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How Do I Stop My Brush From Being Static?

How to stop brushes from being static?
T stop brushes from being full of static rub your brush or comb with a dryer sheet before using it. Also, to prevent static build-up on your brushes and combs keep them wrapped in dryer sheets during high static conditions like the middle of winter. A hairbrush creates more friction than a comb when brushing your hair. To fight static use a comb and keep you hair moisturized. A light spray of leave in conditioner on your comb or brush will help stop static.

My top 10 tips to stop static in hair brushes
  1. Rub dryer sheet on brush 
  2. Wrap brush in dryer sheet in Winter 
  3. Use a comb instead  - better
  4. Use a metal comb  - best
  5. Use an Ionic hair dryer
  6. Keep your hair moisturized 
  7. Use a leave in conditioner to tame frizzy hair
  8. Get static out of your brush by dipping in water
  9. Use a light spray of water on your brush 
  10. Use a light spritz of leave in conditioner on your brush
  11. Bonus: Consider using a bamboo brush

Ionic hair dryers stop static

ionic hair dryers in preventing static

An ionic hair dryer can reduce or even stop static by providing negative ions to the air flow. This affects the polarities of your hair and your brush. Now, they don't attract each other when the negative ions air pass over them. For example, the Conair 1875 watt full size pro hair dryer with Ionic conditioning.

Use metal combs to prevent static

Metal combs prevent static buildup
Did you know that combs are better than brushes, and metal combs are even better than plastic combs at preventing static. Yes that is right, and that's because metal combs cause the electric charges building in your hair to discharge, thereby reducing the amount of static electricity present. Here what I like, the Chicago comb short model no. 5 in cardinal red.

Leave in conditioner works magic on getting static out

Leave in conditioner prevents static buildup
Consider using a lightweight leave in conditioner to stop static. Spray it directly on your brush or comb before brushing it through your hair. This will also remove the static electricity from the brush but as an extra benefit of smoothing down the fly-a-ways. You get double the bang for your buck.

How to make your own DIY static solution

fabric softer
Option 1: Take one cup of water and mix it with 2 table spoons of your favorite fabric softer. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spay away. Mix well before every use.

Aroma2Go oil to help with hair static
Option 2: Take one cup white vinegar and mix with 20 drops of your favorite essential oil like Aroma2Go cooking set of 14 all natural 100% pure plant based essential oil setaroma therapy. Mix well before every use.

If you have a brush or comb that is static dip it in a cup or water to release the charge. Did you know that most hair dressers maintain a water spray bottle nearby. The effect of static is neutralized by water. Water molecules attract certain charges, so that their effect on your hair and brush is less powerful. Just spray the water on your brush. It must not be very wet, just a mist. You can shake off excess humidity so that your hair is brushed without water being transferred.

What are some of the ways you eliminate static? Please comment below.

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