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Best Comb For Womens Hair

Combs are great due to their small size and convenience. But which are the best combs for women's hair? That's what this article will explore. The problem with most if not all combs is that they break. Put one in your purse or pocket and sooner or later it will end up broken. The only ones I have that are not broken are the ones at home in the drawer.

Which is the best comb for women's hair
The Best Hair Combs To Prevent Breakage
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Best combs for women's hair

  1. The Body Shop Detangling - $6.81
  2. Mason Pearson Rake C7 - $37.00
  3. Mason Pearson De-Tangling C2 - $36.00
  4. Revlon Thick And Curly Set 2 PC - $5.37
  5. The Wet Brush Pro Detangling Comb - $7.89
  6. Swissco Argan Oil Infused Shower - $6.00
  7. Chicago Comb Co Cardinal Red Model 5 - $9.99
  8. Aerin Travel Ivory Comb - $27.00
  9. Denman Lime Green Precision Rake Comb DPC6GRN - $10.95
Prices are at the time of this writing. Links are to suppliers web site to purchase.

Most folks just want to know which the best comb for hair is: Some of the combs above are not exclusively for women so a man could use it as well. Actually a few are made for specifically for men. The main feature about the combs mentioned above is that they have teeth spaced a little wider. They are not exclusively a detangle comb although some say they are in their name.

These combs are perfect for long, thick, curly hair. Some of the combs are also good for thin or fine hair due to their teeth spacing is a little tighter. I will make sure to call out those features as I describe in more detail below. And the opposite is also true. Some could be the best hair combs to prevent breakage due to the wider spread of teeth. They will glide through your hair with ease without much resistance. These combs were picked as general purpose combs not specific to any one particular task. For example, I would not consider any of these to be precision combs. These are more or less all around general purpose combs that you could use at home or on the go if needed.

The Body Shop Detangling Women's Hair Comb

Best Comb For Womens Hair

If you are looking for a wooden comb that will fit into your purse and has wide teeth then look no further, you found it. This comb is perfect for long, thick, wavy hair and as you know using plastic combs on this type of hair usually causes fly-a-ways and lots of static electricity.

In addition, what I like about this comb is that wooden combs make for great detangling combs due to their wider and smooth teeth. This feature is great for protecting your hair from damage. Chances are after using this comb you will never find any of your hair stuck in the comb.

One word of caution, it's made of wood so water is its biggest enemy. Do not use the comb in the shower and do not let it get wet for prolong periods of time. The comb will get water logged and will eventually break or become unusable. But if well maintained it can last a very long time. Five years or more is not uncommon.

This is one of those combs that are labeled as a detangling comb but depending on your hair type you can use it as a regular general all around comb. If you have baby fin hair look elsewhere this comb is not for you. The teeth are just too far apart.

Mason Pearson Rake C7

Best For Hair
Each Mason Pearson comb is hand crafted with traditional techniques producing smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for greater comfort. In contrast with ordinary combs each one is made of a single material providing a perfectly smooth design. The Rake comb is going to be similar to the Body Shop comb mentioned above with the exception it's not made of wood. This comb is an extra wide toothed comb for thick, curly or even tightly permed hair.

Mason Pearson De-Tangling C2

Another comb I like is the "Detangling Comb C2". It's a wide tooth comb with a handle for ease of use but they are not quite as far apart thus making it better for slightly shorter and less thick hair. Mason has a variety of high quality combs for thin or fine hair. One example is their styling and dressing combs. The teeth are not as far apart and are better suited for short or fine hair.

About Mason Pearson

In his career as an designer and inventor for wool processing machinery in Bradford, Mason Pearson thus started. He met and married Mary Avis and he moved to London from Bradford, North England. Mason worked in London's East End at the British Steam Brush Works where he joined into a partnership which was later known as Raper Pearson and Gill. They were a general brush manufacturer.

Mason Pearson incorporated his knowledge of wool processing to spawn a new brush boring machine to speed up the brush manufacturing process. This led to him receiving an international inventions award in London in 1885.

When he died at the age of 64, his widow Mary continued to work with her eldest son Mason Jr for another 20 years. The company was called the Mason Pearson Brothers, although the sisters were quite involved as well running the shop floor for more than 50 years.

The really cool fact is that since the 1920s the basic product has barely changed, and we still have some of the original model names: Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular and Junior.

So in my mind you are really getting more than just another comb but rather a piece of history.

Revlon Thick And Curly Set 2 PC Best Price Women's Comb

Best For Womens Hair

This is a two piece comb set for a really low price. The price is so low you may not be able to pass up. This comb set is perfect for average to long hair. It's infused with ion powder, these combs also help to retain and spread moisture, which reduces breakage and frizz. The extra large curved teeth comb is great for detangling. Included in the set is a hair pick comb to lift, tease and add volume to your style.

