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Brushes that don't cause static

Are you looking for brushes that don't cause static perhaps thinking of purchasing a negative ion brush or hair dryer? Are you one of those who have long thin hair that's standing on end? After a good brushing does your fine hair look like it's been zapped by a Tesla coil? There are many tips on how to reduce static and some of them work but what you really need is a brush that reduce friction and minimize static while you're styling or blowing out your hair. Do they even make such a brush?

Top 6 brushes that claim not to cause static electricity

Brushes that don't cause static
Don't get mad just get a brush that don't cause static

Several manufactures make anti-static brushes, but how well they work is a good question. Most work by causing less friction. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, "When you brush your hair, if your brush can pass through your hair with less friction, then you will not create static electricity. Or at least not as much. That is the theory, right?" So manufactures have come up with wide-spaced bristles and bristles made of wood, and ion to fend off static electricity. And they all work depending on how much static you have in your hair.  Here are brushes that don't cause static:

My Top Brushes That Don't Cause Static by Price Low to High
Anti Static Brushes Recommendation Price
Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Made in the United States, wide teeth equals less friction equals less or no static. Check Price
Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Ceramic and Ion properties helps with static, but I am not a fan of this brush due to the really weird bristle placement. It does does not work for me. Check Price
Cricket Static Free No.390 Nylon bristles and cushioned pad. I like the aluminum finish, just note it plastic but looks more expensive due to the nice finish. Works very well. Check Price
Spornette Anti Static Vent Brush #9000 Nice vent brush that does not promote static in your hair. Check Price
Cricket Sf-220 Static Free Brush Nice handle and oval shaped brush with wide spaced bristles. Check Price
Static Free Fast Flo XL It’s a large paddle vent brush. Great for brushing through lots of long hair with minimum static. Check Price
Cricket Friction Free Paddle Brush Very good low friction paddle brush. Check Price
Winsun Natural Bamboo Hair Brush Nice looking bamboo handle with nylon bristles. Firm bristles are mounted in a flexible base. Check Price
Cricket Visage Static Free Paddle Brush I like the aluminum finish, plastic bristles and cushioned pad. Check Price
Osensia Ionic Hair Brush Ionic hair brushes for women are infused with ionic minerals to neutralize negative ions in the hair that cause static. But it’s not magic, I still believe it helps but it’s not going to magically get rid of heavy static conditions. Check Price
Myhsmooth G2s-am-gs Green sandalwood is not a conductor of static electricity so wooden brush are great for static conditions. The bristles are wood so they are stiff but they are mounted in a flexible base so that it is gentle as you brush your hair. Check Price
Cricket Professional Static Free Brush Very good anti static round brush. Check Price

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Thin hair and static

Thin hair and static
Static in your hair? You do not have to look like her.


If you have long thin hair then you are well aware of static electricity. Every time you brush your hair you get the fly-a-ways and generate tons of static electricity. Sometimes you need more than an anti static brush.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, "In addition to using anti static brushes you should also consider using an anti static spritz. By using a combination of an anti static brush and anti static spritz you can control the static much better than using a brush alone." If you have bad static condition I highly recommend you use a spritz. Plus there are other advantages of using a spritz. Some offer one or more additional benefits like, UV protection, vitamins and nourishment, a heat protector, added shine and extra holding power so your hair stays in place. Here are my recommendations:

My Top 20 Anti Static Spritz Favorites by Price Low to High
Anti Static Spritz Recommendation Price
John Frieda Frizz Ease Works very well and add a little gloss to your hair. The anti-frizz formula is great and lasts a long time. Check Price
Snip-its Tangle Tamer Hair Detangler Spray for Kids Says it’s for kids but don’t let that stop you from purchasing because it works good. I like it because it contains no harsh chemicals, made in the USA and is cruelty-free. Check Price
Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Smells nice and makes hair look shiny. Overall a very good product, not oily, nice and lightweight. Check Price
xStatyk - Anti Static Hypoallergenic Spray I like it because it has no heavy odor and is not tested on animals. It works by calming statically charged hair by evenly distributing ionic charges. Check Price
Coconut Heat Protection Spray and Anti-Frizz I can’t resist the coconut scent, but it’s a little on the heavy side so go lightly. Check Price
Biolage All-in-one Coconut Infusion I recommend because it does a lot for the price. It enhances shine, fights frizz, detangles, protects hair from heat, prevents split ends. Check Price
Loma Hair Care Nourishing Oil Honestly the vanilla bean and orange scent is great. You get thermal protection and humidity resistance in a nourishing oil based spray. Check Price
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum I recommend because it give your hair a smooth, frizz,free finish that resists humidity. Plus it’s vegan, paraben and gluten free. Excellent!!! Check Price
Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade One of my all time favorites. Works excellent but the down side you have to work it in using your hands so it’s not as easy as a spray on to apply. It is very good at providing light control for your hair. Check Price
Professional Moroccan Argan Oil I like the Moroccan oil plus protects against UV rays and adds a bit of shine to your hair. Check Price
Redken One United All-In-One I love this product because it’s a leave in conditioner and heat protectant detangles, hydrates, fights frizz all with one easy to use spray. Check Price
Paul Mitchell The Original Leave-In Conditioner I love it. An excellent product!!!! It has a lavender scent but honestly it’s so light you can’t really smell anything. If you have thin hair this product t will help improve texture. Does a great job at reducing static. I highly recommend. Check Price
Redken Frizz Dismiss Anti-static Oil Mist It’s an oil but it’s lightweight. Works good at anti frizz for taming flyaways. Contains Babassu Oil which come form the seeds of the babassu palm which mainly grows in the Amazon region of South America. It’s very similar to coconut oil. Check Price
Color Wow Dream Coat I like it because it encapsulates and transforms the texture of strands so they fall in smooth, silky alignment. It’s like water proof for your hair. Works better for some than others. Might be too light for some, but my preference is I would rather it be lighter than really heavy and oily. Check Price
Moroccanoil All In One Leave in Conditioner An excellent lightweight leave-in conditioner that hydrates, detangles, and provides long-lasting softness. Plus it has my personal favorite, argan oil. Check Price
R+Co Foil Frizz Plus Static Control Spray Good for getting rid of static, taming flyaway hair, eliminating frizz plus it’s a vegan and cruelty-free product. However, it works better for some folks than others. It might be too light for some with heavy static conditions. Check Price
Redken Diamond Oil Glow It’s a lightweight oil that adds shine and smoothness to you hair. Check Price
Redken Oil for All I like because its a weightless, anti frizz formula works. Has a nice mandarin orange scent. Great at taming flyaways. Check Price
Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil I recommend because it gets rid of frizzy hair and also give you a nice healthy shine. Use on damp hair before you blow-dry or you can spritz on to control frizz on dry hair. Has a really good sandalwood scent. Check Price
Oribe Gold Lust All Over Oil I like because it’s color and keratin treatment safe. Plus it’s vegan and gluten-free. The down side is it’s not as easy to apply as a spray. You will need work it in with your hands and fingers. A few drops goes a long way. Very good at hydrating. Check Price

