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Is it bad to brush your hair a lot

You most likely have heard that brushing your hair 100 times is beneficial. It's just common beauty wisdom, right? It will distribute the natural oils from your scalp to add shine to your hair. And you also most likely heard that it will stimulate blood flow to your scalp and boost hair growth. However, many stylist also say brushing causes friction on your hair and can lead to cuticle damage and breakage thus making your hair lusterless and frizzy. So which is it? And who is right?

Is it bad to brush your hair a lot?
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Is it bad to brush your hair a lot? Yes, many stylist agree that over brushing or over combing can cause more damage than good and may even prevent your hair from growing long. And here is why. Brushing your hair causes friction, and when overdone results in damage to the cuticles. The bristles pressure your hair as you comb through and thus results in damage to the cuticle. Too much brushing for long hair is particularly bad. As your hair grows longer, the ends get dry and are more likely to divide causing split ends and damage. Over brushing and friction helps this process along.

Brushing is bad

Yes, if you do it the wrong way.You could cause damage. And no if you do it the correct way. It then becomes beneficial. The trick is not to over do it and practice correct brushing methods.

How to minimize breakage?

If you brush and or comb the wrong way you could cause damage. Especially if you have long hair. The best way is to bend over and start at the nape of your neck and brush down to the ends. This takes the natural oil that is most abundant at the nape of your neck and spreads them down along the hair shaft to the end where its needed the most. For more on how to correctly brush your hair read my article on "What happens if you don't brush your hair" and make sure to watch the video at the end of post.

In addition, you can always use a leave conditioner to minimize friction and the dry condition. Apply a small amount to the end of your hair where it's the driest. For those of you who have short hair you are not going to experience this condition as your hair is not long enough. If you have real frizzy hair you should read my article called "What type of brush is best for frizzy hair" for 25 top brushes that will help. And also read "The best brush to avoid split ends".

Using the correct brush

So what happens if you use the wrong tool to style your hair? The answer is you could cause damage to your hair. You always want to match you hair type to the brush that is going to give you the best results. In the extreme case you could be damaging your hair and not even realize it. Here is a very good article I wrote "Are brushes bad for your hair" that will help you understand and answer the question. Another good article is "Are metal brushes bad for your hair". It's written primarily for men but the same principles apply to females too. So the bottom line is you always want to make sure you just don't grab any brush. For example if you have thin hair then a soft bristle brush is most likely going to be the best choice. You can read my article "Are soft bristle brushes better for your hair" to find out why.

I like this video from HSI on how to choose the right hairbrush. To visit their site go to HSI Professional. They do a great job of describing the different types of brushes and how to use each one. It's a quick video that gets right to the point and does not waste your time.

Is brushing a wet head a bad thing?

If you brush your hair while it's wet is that a bad thing? And the answer is yes if you are not doing it the correct way or using the wrong tools. For example, if you are using a boar bristle brush on soaking wet hair you could be causing a lot of damage. I go into a lot more details in my article "Should I comb my hair after washing it". I go over the right way to brush and great tips for how to handle wet hair. Just remember your hair is at it's most fragile point when it's wet and you should be very gentle if you have no choice but to brush it while it's wet.

7 hair tips and mistakes you need to know

  1. Shampoo - Be smart and do not over do it. Shampoo not only removes dirt but also removes your natural oil which protects your hair by keeping it from drying out. So don't over do it.
  2. Hair styles -  How you wear your hair could put stress on certain areas of your hair thus causing damage. For example, if you are wearing a rubber band in your hair everyday in the same place this could damage your hair in that spot. So the best advise is to switch hairstyles and rotate the placement of your pony to avoid damage.
  3. Conditioner - It's important because it adds moister back to your hair. It's especially needed on your ends to keep it from drying out and having split ends. Many folks say conditioner is designed to hydrate and nourish hair. I agree with the first part about hydrate but the nourish part I am not so sure about. What is there to nourish? Hair is dead. It's not like it's living and needs to be nourished. Dead hair is not going to eat, right!
  4. Towel wrapping - Most everyone is guilty of stepping out of the shower and immediately wrapping their hair in a towel. And when you take off the towel most folks will tend to give a vigorous rub to help dry. But did you know this could be harmful to your hair? And the reason why is the cotton fibers rough up the cuticle. And remember your hair is at it's weakest point when it's wet. The end result is often breakage. It's best to let naturally dry as much as possible or use something like a soft shirt instead of a cotton towel.
  5. Pillow case - Did you know that your pillowcase could cause damage to your hair? Well, you would have to be one of those to toss and turn a lot at night and use a cotton pillow case. As you move and your hair rubs against the pillowcase thus causing friction that eventually causes your hair to dry out. And of course this leads to tangles and then breakage. Granted, I believe before this could actually happen you would have to be spinning in your sleep like a washing machine. But to be on the safe side it's easy to switch to a stain or silk pillowcase that is smoother and causes less friction.
  6. Diet - To have healthy hair you need to be healthy. Make sure you are drinking enough water. As of this writing NAM recommends letting thirst guide your water consumption habits but set a volume of total daily water intake: 3.7 liters (15 cups) for the average adult male and 2.7 liters (11 cups) for the average adult female. A healthy diet can help your hair stay strong and bright. What you eat can also prevent you from losing your hair. If you don't get certain nutrients from food, you might see negative effects according to WebMD.
  7. Aggressive brushing - Gentle brushing will be much better for your hair in the long run, especially if it is damaged and susceptible to breakage. All you really need to do is brush your hair until it looks good and is in the style you like then stop. No need to go overboard with brushing.


