go through an extra step to sand down and smooth the seams. Other manufacture avoid this entirely by cutting their combs from a solid piece of plastic.

The Plastic comb exception

Shower Comb Denman Lime Green Precision Rake Comb
Acetal comb for damage-free combing
All plastic combs break, right? There is always one exception, right. And in this case you are correct. The exception is any plastic combs made out of Acetal. Acetal is a plastic material that is widely used in the automotive and electronics industries. It is a very common material in gear wheels, eyeglasses and ball bearings. It's an extremely durable material that is perfect for combs. The combs made from this material can withstand drops on a hard tile floor with no problem. And my favorite is the Denman Lime Green Precision Rake Comb DPC6GRN.

Combs exclusively for the shower

Most people just want to know what the best comb for hair is: some of the combs mentioned in this article are not exclusively for women so a man could use it as well. And actually a few are made specifically for men. The main feature about the combs mentioned is that they have a little wider spaced teeth. They're not just a detangle comb, although some say that in their name. They are multi-purpose tools. To answer some very popular questions like what are some of the best wide tooth combs and why you need one I wrote this article, "Best Wide Tooth Comb For Detangling"

Conair Shower Comb

These combs are very popular and usually cost less than $5.00.Many online retailers will advertise these as a package of 2 each but you only get one in the package. These are very durable combs that will not break when dropped on a hard surface. They are molded so they do have mold lines but Conair did a good job of smoothing out the lines as not to catch your hair. On the one I have I can see no way that it would snag your hair. Overall it's a very good product for the price. It gets the job done at a good price. Nothing to brag about and it just does what it's intended purpose is for.

These are 4 really short videos on the Conair shower comb. Shows how it made and my opinions on the comb. If you are thinking about purchasing I would recommend watching.

Shower comb part 1 - plastic shower comb good for detangling. Large enough to handle any length hair either wet or dry. With the hook, it can hang in the shower or any where and be there when you need it.

Shower comb part 2 - comb handle with shower hook on the end with nice wide teeth for detangling. Plastic is stiff and will allow for combing long hair with ease.

Shower comb part 3 - comb tips are well rounded. Molded with edge lines showing but they are smooth as not to catch your hair.

Shower comb part 4 - Summary and final thoughts.

Revlon Essentials 2 Piece Tangle Free Comb Set

Revlon Essentials 2 Piece Tangle Free Comb Set
Revlon comb set
The perfect product for naturally curly hair which might be virtually unmanageable. You need the perfect brush to get the perfect hair. For all hair types, Revlon has a wide range of hair brushes & combs. Here is a best seller that is a basic brush that will not break the bank.

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Pick Comb

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Pick Comb infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin by Cricket
Cricket Ultra Pick
There is nothing oily about the Cricket comb. It is just a good, solid hair comb that is fantastic at detangling. Glides through your natural 4c kinky hair like butter. It doesn't snag and snarl on kinks and snarls.

Wetbrush Detangling Comb

Wetbrush Detangling Comb, Black by Wet Brush
Wet Brush comb
The Wet Brush is a great comb that can be used in a wet or dry shower. And when you're done, you can leave it in the shower as water won't harm this comb. It is featured as a detangling comb, but can also be used as a regular comb. This is a general all around good comb for most hair types. It's even great for people who hear extensions and wigs.

Great very short humorous video on the evolution of the The Wet Brush. Worth watching and seeing the wet brush pro in action on detaining wet hair at the end of the video.

Also the product comes in a combination set, a brush and a comb. It also comes in pink and black colors. A really nice durable set with a great ergonomically designed handle at a good price. I love that comfortable grip. I think this comb is really made by the handle.

What you need to know about wooden combs

Breezelike Hair Comb for Detangling - Wide Tooth Wood Comb for Curly Hair - No Static Natural Wooden Sandalwood Comb for Women, Men by Breezelike
Breezelike natural wooden sandalwood comb
One word of caution, it's made of wood, right? So water is it's greatest enemy. Do not use the comb in the shower and that's a given plus do not let it get wet for prolonged periods of time. The comb will get water logged and eventually break or become unusable. But if it is well maintained, it can last a very long time. It's not uncommon for a wooden comb to last five years or more.

Tip: Wooden combs can break like plastic combs when dropped or bumped into hard objects. Not for use in the shower.

One more thing you should know about wooden combs. The teeth can break just as easily as hard plastic combs so you have to take the same precautions as mentioned above with plastic combs. I have seen many wooden combs break when dropped on a hard tile bathroom floor.

Ideally a wooden comb is not going to be a good shower comb due to the obvious I stated above. It is not good for it to get wet for prolonged period of time. But I am going to mention it here because it has value after your shower.