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Myhsmooth G2s-am-gs

Myhsmooth G2s-am-gs no static brush
The Myhsmooth is handmade which is nice and also made of green sandalwood which as we all know is naturally static free. Plus the wood has an advantage of plastic because is will not snag hair like plastic comb. The teeth are also made of green sandalwood and the ends are nicely rounded as to not irritate your scalp while brushing. Excellent craftsmanship I recommend purchasing. The sandalwood is heavy so when you pick it up you can feel the weight which is not heavy but let's you know you have a quality product in your hand. Overall very nicely done and very nicely finished. A handmade styling tool at this price made of beautiful wood is a good value.

Cricket Static Free Fast Flo 

Cricket Static Free Fast Flo
It's made in the USA so that's a big plus. I's made of plastic. Is plastic a good conductor of electricity? Generally speaking plastics usually conduct electricity but very poorly.

So poorly that they are commonly used to insulate electric cables. But there is a special manufacturing process they go through by placing a thin film of metal onto a plastic sheet and mixing it into the polymer surface. The end result is a good insulator.

How the Cricket is made I am not sure. If they use this approach or something else I do not know.

They claim to be anti-static but honestly since they are made of plastic I am very skeptical.
I can see for this particular model since the bristles are spaced far apart its going to generate less static as you brush. There are fewer plastic bristles to come in contact with your hair thus generating less static.

It's worth a try to see if it can help with static and if it fails at helping with static then you have a good vent brush for $6.73 so you still come out a winner.

Cricket Visage Static Free Paddle Brush

Cricket Visage Static Free Paddle Brush
Since this is a paddle style it's going to cover more hair every time you use it. So if you are in a hurry using a paddle style is good because your will finish about 25% sooner than using something else. In the "About" section of this brush is says "Aluminum finish and static free resins" which appears to be a little misleading. At first glance I said, cool, an aluminum handle brush for $10.00. I'll take 2 please. But then I looked a little harder and it read "Made with an aluminum finish". So to set things straight it's a plastic brush with a brushed aluminum finish. It's all plastic.

In the description it Cricket says, "The cricket static free paddle brush contains plastic bristles and a cushioned pad to provide increased comfort during brushing and styling." and of course since it's all plastic I am very skeptical. But I still think it's a good buy because if it does not help with static you end up with a very cool futuristic looking paddle brush for just $10.00. Not bad at all.

Anti Frizz & Static Hair Brush?

I've seen these "anti-frizz or anti-static" hair brushes that claim to do miracles for your hair with IONIC and vibrating technology. I saw an add either on Instagram or Facebook and I purchase this hairbrush for $35+ shipping to see if it really worked.

We Tried An Ionic Hairbrush To Tame Frizz And Flyaways

We tried brushing hair with an ionic hairbrush that claims to tame frizz and flyaways, resulting in smooth hair. The Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush from Cool Trending Club is an ionic hairbrush that uses negative ions to smooth hair and add shine. We tested the ionic hairbrush on straight hair, thick hair, and curly hair to see if it helps tame static hair and frizzy hair.


More about wood brushes. Did you know water is a good conductor of electricity? So what this means if you have wet wood then you are able to conduct electricity. Therefore wet wood can cause or promote static electricity. Wood that is damp or wet can pose a risk of producing static.

What about breakage? You do not want to drop a wooden brush on the floor. This is, in most cases instant death for your styling tool. And, I would also go as far as to strongly recommend not to collide it with other hard objects.

Do not soak wood combs in water especially hot water for a long time otherwise you risk serious damage to your styling tool. Wood products are not made for the shower. If you do get them wet remember to wipe them dry with a cotton towel afterwards immediately.

An important note specifically regarding sandalwood. Sandalwood resin may condense into crystal substance like fuzz on the surface of the wood. This is natural. You should dust off the crystal substance from the surface with a paper towel.

One trick I like to do is to rub a small amount of olive oil on the wood to make is smooth, shiny and help protect the wood. 

With proper care is no reason why these products can not last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

What do you use to reduce static? Inquiring minds would like to know what works for you.

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