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What happens if you don't brush your hair

Facts about what happens if you don't brush your hair
Facts about what happens if you don't brush your hair
Find out all the terrible things that happen when you stop brushing your hair. But hey don't be alarmed you may like it. Here is what really happens when you stop brushing.

By not brushing your hair you cause more tangles, kinks and oil buildup. In addition, you will find yourself touching your hair more often with your fingers to remove tangles and kinks. Some of the Pros are, you do not need a brush, less hair breakage, saves time by not brushing, and a care-free hairstyle. Some the Cons are, more tangles, oily hair, bed head and cowlicks.

Did you know too much brushing can cause stress on your hair causing the cuticle to flake off the hair shaft? Brushing your hair while wet is also bad. Your hair is at it's weakest point when wet. Wait till your hair is at least 80% dry before brushing after showing. Brushing wet hair causes your hair to stretch and could snap or break while brushing.

Brushing your hair is key to most beauty routines for women and also styling routines for men. But what about if you brush your hair too much? Should you really brush your hair everyday? Did you know that brushing your hair the wrong way could be damaging? Be sure to click on my articles about brushing your hair. You will be glad you did and your hair will thank you later. That is one of the first things you do in the morning, right? Brush your hair? And you rely on brushes and combs to help you with your hair style.

A lot of debate has been going on over whether brushing your hair is really good or bad. Read my article on is brushing your hair 100 times good. In this article I discuss the benefits of brushing and some of the downsides as well. But one thing that is true is that several things definitely happen when you stop brushing your hair. Oh by the way, not brushing or combing does not mean not washing.

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What happens if you don't brush your hair
Are you sabotaging your hair by not brushing?
What happens if you don't brush your hair?
Pros Cons
Don’t need a brush More tangles
Can use your fingers Oily hair
Care-free style Bed head
Less hair breakage Voluminous in spots
Saves time More kinks

What happens if you don't brush your hair Pros and Cons

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Bed head is for people who don't brush their hair

Is bed head from not brushing your hair really that bad?
Is bed head from not brushing your hair really that bad?

Actually this may not be a bad thing because bed head is in style right now. The polished pin straight hair style may not be your style.  Hey, this article is for you if you want to know more about some of the best straightening brushes out there. So the bed head look gives you a more care-free image and hair style that might go well with your personality.

Some folks work very hard to get that bead head look. I know some folks who will spend 30 minutes or so in the morning with gel products and even hairspray to make it look like they sleep on their hair all night. They want the carefree look. That style like they did nothing to their hair when they woke up in the morning. So the real bed head style is when you have been laying in bed and maybe sleeping for a while and you get up your hair looks like a total mess. There are strands out of place and your hair looks like it need to be washed. You know you got it right when someone says you have some serious bed head going on!

Bed head quick fix

If you are a guy or girl with shorter hair one quick way to freshen up your hair style is to use a dry shampoo. May times when you wake up in the morning your hair is matted and you may even have a little hair care product still in your hair left over from the previous day. The problem is that you may have gotten up late or for some reason you are in a big rush to get out the door in the morning an need a quick fix.

I have found that dry shampoo absorbs excess oil in your hair. Now this is not to say you don't need a shower or a bath but many people are not shampooing their hair every time they take a bath. So this is where this product is very useful.

The best way to use a dry shampoo is to spray on your hair and use your fingers to comb through your hair creating the style you want. The dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and you get a more dry hair look. The dry shampoo also helps you style your hair by allowing you to bend it so that most of the bed head looks is gone. You get that care free look with a little more volume. Now that being said this technique also is dependent on your hair style and how your hair is cut. It generally works well for short hair. Longer hair might be a little more difficult to do.

I think it's defiantly worth a try and it's not expensive so it's a great product just to have around in case you need it. There are many companies that make dry shampoo and the brands that comes to mind quickly are Batiste Dry Shampoo and Dove Dry Shampoo for oily hair. Also there is another brand called Clean Freak. All these products work great.

If you have left over hair care product in your hair from the previous day many times a couple of quick sprays with the dry shampoo and combing with your fingers will remove the excess hair care product.

Also if you are on the go and need a quick fix having a spray can of dry shampoo is a great idea. You can easily throw on in a gym bag.

Don't brush your hair then you get voluminous hair in spots

If you do not brush your hair will you get more volume and body?
If you do not brush your hair will you get more volume and body?

By not brushing your hair it will not have that nice flat look because brushing your hair causes it to lay flat. You hair will look more poofy and have more body except that one spot where your head was on the pillow all night. This style is when your hair as a lot of volume and a fuzzy appearance, too much volume. It's going to look almost like a cowlick that is standing up. A cowlick looks like a cow licked you hair in one spot and it is standing straight up. It can be another word for bedhead. But in this case it's going to look like the entire top of your head was licked by a cow because it's all standing up.

Oil build up if you don't brush

If you do not brush your hair will you get an oil buildup?
If you do not brush your hair will you get an oil buildup?

Brushing your hair can be beneficial in the sense that it distributes oil from your roots to your dry ends. You may notice that your roots get greasy faster without brushing.