Great benefits and qualities of a wooden comb

The Breezelike wooden, wide tooth detangling comb pictured above is made of 100% natural green sandalwood and has a pleasant fragrant. It's handmade, smooth and seamless, it can easily detach thick long curly hair. The comb is  7.1 inches long. Green Sandalwood has a distinctive, long-lasting, precious-wood fragrance. Sandalwood's natural soothing fragrance has the effect of calming the nerves and relieving stress.

Sandalwood combs are natural isolation properties. And due to friction, they will never cause static, nor will they conduct static from other parts of your body to your hair. That is the claim from the manufacture. However real life situations says otherwise. Now that being said they still do conduct some static electricity in some cases however not as much as other combs made of plastic would. It's not 100% static free so don't buy one thinking there is absolutely no static in all cases.

What you need to know about carbon fiber combs

What you need to know about carbon fiber combs
Carbon fiber comb
A bit about carbon fiber. I wanted to like these combs so much, and I really thought it was a really cool idea, and was ready to make a purchase. But I can't recommend any at the present time. It seems the Achilles heel of carbon fiber is it is prone to breakage and does so quite easily. So until a manufacture can make one that is more durable I would stay away for now.

Tip: The Achilles heel of carbon fiber combs are breakage and it does so very easily. So for this reason I can't recommend any at the present time.

What about metal combs?

Chicago Comb Long Model No. 5 Cardinal Red, 5.5 inches (14 cm) long, Made in USA, wide-tooth comb, ultra smooth coated stainless steel, unbreakable, perfect for long, curly, or thick hair, men & women
Chicago Comb Long Model No. 5 Cardinal Red, 5.5 inches
Combs made of stainless steel are highly durable, extremely strong, and have superior weight and feel characteristics. I like them because they feel much more substantial, they weigh more than a plastic comb in the hand. Most all plastic combs tend to look cheap. Metal combs on the other hand look much better and have more design and style make them look much more attractive. Metal combs will last a lifetime. I'd recommend looking for a high-grade American stainless steel comb. Another great comb to look for is a Titanium comb. These are very strong and very light. For more information on how metal combs are made and my top recommendations see my article titles, "Are metal brushes bad for your hair?". You will be glad you did especially if you are planning to purchase one.

If you're on the market for a comb that's going to last a lifetime, then a Chicago comb is for you. They are made of a smooth stainless steel. When most people think about stainless steel they're thinking about something that's plain, boring and silver. There's style, originality and flair in the combs I'm talking about. I love the red cardinal with a fit and finish look super nice.

Chicago comb consists of a high endurance finish and an American-made core of stainless steel that will never rust or corrode. They make 2 sizes a 5.5 inch long and a 4 inch short.

Buffalo horn combs for showering not a good choice

Tip: When Buffalo horn is wet it emits a burning smell so for this reason it's not a good choice for combing wet hair in the shower

Buffalo horn combs for showering is not a good choice
Buffalo horn comb
Is Buffalo horn combs a good choice for combing wet hair? It's simple, the answer is no way! Horns are valuable ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. Buffalo horn comb teeth are helpful in reducing knots and tangles from natural, thick, wavy and curly hairs. Every day, combining hair with horn combs can effectively relieve the end of the nerve and promote blood circulation. When wet with water, buffalo horn combs emits a burning smell. When the comb gets completely dry, the smell will fade away. So for this reason it's not good for the shower or combing through wet hair.

Titanium comb for the shower and every day use

Chicago Comb Model 1 Titanium, Made in USA, Patented Design, Ultra-Smooth, Strong, Light, Anti-Static, 5.5 in. (14 cm) Long, Medium Tines, Ultimate Daily Use, Pocket, Travel Comb by Chicago Comb
Titanium comb
It is lightweight and strong, strong, easy to clean and extremely durable and will last a lifetime. No more plastic combs that break easily. Titanium has a lot going for it. But is biggest drawback is the price. Most quality titanium combs are at over $30.00 at the time of this writing.

Titanium is a metal widely used by the aerospace industry because of its ability to resist the harsh outer space condition. As it is completely non-toxic to the human body and can be safely implanted in the body, it has also become popular with medical manufacturers.

Features of titanium that make it great for combs

  1. It has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal element. 
  2.  Almost the same weight as aluminum, but stronger than steel.
  3. Resistant to corrosion. It is also highly resistant to corrosion in water and chlorine.
  4. Biocompatible-Non-toxic, non-allergenic and perfectly compatible with the body of humans.
  5. Durable-It is longer lasting than gold and has become a popular choice for jewelry designers.


Although it has problems its hard to beat a plastic comb with a hook for the shower. What works well for you? What are your recommendations? Please comment below.

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