Revlon features long teeth and a curve to detangle and help prevent breakage. The comb is infused with an ion power that claims to have anti-static properties. The idea behind ion technology is free electrons or negative ions break up water molecules. This causes hair to dry faster. They also leave behind some of the water particles leaving the hair more hydrated and less likely to tangle and frizz.

This comb is recommended for hair that is average to long. The hair pick comb can be used to lift hair, tease or create volume. Not a bad deal for the price of less than $5.00 at the time of this writing.

The Wet Brush Pro Detangling

Best For Womens Hair
The Wet Brush is a great comb that can be used in the shower, wet or dry. And when you get done you can leave it in the shower since water will not harm this comb. It features soft flexible bristles. It is being featured as a detangling comb but can be used as a regular comb as well. This is a general all around good comb for most all types of hair. It's even great for folks who hear extensions and wigs.

The product also comes in a combination set, a brush and comb. Also comes in Pink and Black colors. A real nice durable set at a good price with a great ergonomically designed handle. I love the comfortable grip. I think the handle really makes this comb.

Swissco Argan Oil Infused Best Women's Shower Comb

Womens Hair
This is as the description says a shower comb. It has wide spaced teeth for detangling. It can be used as a comb but only for long, thick and or curly hair. If you have thin or fine hair this is not for you. The comb can be used on wet or dry hair. My favorite feature and I would buy this comb for this fact alone is, it's infused with Argan oil. This is the perfect comb for combing through conditioner in the shower. I just had to mention it here because of the infused Argan oil, love it!

Best Chicago Comb Co Cardinal Red Model 5

Best Comb
If you are in the market for a unbreakable comb that will last a life time then a Chicago comb is for you. They are made of a smooth luxurious stainless steel. That's right, I said stainless steel. Now when most folks think of stainless steel they think of something that is plain, boring and silver. But that is not so. The combs I am talking about have style, originality and flair. I love the cardinal red with a super nice looking fit and finish. And it's made in the USA!

Chicago comb is made of a high durability finish and an American-made stainless steel core which will never rust or corrode. They make 2 sizes a long which is 5.5 inches and a short which is 4 inches.

They can also do custom engraving on the combs which is sold separately.

The Cardinal Red Model 5 is for long, thick and or curly hair. They have other models that are better suited for thinner hair. Their Model 3 works better to most all hair types.

About Chicago Comb Co

Since grade 7, John and Tedd, the founders of Chicago Comb, have been friends. In the 1980s, we were very aware of the impact on Chicago and the rest of the country of factories closure and the big manufacturing decline. Over the years, we often talked about the importance of reversing this trend by bringing back great local manufacturing.

The idea of a lovely, high-end men's hair comb was born from those early discussions between John and Ted. On the market, there was no such thing. In fact, metal combs had disappeared from the market decades ago like many other products.

Their craftsmanship combines state-of-the-art technology and traditional handicraft. Every Chicago Comb starts with life as a solid sheet of high quality stainless steel or titanium, approximately one ten inch thick. Precisely the shape of the comb is laser cut. Every comb is then finished carefully by hand for everyday use. This leads to the world's finest metal comb manufactured in the USA.

Aerin Travel Ivory Women's Comb

Best Comb For Womens Hair
A luxury twist on a classic beauty, the little ivory comb in an iconic style is manufactured in Italy. It adds a subtle touch of luxury when you are just the right size for traveling. The best feature about this comb is the ivory color and the fact it's the right size for carry. It's not too small but yet not too big. It's big enough to get the job done.

Denman Lime Green Precision Rake Comb DPC6GRN

Best Hair Comb
And last but not least are the flexible Denman Precision combs. They are ultra smooth and designed to comb and style your hair with no damage. What I like best about these combs is that they are heat, chemical and impact resistant. They are great for detangling wet hair and can be used with a hair dryer. They are flexible made of acetal and can be washed in warm soapy water.

Acetal is a plastic material that is widely used in the automotive and electronics industry. It very a very common material in gear wheels, eyeglasses and ball bearings. It's a great very durable material that's perfect for combs.

Conclusion And Carbon Fiber Women's Comb?

If you read this far you can see I covered a wide range of best women's combs. Combs are good for thick, long and curly hair to short and fine hair. All these combs will do a great job just select the one for your hair type and style.

A bit about carbon fiber combs. I wanted to like these so much and really thought it was a super cool idea but unfortunately at the present time I can't recommend any. All the ones I really wished were good were not. It seems is the Achilles heel of carbon fiber combs is they tend to break quite easily. As I type this I have a sad face because I wanted one really bad. Hopefully, someone in the future can figure it out, and make it more durable.

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  2. Thank you Melvin for your comment. It's truly amazing how many different types and styles of combs there are out there. A little know fact is that Combs have been used since prehistoric times and have been found in very advanced ways from settlements dating back to 5,000 years ago in Africa.