Greasy hair may throw off your entire look, but some people actually look really good with this style. It's a style that can turn your freshly washed hair into a droopy look and this might be what you are looking for. However some folks are going to say it's an eyesore and can only make you look worse if left unchecked. Luckily, this is the look you are after, right?

Did you know each pore has a sebaceous gland on your skin including your scalp. The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum, that gives its natural shine to your hair. Sebum keeps the hair smooth and clean, which prevents the hair from getting dry which cracking. Some sebaceous glands, however, produce excess oil which leads to oily skin and greasy hair.

Overproduction of oil can take place for many reasons. It may be inherited or due to hormonal changes such as puberty or pregnancy, or even seasonal, lifestyle or climate changes. Bad diet, inadequate hair care and a few medications can also influence how oily your hair is.

Just keeping your hands off your hair and not consistently touching your hair will help avoid oily hair. It's also a good idea to stop brushing your hair, as both spread grease further across your roots.

Over-washing or unnecessary scrubbing can irritate the scalp during shampooing, causing more oil. When you strip your hair of their natural oils, your scalp becomes flooded with oil. Just for that reason do NOT wash your hair more than once a day. To ensure that all shampoo and conditioner are out of your hair, it is important to rinse your hair in cold water for a minimum of 30 seconds. The sebaceous glands are activated by hot water, while cold water helps turn them off. Cold water also helps to close your cuticula, thereby reducing hair damage.

You train your hair to be less greasy by using a gentle shampoo and adopting a thorough cleaning routine. A lightweight conditioner will allow your scalp to replenish and balance the moisture without sending it into overproduction mode. Make sure you always rinse you hair thoroughly due to accumulation of oils in the hair is usually due to poor job of rinsing. Sometimes by adding a conditioner it's just too much and you hair will be too oily. In this case you can try to leave off the conditioner and only apply a leave-in spray on your ends.

You should be able to go 2 to 3 days between shampoos to manage oil production. Just remember to be patient because you are not going to get there overnight. a good idea is to play with some dry shampoos and hair powders formulated to help soak up the oil without scraping the natural oils from your scalp. You might be surprise and find one that works really well.

Once easy style is to slick back your hair into a ponytail. You can brush your hair up and back and then create a high ponytail to complete your sleek style.

Not brushing can give you kinks

Get that care free image by not brushing your hair?
Get that care free image by not brushing your hair?

You probably won't notice much if you have wavy hair, at least as much but others who have straight hair. Those who have straight hair will start to notice kinks forming especially if your hair is long.

Now if you are looking to get noticed and also looking for a brand new look then you may want to try out a kinky  twist hairstyle. These styles look like fun and are good for any season. It's a very low maintenance style that looks fun and carefree as well. You can actually have a lot of fun playing around with different styles. You can get really creative.

Tangles and lots of them if you don't brush your hair

Get ready for more tangles if you do not brush your hair.
Get ready for more tangles if you do not brush your hair

If your hair is thin and long then get ready for tangles. You can use your fingers to slowly work through the tangles. If your hair is thicker then you may not get as many or as bad tangles as people with thin hair. For those of you who have short hair you may be able to get away with detangling by running your fingers trough your hair and that's it, you are ready to go.

Using your fingers as a brush

Instead of brushing your hair just use your fingers
Instead of brushing your hair just use your fingers

Well this might be considered brushing in that you are not actually using a comb or brush but your fingers. Your fingers can actually be a very effective tool to detangle your hair and even remove kinks. With a little water or moisture and using your fingers to comb your hair you can remove that bed head look. And it works very well if you have short hair.

Hey did you know that finger combing can actually be one of the best things you can do for your natural curly hair? All you nee to do is gently comb through your hair using your fingers. By using your fingers you can feel exactly how much tension you are putting on your hair and you can stop or ease up when you fell there is too much tension on your hair. This will keep your hair from stretching and then snapping. Many times when you use a comb you are not feeling the tension and you pull too hard. The end result is you pull too much and you hair snaps. Some of the benefits are, you will most likely have less breakage, your hair therefore can grow longer, it's going to be easier to pull apart tangles and it's going to take less time. However there are some disadvantages like you will not be able to get out all the tangles. You only have so many fingers, not like a comb which is able to separate stands of hair. Plus since this is something new you are going to have to practice so it's not going to be that easy and quick at first try.

If you are planing to start using your fingers as a brush then start by dividing your hair into sections and work through each sections at a time. It's always going to be easier to work in sections instead of trying to brush through all your hair at once. If you find that while brushing through your hair using your fingers you have loose hair that is OK and natural. Basically, you shed between 100 and 150 strands of hair each day. As you are brushing just remember to be gentle and as you are untangling knots not to pull on them. Continue to work your fingers through your hair until you feel like you have reached the point where your style looks good to you and you are happy.

Having dry hair is probably the hardest to finger comb. You really have to go very slowly because  dry hair has so much tension very quickly. Sometimes I find it much faster and easier to finger comb lightly sprayed hair. Making you hair a little damp sometimes can make a big difference. And if you use a leave-in conditioning spray it gets even easier. Your fingers slide through your hair mush easier.

In my opinion finger combing take more time if you are a perfectionist. But if your goal is to have that bed head look then you do not need to be as through with your finger combing and it's going to take mush less time. However if you are looking for that perfect style then using a wide tooth comb is going to be much faster. In this case make sure you always choose a wide tooth comb over a regular comb. A wide toothed comb is going to be much gentler than using a regular comb with narrow teeth.

