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Best Comb For Womens Hair

Combs are great due to their small size and convenience. But which are the best combs for women's hair? That's what this article will explore. The problem with most if not all combs is that they break. Put one in your purse or pocket and sooner or later it will end up broken. The only ones I have that are not broken are the ones at home in the drawer.

Which is the best comb for women's hair
The Best Hair Combs To Prevent Breakage
 Image is not to scale

Best combs for women's hair

  1. The Body Shop Detangling - $6.81
  2. Mason Pearson Rake C7 - $37.00
  3. Mason Pearson De-Tangling C2 - $36.00
  4. Revlon Thick And Curly Set 2 PC - $5.37
  5. The Wet Brush Pro Detangling Comb - $7.89
  6. Swissco Argan Oil Infused Shower - $6.00 (N/A Amazon)
  7. Chicago Comb Co Cardinal Red Model 5 - $9.99
  8. Aerin Travel Ivory Comb - $27.00 (N/A Amazon)
  9. Denman Lime Green Precision Rake Comb DPC6GRN - $10.95
Prices are at the time of this writing and N/A Amazon means it's not listed on Amazon at the time of this writing. It could be listed at a future date. Therefore a link to the supplier is given.

Most folks just want to know which the best comb for hair is: Some of the combs above are not exclusively for women so a man could use it as well. Actually a few are made for specifically for men. The main feature about the combs mentioned above is that they have teeth spaced a little wider. They are not exclusively a detangle comb although some say they are in their name.

These combs are perfect for long, thick, curly hair. Some of the combs are also good for thin or fine hair due to their teeth spacing is a little tighter. I will make sure to call out those features as I describe in more detail below. And the opposite is also true. Some could be the best hair combs to prevent breakage due to the wider spread of teeth. They will glide through your hair with ease without much resistance. These combs were picked as general purpose combs not specific to any one particular task. For example, I would not consider any of these to be precision combs. These are more or less all around general purpose combs that you could use at home or on the go if needed.

The Body Shop Detangling Women's Hair Comb

Best Comb For Womens Hair

If you are looking for a wooden comb that will fit into your purse and has wide teeth then look no further, you found it. This comb is perfect for long, thick, wavy hair and as you know using plastic combs on this type of hair usually causes fly-a-ways and lots of static electricity.

In addition, what I like about this comb is that wooden combs make for great detangling combs due to their wider and smooth teeth. This feature is great for protecting your hair from damage. Chances are after using this comb you will never find any of your hair stuck in the comb.

One word of caution, it's made of wood so water is its biggest enemy. Do not use the comb in the shower and do not let it get wet for prolong periods of time. The comb will get water logged and will eventually break or become unusable. But if well maintained it can last a very long time. Five years or more is not uncommon.

This is one of those combs that are labeled as a detangling comb but depending on your hair type you can use it as a regular general all around comb. If you have baby fin hair look elsewhere this comb is not for you. The teeth are just too far apart.

Mason Pearson Rake C7

Best For Hair
Each Mason Pearson comb is hand crafted with traditional techniques producing smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for greater comfort. In contrast with ordinary combs each one is made of a single material providing a perfectly smooth design. The Rake comb is going to be similar to the Body Shop comb mentioned above with the exception it's not made of wood. This comb is an extra wide toothed comb for thick, curly or even tightly permed hair.

Mason Pearson De-Tangling C2

Another comb I like is the "Detangling Comb C2". It's a wide tooth comb with a handle for ease of use but they are not quite as far apart thus making it better for slightly shorter and less thick hair. Mason has a variety of high quality combs for thin or fine hair. One example is their styling and dressing combs. The teeth are not as far apart and are better suited for short or fine hair.

About Mason Pearson

In his career as an designer and inventor for wool processing machinery in Bradford, Mason Pearson thus started. He met and married Mary Avis and he moved to London from Bradford, North England. Mason worked in London's East End at the British Steam Brush Works where he joined into a partnership which was later known as Raper Pearson and Gill. They were a general brush manufacturer.

