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Are soft bristle brushes better for your hair

Are soft bristle brushes better for your hair - HairBrushy

How are you going to tell if a soft bristle brush is better for your hair? As you are well aware brushes don’t come with any descriptive labels like other products do. Manufactures do not spell it out for you. But lucky you found this site as I will spell it out for you and hopefully you gain knowledge to make a solid purchase you can be happy with.

Soft bristles brushes are better for fine hair. Soft bristles brushes will penetrate enough so that you get a polishing action when you brush. Plus soft bristles are not going to feel uncomfortable on your scalp. If you have thick hair then the soft bristles will not penetrate therefore you will need a stiffer bristle brush to get penetration and that polishing action.

Intellifex soft bristles

You want to polish the hair when using a boar brush. To do this you need a soft boar brush. So the action can work and smooth your hair. One great all around brush that works well with most all hair types fine or thick is the "Wet Brush Shine Enhancer". The brush is actually called "The Wet Brush Shine Boar Brush Pink 6846" which sells for $10.98 at the time of this writing. It comes in a variety of other colors. For men there is a nice looking black color. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, "The brush has Mongolian boar and Intellifex bristles, the Shine Brush is designed not only to detangle hair, but also to help lay the cuticle flat to increase brightness." This is another very good option when considering purchasing a boar brush.


The Wet Brush Shine Boar Brush Pink - HairBrushy
The Wet Brush with Intelifex bristles

The thing to remember is that if you have fine to normal hair a boar brush if the so called "gold standard" for being better for you hair. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, "Every time you brush you are removing dirt and other pollutants from your hair and helping to distribute you own natural oil along the hair shaft." This is a gentle and effective tool turning your day into the perfect hair day.

Normal to thick hair bristles

Now on to thicker hair. The boar bristles along may not be stiff enough to penetrate therefore some manufacturers mix in a stiffer nylon bristle to help with the action. Plus will will also find all nylon versions for really thick hair. You want to use a nylon brush to get into hair that is especially thick or hard to work with. Similar to boar, nylon bristles function the same, however they're harder and more controlled. Another very good all around brush made of pure natural boar with "spikes" of nylon bristles, and is recommended for medium to thick hair is the "Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle" - $150.00.


Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle - HairBrushy
Mason Pearson

Unfortunately, the price is up there. But it's a very high quality brush that will last a lifetime. This is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire or creme de la creme of hair brushes. But if you can't get over the price, think about this. When you really start to compare the price to other products you use it is really not so expensive after all. Just stop and think on how much you spend on shampoos and conditioning products. You can easily drop $20.00 on a conditioner. And how long does a bottle last? Well, now it starts to add up so by doing some comparisons, spending a one time amount on a Mason Pearson brush doesn't look so expensive now does it?


Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles 9-Row - HairBrushy
Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles 9-Row

Another option for thick hair and is a real work horse is the "Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles, 9-Row" - $12.90. It does not have any boar bristles but the price is right and it does a great job.The large 9-row nylon pins style brush. The famous anti-static rubber pad from Denman provides maximum adhesion and control for the forming of hair during blow-drying. Perfect for longer and thicker hair. The really nice feature about this brush is it's customizable. Buy the 9 row and take out a row or two depending on the style you want. The brush easily comes apart. This also allows for easy cleaning.

Short hair bristle brush

Cricket Static Free Rpm, 8 Row by Cricket - HairBrushy
Cricket Static Free Rpm, 8 Row by Cricket

Lastly for those of you have have short hair and need a good brush or a bang tamer this one is for you. The "Cricket Static Free Rpm, 8 Row by Cricket" - $2.81. Yes, I know the price is a little high, as I laugh. But it does a great job at taming your unruly bangs. It sports a non-slip rubber grip handle allowing easier one-handed control. The short, double-return bristles at the ends will not break or split hair which is very nice. And it comes with reinforced stay-in-place ball tips creates maximum control and comfort for sensitive scalps. To create and shape hair for the ultimate finished look, choose between two convenient sizes. There is a 8-row and a 12-row. The 12-row is more expensive as of this writing it's going for $6.20. 


Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

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