If you have natural hair then you probably just read some of the best advise you can get for your natural hair. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and see how you like it. Be sure to pick up some natural hair care products to try with finger combing. You will be glad you did.

Quick recap of what happens if you don't brush your hair

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Round Brush That Won't Melt

Round brushes that will not melt

Round Brush That Won't Melt
Are you looking for a round brush? Well it all starts with the right tools so your hair brush should be of the highest quality. Sadly, not all hair brushes are created equal and certainly you don't want one that will melt under heat from your blow-dryer, right? A hairbrush melt could lead to a few really bad days of hair. I don't know any popular styles at the time of this writing which includes melted plastic.

What Size Round Brush For Bangs

What Size Round Brush For Bangs

 What Size Round Brush For Bangs
A boar-bristle brush with firmly packaged bristles is the gold standard for stylistic bangs. The densely packaged bristles grab every hair stand and enable you to apply the correct amount of tension while using heat from your blow dryer to set the shape. All it requires is the practice of mastering bang techniques once you have the right tools.

Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brush

Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brush

Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brush
A ceramic round brush is a versatile dual-tasking instrument that can be used for flattening or curling hair and for pumping up the volume. How much did you really think about buying a hair brush? Are one of those that picks the one that looks good on the shelve? Or take the time to figure out exactly what you are seeking and read the reviews, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and then buy one? This article is intended to help you make an informed choice.

Best round brush for fine hair blowout

Round brush blowout

Best round brush for fine hair blowout
If you have fine hair and are looking for the best round brushes for a super blowout then you came to the right place. In this article you will be presented with the best selling round blowout brushes and of course opinions of each where applicable. Round brushes are listed in order of popularity.
5 of the best round brushes for fine hair blowout...

Best round brush volume short hair

Best round brush volume short hair

 Best round brush volume short hair
In this article you will be presented with 5 of the best selling round brushes specifically for short hair that people are using right now to add more volume to their style. This information including pricing are as of the writing of this article and are of course subject to change. The highest priced brush is a modest $13.99 and the lowest is an incredible $4.72. And a heated model for less than $11.00, that's right this is not a misprint.

What round brush is best for thick hair 

What round brush is best for thick hair

What round brush is best for thick hair
Thick hair is amazingly good and wonderful to have and there are many benefits that quickly come to mind. For example, styles hold longer and you always have plenty of volume. But on the other hand your hair is also prone to have tangles and it takes a a lot longer to dry. There are many round brushes on the market but not all of them are best suited for thick hair. What you should be looking for in a round brush for thick hair is...

Types of brushes

The major factor in determining brush type is the density of bristles. Bristle density also helps in determining it's purpose. Based on bristle density and shape (round or concave) you have the following types of brushes:
  1. Vent brush
  2. Round brush
  3. Paddle brush
  4. Teasing brush
  5. The Wet Brush - Does the wet brush work on dry hair and Is the wet brush good for your hair
Click on the links above to go to more jam packed informational articles. For example, what are the Pros and Cons of a Vent brush and what is a Vent brush used for. I cover these topics and more.

Curious readers want to know what are your comments? Please feel free to make a comment on your experiences when you don't brush your hair.

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Are brushes bad for your hair

Did you know you could be damaging your hair and not know it. Using the proper brush is one of the most important elements in maintaining and rejuvenating healthy, naturally beautiful hair. A nourishing diet and avoiding toxic chemicals are other important elements that are beneficial as well.

Are brushes bad for your hair

Are brushes bad for your hair? Yes, most brushes are bad for your hair if you use the wrong brush for your hair type. You could be sabotaging your hair. Hair brushing advantages will only come by using the correct tools and instruments. Did you know that brushing with synthesized bristles creates hair friction? Friction can lead to cuticle breakage and thus resulting in hair that is lusterless and frizzy. And that's not what anyone likes to experience after a good brushing.

Did you also know that brushing your hair is a form of dry cleaning. Proper brushing can remove certain unwanted materials in your hair, including deposits of uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids and impurities that build up and become deposited on your hair and scalp. Back in the old days before exotic shampoos bushing was used a a way to keep your hair hygiene in check.

Does brushing also condition your hair?

Hair brushing also conditions your hair, so it goes beyond cleaning. Your scalp is stimulated by brushing and this massaging and brushing moves the natural oils from your scalp and root areas all along the hair shaft down to the ends. As a result your hair is coated with your own natural oils making your hair shiny and healthy looking. Moisture is restored making your hair more sheen, smooth and of course more manageable and less frizzy. Or now days if you do not have the time to brush your hair 100 stokes twice a day you can just skip all that and use a good high quality conditioner or you can use coconut oil. For more, read my article on does coconut oil help static hair? I believe in today's modern world of great products you have a choice and both methods have merit.

But brushing too much can also be damaging

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be bad, right? Brushing of your hair can damage your hair and prevent it from growing really long. And the reason why is brushing causes friction that can damage the cuticles. Bristles put pressure on your hair and overtime the end results may cause breakage. Too much brushing is particularly bad for long hair because as your hair grows, the ends become drier and more likely to split. conditioning products can help prevent damage but once damaged has occurred their is no repair other than to cut off the split ends.

Can the benefit of hair brushing can be surprising? 

