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Hair Straightener Brush Disadvantages

There are many different brands of hair straightener brushes on the market today At the time of this writing one of the most popular types is the hot air bush. It's one device that does it all. It's a hot air brush, a hair dryer and a round brush all combined into one hair styling tool. This is the latest and greatest style perfecting gadget. It is one of the most versatile products that blows hot air through a ventilated barrel.These styling tools are much safer on your hair than a flat iron but are not perfect either. They do have some disadvantages.
Hair straightener brush disadvantages? A straightener brush although very versatile can't not take the place of a hair dryer. Depending on your hair type it may not work as well as a curling iron for curling hair or creating waves. It does not straighten hair. If misused can burn your hair, and can also cause hot spots on your hair. It can also snag your hair and also can cause split ends by overuse.

These are just some of the most common disadvantages that I know of that comes to mind immediately. Generally speaking these products are safe but by not following the manufactures guidelines you can damage your hair. Hot air brushes generally produce lower heat than an flat iron but with overuse can cause damage to your hair.

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Using a hair straightener to dry hair

A hot air brush should not be used to dry your hair directly out of the shower. If you take this approach, it will just take forever. Allow your hair to dry or pre-dry with a regular hair dryer up to 80 percent dry for best results. To finish drying, use the hot air styler and create the style you want. Use clips to cut off your hair, work in sections and wrap a small portion of hair around the brush and slide. It takes some practice to become accustomed to the rotating brush.

A hot air brush doesn't give you straight hair like a flat iron; it smooths your hair and turns it slightly below. You still have to use a flat iron if you want to straighten your curly hair. You will also need to use your flat iron if you want your ends straighter, because the round brush tends to curl your ends. 

Using a hair straightener to curl hair

A hot air straightener brush styler isn't going to get hot enough to curl your hair unless you have really thin , fine hair. If you want real nice super tight curls, it's just not a good choice. There are much better tools on the market that do a much better job at producing tight curls. Curls created with a hot air brush do not last long as curls created with a curling iron. Depending on your hair length and thickness or diameter, some curls or slight natural waves can be obtained.

Sometimes your hair can get tangled in the brush. If your hair is tangled, press the button to untangle the hair, allowing the barrel to swing. If you use a double rotating brush, change the direction to leave your hair out of the brush. Use the cool setting to set the style and add more luminosity to your hair once the hot settings are finished.

Snagging hair

Most products have nylon bristles. Plastic bristles usually does a great job of transferring heat to your hair. they also easily pick up your hair and tend not to wrap up their hair, slides off well. Nylon bristles are going to be better for styling coarse hair. And soft bristles work well for fine hair. Depending you your hair type you want to pick the bristle that is right for you. For example, if you have fine hair you want a soft bristle as not to grab and tip at your hair. you want to minimize the change of snagging your hair.

Damaged hair

Make sure you read the instructions for the product and select the right temperature for your hair type. If you can use a heat protector before styling, it could help save your hair. It's best if you don't use the brush too much. You can end up with split ends, burned or even dull-looking hair by overuse. Some hair stylists do not recommend daily use of a hot air brush. They recommend 2-3 times a week at the most. 

Types of brushes

Stationary - these have a fixed position on the brush, so you have to roll it manually to style your hair. Some people prefer stationary rather than rotating brushes because the hair is not tangled.

Rotating - the brush head can rotate, which increases the volume of your hair and facilitates your styling. The brush can also be used without rotation.

Hot air brushes with the spinning feature tend to catch more hair than stationary brushes, and it also takes more time to master a rotating hair brush dryer than a manually rotating hair brush.

Dual-rotation - these styling tools have two directional buttons, so that they can spin either forward or backward, making them equally convenient for people that are either right handed or left handed.

Hair straightener brush disadvantages conclusion

Hot air brushes are definitely considered to be safer than hot iron or even curling tongs. They don't press hair between heated plates, but blow hot air instead.

If you have damaged hair or just want an extra level of protection, I recommend that you select a good hydrating shampoo and use one of my favorites, Argan oil after styling, to create a fabulous look. I hope you found this write-up interesting and it provided you with more knowledge about hair straightener brushes.

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