Here is what is claimed to take place when you brush with a boar bristle brush. It stimulates the capillaries in your scalp and thus increases the blood circulation and transports oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb. This action also helps to balance the sebaceous glands by stimulating them and allowing them to breath better while retaining natural oils. some claim that sebaceous gland imbalance is often to blame for hair loss, as overproduction and underproduction of sebum cause weakening and undernourishment of the scalp. I personally find this hard to believe that it actually has any thing to do with actual hair loss. I believe most of the factors that control hair growth are out of our my and our daily control. The best step we all can take is to avoid hair loss and thinning is to avoid poor nutrition by making sure to eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated.

So by now you may be asking how fast does hair grow? 

The answer is the rate or speed of hair growth is about 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month, or about 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year. So it's going to take a long time to grow hair, it does not happen overnight. so at that rate its going to take 1 year to grow about 6 inches of hair. So to grow hair down to the middle of you back for example, it's going to take roughly 6 years.

How to bush your hair the correct way

Mason Pearson Boar Brush

I like this video because it explains how to brush your hair the correct way by bending over and starting at the nape of your neck and brushing down to the ends. This spreads your natural oils from the back of your neck area to the ends of your hair where it's needed the most to help condition and prevent split ends. Then  after brushing bent over, simply lift up and start brushing from your front hairline all the way back to the ends again. What you are aiming to do is to spread the oils from the hairline to the ends. Most if not all your natural oils are going to be concentrated along the back of your neck. that's why bending over to brush is very important otherwise you are going to miss out on a lot of natural oils. I am sure you will get a kick out of watching this video because in the end after all the brushing Ellen's hair ends up being thicker than a Lions. The brush used in this video is a Mason Pearson boar bristle brush. To read more on boar brushes check my boar brush articles. I am sure you will find it interesting reading and will help you choose the right brush.

How to choose the right brush for your hair type

I like this video because Jayne spells it out nice an simple on what Mason Pearson brush to purchase depending on your hair type. Also you might be interested in my article where I discuss and answer the question what type of brush is best for your hair.

Three types of hair:

  1. Fine to normal hair - boar bristles
  2. Normal to thick hair - boar and nylon brush 
  3. Thick hair - nylon

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Are metal brushes bad for your hair

The hair of each person is characterized by density, diameter, curl pattern, and porosity. You should match your hair type to your brush or comb to achieve the best results. If you are interested in purchasing a brush you should read my article on the best brushes for men. So if a metal brush comb snags or gets stuck in the middle of a brush stroke, your hair is most likely a thicker hair type. The hair diameter is characterized as follows: Fine, Medium, Thick and Natural.

Are metal brushes bad for your hair

Fine hair is likely to have no problems when using a standard plastic comb. By standard I am referring to a regular comb that you can purchase anywhere, nothing special. Medium to thick hair, when using a plastic comb, will experience a static build up and snagging in the middle of a brush or comb stroke if the tooth spacing is not wide enough. So if you ignore your hair type and pick any steel comb or brush you could be sabotaging your hair!

Are metal brushes bad for your hair? No, just make sure to get the brush or comb that is right for your hair type. For thicker or longer hair choose a brush or comb with a wide to medium teeth spacing. For fine hair choose a brush or comb that has thinner teeth or bristles that are a little closer together. A metal or stainless steel comb is just as comfortable and easy to use as any other comb you may have used.  Just make sure the comb you plan to purchase goes through a process to carefully finish and polish the metal comb so that all the surfaces and edges are smooth, rounded, and gentle on the scalp. This is important so the brush or comb does not catch or damage the cuticle as you brush your hair.

Why buy metal brushes and combs made from stainless steel?

Combs made from stainless steel are highly durable, extremely strong, and have superior weight and feel characteristics.  For the stainless steel combs, they usually about like a candy bar in you pocket. I like them because they feel much more substantial in hand than a plastic comb.  

I would recommend looking for a high-grade American stainless steel comb. Another good comb to look for is a Titanium comb. These are very strong and very light.

Some plastic combs look cheap, can break plus they all look alike. Most do not have much style or design to them. They are straight and that's it. It reminds me of the throw-away-commodity culture. It's cheap, does not last long and when it breaks or you are tired of it, just pitch it and get something else. Steel combs are the exact opposite. It's long lasting, has a cool design, it means something to the user and they look forward to using it.

Metal fine hair comb

Metal comb

A good fine hair comb I recommend is the Model 1 from Chicago Comb Co. From the moment it was introduced, the Chicago Comb Model 1 quickly became one of the world's most iconic combs. The world's only comb made of pure American titanium. The ultimate comb of hair, built to last a lifetime. 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) long, with medium-sized teeth (tines). Works well with virtually all types of hair. The patented design adds extra functionality to hold or hang the comb after use. Designed for everyday use, making a great pocket or travel comb. Can also be used as a beard comb by gentlemen. Model 1 Titanium is precisely laser-cut from a solid sheet of pure American titanium and then carefully finished by hand and machine in a long, multi-step process.

Metal thick hair comb

Metal comb
For thick hair I recommend the Chicago Model 5 in the awesome Red color. Chicago Comb is proud to introduce the new Vibrant Model 5 wide dental combs. Made of unbreakable stainless steel with a smooth velvety luxury finish for the most comfortable comb experience ever. Cardinal Red has a fresh, bright finish that will surely put a smile on your face every morning. Made in USA, with the iconic star logo of Chicago Comb engraved in the upper right corner and built to last a lifetime. The Short Model 5 is the perfect travel and pocket comb at 4 inches (10 cm) and is also great for styling thicker beards.

The Model 5 Chicago Comb is far superior to the cheap, "coated" base metal combs sold by many competitors. These frequently made of zinc or cheap steel that can easily rust or corrode, developing unattractive bubbles in the surface when the coating is chipped or wears away. By contrast, Chicago Comb Model 5 has both a high durability finish and an American-made stainless steel core that will never rust or corrode. You can buy with confidence, as Chicago Comb has been acclaimed as the maker of some of the finest combs in the world. Chicago Comb was featured and honored in Allure, Martha Stewart American Made (2015 Stye Finalist), Men's Journal, GQ, Monocle, and many other top publications.

Chicago Comb Co

Chicago Comb Co. is the culmination of years of thinking about art, manufacturing, and sustainable production, started by two longtime friends. Their mission is to create a grooming accessory company that redefines elegance with timeless products.

How steel combs are made

Steeltooth combs

metal steeltooth comb

Another product I recommend is combs by Nick Baker's Steeltooth combs. His story goes as follows according to his website: His hair would get snagged and it would take him forever to get ready for work in the morning. As with many folks he could not get a smooth stroke unless his hair was saturated with water, and that is not good to brush or comb wet hair due to hair is at it's weakest when wet.  Plus you don't really want to go outside with a wet head on a cold day. He was forced to keep my hair short because of this issue. I thought that if he had a comb that had teeth that were hard and smooth, it should solve the issue. So that's how he came up with his own design and Steeltooth was created.

More on Steeltooth Combs

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Early influence of metal comb designs

For thousands of years, combs were made of all kinds of materials from wood, shells and even silver and aluminum.  Some of the combs which survive from that period have intricate designs and were made with great attention to detail.  Particularly notable are early 20th Century designs by Georg Jensen in Denmark.

Born in 1866, Jensen was the son of a knife grinder in the town of Raadvad just north of Copenhagen. Jensen began his goldsmithing training at the age of 14 in Copenhagen. His apprenticeship with Guldsmed Andersen ended in 1884, freeing young Georg to follow his artistic interests.

From childhood, Jensen had longed to be a sculptor, and now he pursued this course of study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated in 1892 and began to exhibit his work. Although his clay sculpture was well received, it proved difficult to make a living as a fine artist and he turned his hand to the applied arts. First as a model at the porcelain factory Bing & Gr√łndahl and, starting in 1898, he founded a small pottery workshop in partnership with Christian Petersen. Again, the work was well received, but sales were not strong enough to support Jensen, a widower at this point, and his two little sons.

He abandoned ceramics in 1901 and began again with the master, Mogens Ballin, as a silversmith and designer. This led Jensen to make a landmark decision when he risked what small capital he had in 1904 and opened his own little silversmithy at 36 Bredgade in Copenhagen.

Jensen made his first piece of jewelry in 1899, a buckle of silver and silver "Adam and Eve"

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Kent diplomat brush

Is the Kent diplomat considered a true luxury hairbrush of exquisite quality? Is it really better than a dollar store brush? The Kent OS11 rectangular club hair brush is constructed of two types of wood. It's a grooming brush featuring a beautiful satin wood back and a beech wood base. A high gloss coating is applied to accentuate the wood colors and grains. It is plugged with white ultra soft boar bristles which is ideal for men or women with fine or thinning hair. And of course makes a great gift for men of all years because it comes in a beautiful presentation box.

Kent diplomat brush

Why you need a Kent OS11 Diplomat hairbrush

This brush has soft bristles so it's going to be great for those who have thin hair or balding hair. The softer bristles will feel much better on the scalp as opposed to firm or stiff bristles. It will gently glide through your hair not pulling or causing any damage.

For those who are balding this is important because it protects what you have by not ripping out your hair. Softer bristle brushes have much less penetration than stiffer bristles so a soft bristle brush is exactly what you want for thin hair types. Sometimes a soft bristle brush is referred to as Second-cut. So a First-cut is a much stiffer bristle than a Second-cut.

Did you know each hair is comprised of three layers? The outside or protective layer is called the cuticle. It's job is to protect the two inner layers.

Your hair is dead. It's not alive so once it's damaged there is really no repairing it. If your brush rips at your hair and now you have split-ends as a result, there is only one way to cure that and that is to cut off the bad ends. So choosing the right brush for you hair type is important.

Our individual hair type is created by genetics, but the condition of your hair can change radically at different stages of your life due to age, health, environment, temperature, psychological state of mind and chemical hair treatments.

Why is the Kent Diplomat brush so expensive?

Let's say I purchase a brush and I am impressed with it and then recommend it to all my friends. They are then in return likely to buy one and then access it's quality. If it's a $5.00 brush, one of more of my friends will most likely get a dud. They will respond by saying, hey I bought the brush you recommended and the bristles are falling out and it came with a dent in the top. And I'll respond, well, I'm not sure what happened because mine is good.

This is so often the case with cheaper brushes. It's a hit or miss. Quality is not consistent. One day you may get a really good one and the next day you get a lower quality brush. But with a higher priced brush this is usually not the case and if it is by some fluke the manufacturer will make it right.

With Kent you are paying for quality, and more specifically consistent quality. If I buy a brush from them today and come back years from now and buy another one I am going to get the same top notch quality every time. You are paying for consistency. You are paying for 230 years of brush making know how.

Kent Brushes is one of the few hairbrush manufacturers left in the UK. Although they experience continuous pressure from cheaper foreign imports marked with so called "designer" labels sold at extortionate prices, they will never settle for selling a lower quality product at a high price point. They only produce world-class products without compromise.

You can easily tell the quality of a good brush. Look closely at a $5.00 brush and compare it to a Kent. The fit and finish is no where near the same. The cheaper brush will not have the same finish, it will be rough in places where the manufacturer did not take the time to completely sand the surface smooth.

It will have splinters or tiny burs on the underneath where the bristles are plugged into the brush. The round bristle holes will not be completely smooth may even have jagged edges. Cheaper brushes will not tell you the type of wood used and it will most likely be painted so you will not see wood gains and can access it's quality.

On a cheaper brush the underneath where the bristles are attached may not be finished. The bristles are mostly likely of random quality and stiffness. A soft bristle brush may actually have medium texture bristles as the manufacture has not taken the time to properly sort out the bristles and classify them. They take the word from their originator that's it is a soft bristle for example. And they may not have a hand in the manufacturing process at all.

The philosophy of Kent runs far deeper than just creating a great brush. They are extremely proud of their British manufacturing heritage and wish to maintain a spectacular reputation through their dedication to exceed all customer expectations and continuing to dedicate commitment to each and every customer.

So the bottom line is you can purchase a cheaper brush and it may be just fine. But if you are a discriminating buyer, have the need for a soft bristle brush and want the best then I would recommend the Kent Diplomat.

There is a high likely hood that this brush will last a lifetime if well cared for. Therefore thinking of it in this way the cost is not as much when averaged over the entire life of the brush. Another way to think of cost is think of all the hair products you purchase over the course of a year. Each special conditioner cost at lease $20.00 per can. That adds up quickly. So when comparing a high quality brush to products you buy it's not that expensive in the long run.

So which path will you choose? The Path which has all the charms of a high quality luxury brand or the path of the dollar store wonder? Or maybe somewhere in between?

What are the bristles made of?

Kent is well known for their passion for brushes made from 100% boar bristles. The bristles comes from the finest bristle merchants in India and China, where quality is guaranteed. Timbers are chosen from sustainable forests around the world, selected to be shaped, drilled and polished for their beauty, grain, color and suitability.

How do you clean and maintain a Kent brush?

  1. Prepare warm water in a shallow container with either a little shampoo or soap
  2. Use a wide-tooth wooden comb, your hand or a special cleaning tool like a LPC2 for example, to remove hair from your brush.
  3. Place the brush with the water on the bristles, usually the brush is placed bristles down. Don't completely submerge the brush in water. Let it soak for 10 minutes in water or you can swish it around.
  4. Remove the brush from the container.
  5. To rinse the brush, change the water. To rinse, use cold water and then swish around again until all the soap and dirt is gone.
  6. Let the brush dry with the bristles on a clean towel. Run your fingers a couple of times across the bristles to flick off any excess water.
  7. Make sure any water on the handle is cleaned off. Depending on the amount of water in the cushion part of the brush (if your brush has a cushion), it may take a few hours or all day to dry.Let is dry naturally do not use heat and avoid direct sunlight. 

How brushes are made at Kent

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Soft bristle military hair brush

Military hair brushes date back to the 1700s. Their compact, handle-less design was considered good for travel. The main reason for the military brush's shape was simply to be more compact to fit in a military travel bag. They also have a similarity to the brushes used to rub down or brush down a horse but minus the strap going over the back of the hand. It's a classic military item in it's own time, back in the day and was very popular. They were ideal for the military on the move.

Soft bristle military hair brush

What is a military hair brush? It's a circular piece of wood inset with boar or nylon bristles. Its design is much like the currycomb of a horse. It is meant for use with short hair and is therefore often thought of as the hairbrush for men only.

Military soft bristle brush roundup

In this post I gathered up a list of the most popular and best "soft" military hair brushes for men. These are going to suit men who have short hair and tender scalps. These brushes are not going to be good for waving as they are way too soft. I started with the highest price brush listed first followed by less expensive brushes as you go down the list.

Brush quality

Keep in mind there is no way a $5.00 brush is going to have the same fit and finish as a higher dollar brush. There are going to be places on the brush where it's not smooth and you are going to see imperfections. It's simply not going to have the finish of a Kent or Brush King brush. So when buying a less expensive brush set you expectations accordingly. It's normal for brushes to loose some bristles but if an entire plug comes out send it back for a refund.

Also be aware many cheaper brushes sometimes have a heavy chemical smell. I believe this has to due with where they are manufactured, as some countries do not have strict environmental constrains and allow for a greater latitude in the manufacturing process. If you are interested in reading more on this topic see my article "Best brushes for men" and scroll down to the section on "Best brushes don't smell like plastic and rubber". All prices are as of this writing and are subject to change.

Soft bristle military hair brushes

  1. Kent MS23D Finest Men's Military Style Dual Timber Hair Brush - Satin Wood and Beech Wood Base, with Soft, Pure White, Natural Boar Bristle - $94.00
  2. Kent MS23D Finest Men's Military Style Dual Timber Hair Brush
    1. Quality is top notch, fit and finish is excellent. You expect this in a high dollar brush and your get it. Kent has been making brushes for over 230 years so you are getting their 230 years of experience. Most of their brushes are still manufactured by hand.
  3. Zeus Palm Military Style 100% Soft Boar Bristle Beard Brush Set, Soft Second Cut - $40.00 
  4. Zeus Palm Military Style 100% Soft Boar Bristle Beard Brush Set
    1. High quality brush made in Germany from pear wood. Comes with a very nice tin and a bristle cleaner. Also comes in a First cut which is much stiffer so when purchasing make sure you get the Second cut which is the softer version.
  5. Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush, Made in Germany Very-Soft Light Bristle  - $28.95
  6. Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush
    1. Classic 1700 military style brush that fits in your hand very well. 
    2. Made in Germany's Black Forest region. Very nice quality for the price.
  7. Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush, Made in Germany Soft Bristle - $28.95
  8. Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Pear Wood Military Hair Brush
    1. Handle is indented to ensure a positive grip while brushing.
    2. Made in Germany and of very good quality for the the price.
  9. Zeus Military Style 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush, Soft Second Cut - $23.95 
  10. Zeus Military Style 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush
    1. Great quality for the price. Made in Germany from pear wood. Comes in two versions a First cut or stiff bristles and a Second cut or soft bristles. Made sure you get the soft version for thin hair.
  11. Boar Bristle Beard Brush - Perfect For Balms and Oils - Natural, Soft Boars Hair by  Hundred Beard Co. - $10.95
  12. Boar Bristle Beard Brush
    1. Nice quality and 100% boar bristles. Plus you get a nice presentation cardboard box that makes it a great gift. 
    2. Not sure what the wood is, I assume it's a hardwood.
    3. Comes if with a lifetime guarantee which is impressive at this price range.
  13. GranNaturals Boar Bristle Hair + Beard Brush for Men -"Military Style" - $7.99
  14. GranNaturals Boar Bristle Hair Brush
    1. A great brush for this price range. Not sure what the wood is but assume it's a hardwood.
  15. Brush Strokes Extra Soft Oval Military Brush by Brshst - $6.95
  16. Brush Strokes Extra Soft Oval Military Brush
    1. Seems to be an OK soft brush for people who are cost conscious.
    2. Quality is going to be what you expect at this price point.
  17. Diane 100% soft boar military brush, camo, DBB0244 - $5.36
  18. Diane soft boar military brush in camo
    1. Very good price and quality is going to be about in that same range.
    2. The reason this one is on the list is because of it's awesome "camouflage" paint job. It's just looks cool. Other than that, it's a $5.00 soft brush.

What are the advantages of using a military hair brush?

Military brushes are used on what is some times called "buzz cuts" or extremely short hairstyles. They are also particularly suitable for the "slicked-back" hairstyles, as the dense brushes will not leave definite comb marks. Although a buzz cut hairstyle may seem too short to be worth combing, the biggest benefit of using a military hair brush is to help condition the scalp. It removes dandruff and spreads natural oils to promote healthy hair by conditioning hair with natural oils. Back in the "ole days" there were not a lot conditioners and other products so the way to condition your hair was to brush it daily.

The bristles massage and condition the scalp, remove dandruff and distribute the natural oil of the scalp to promote healthier looking hair. Like most all hairbrushes, military brushes come in a range of basic sizes and materials.

Can I use a military brush on my beard?

Military hairbrushes are also very commonly used to brush beards because short, coarse bristles are an ideal way to deflect curly hair. However please take note. The brushes listed above are not ideal for beards unless you have a thin short beard because of the soft bristles. For coarse hair a stiffer brush is needed for penetration.

Although it's tempting to look for a specifically made, smaller size, it's not a necessity. We often go straight from brushing our heads to brushing our faces. This one brush can do a lot. It can align your hair, your beard, and spreading healthy oils will keep your all your hair healthy, bright, and smooth. Plus it's a compact size for traveling.

What features should you consider when choosing a brush?

  1. Brush Purpose: Are you going to use the brush on your head, beard or both? What hair type do you have and do you need a soft, medium or firm bristle brush? Are you going to use the brush for waving and if so what stages? Will you use the brush in the shower or will it be exposed to water?
  2. Handle Material: Wood is generally much stronger than plastic and you can use much more tension if you have a wooden handle. However wood is not a good choice for the shower. Pearwood is popular because of the dark color, but beechwood is a nice alternative.
  3. Country of Origin: Germany makes excellent brushes, as does England. These are the main countries that have an excellent reputation for making quality brushes. You may end up paying more but you get consistent quality. Meaning if you choose to buy a brush 5 or 6 years later from the same company you will most likely get the same high quality brush. Plus when you open the package it will not smell like a chemical bag.
  4. Brush Size: This is covered under your intended purpose. Most brushes come in a standard size, but small brushes are also made for travel and beards.
  5. Price: Handmade brushes can cost 2-3x the price of a machine-made brush, but will last longer and lose fewer bristles. Buy from trusted well know manufactures and a good country known for quality manufacturing.

How to care for your military brush?

Caring for a military hair brush is a little different from caring for a usual hair brush due to its unique design. It should be stored between uses on its back so that the bristles do not bend. Using another brush, hair should be periodically cleaned from the bristles.

Military hair brushes sometimes need a deeper cleaning. Plastic military hair brushes can be soaked once a week in an alcohol and water solution, but wood-backed brushes can not be submerged or they will rot. Instead, you should swish the bristles in sudsy water and then rinse in clean water until the bristles are clean.