Mason Pearson incorporated his knowledge of wool processing to spawn a new brush boring machine to speed up the brush manufacturing process. This led to him receiving an international inventions award in London in 1885.

When he died at the age of 64, his widow Mary continued to work with her eldest son Mason Jr for another 20 years. The company was called the Mason Pearson Brothers, although the sisters were quite involved as well running the shop floor for more than 50 years.

The really cool fact is that since the 1920s the basic product has barely changed, and we still have some of the original model names: Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular and Junior.

So in my mind you are really getting more than just another comb but rather a piece of history.

Revlon Thick And Curly Set 2 PC Best Price Women's Comb

Best For Womens Hair

This is a two piece comb set for a really low price. The price is so low you may not be able to pass up. This comb set is perfect for average to long hair. It's infused with ion powder, these combs also help to retain and spread moisture, which reduces breakage and frizz. The extra large curved teeth comb is great for detangling. Included in the set is a hair pick comb to lift, tease and add volume to your style.

Revlon features long teeth and a curve to detangle and help prevent breakage. The comb is infused with an ion power that claims to have anti-static properties. The idea behind ion technology is free electrons or negative ions break up water molecules. This causes hair to dry faster. They also leave behind some of the water particles leaving the hair more hydrated and less likely to tangle and frizz.

This comb is recommended for hair that is average to long. The hair pick comb can be used to lift hair, tease or create volume. Not a bad deal for the price of less than $5.00 at the time of this writing.

The Wet Brush Pro Detangling

Best For Womens Hair
The Wet Brush is a great comb that can be used in the shower, wet or dry. And when you get done you can leave it in the shower since water will not harm this comb. It features soft flexible bristles. It is being featured as a detangling comb but can be used as a regular comb as well. This is a general all around good comb for most all types of hair. It's even great for folks who hear extensions and wigs.

The product also comes in a combination set, a brush and comb. Also comes in Pink and Black colors. A real nice durable set at a good price with a great ergonomically designed handle. I love the comfortable grip. I think the handle really makes this comb.

Swissco Argan Oil Infused Best Women's Shower Comb

Womens Hair
This is as the description says a shower comb. It has wide spaced teeth for detangling. It can be used as a comb but only for long, thick and or curly hair. If you have thin or fine hair this is not for you. The comb can be used on wet or dry hair. My favorite feature and I would buy this comb for this fact alone is, it's infused with Argan oil. This is the perfect comb for combing through conditioner in the shower. I just had to mention it here because of the infused Argan oil, love it!

Best Chicago Comb Co Cardinal Red Model 5

Best Comb
If you are in the market for a unbreakable comb that will last a life time then a Chicago comb is for you. They are made of a smooth luxurious stainless steel. That's right, I said stainless steel. Now when most folks think of stainless steel they think of something that is plain, boring and silver. But that is not so. The combs I am talking about have style, originality and flair. I love the cardinal red with a super nice looking fit and finish. And it's made in the USA!

Chicago comb is made of a high durability finish and an American-made stainless steel core which will never rust or corrode. They make 2 sizes a long which is 5.5 inches and a short which is 4 inches.

They can also do custom engraving on the combs which is sold separately.

The Cardinal Red Model 5 is for long, thick and or curly hair. They have other models that are better suited for thinner hair. Their Model 3 works better to most all hair types.

About Chicago Comb Co

Since grade 7, John and Tedd, the founders of Chicago Comb, have been friends. In the 1980s, we were very aware of the impact on Chicago and the rest of the country of factories closure and the big manufacturing decline. Over the years, we often talked about the importance of reversing this trend by bringing back great local manufacturing.

The idea of a lovely, high-end men's hair comb was born from those early discussions between John and Ted. On the market, there was no such thing. In fact, metal combs had disappeared from the market decades ago like many other products.

Their craftsmanship combines state-of-the-art technology and traditional handicraft. Every Chicago Comb starts with life as a solid sheet of high quality stainless steel or titanium, approximately one ten inch thick. Precisely the shape of the comb is laser cut. Every comb is then finished carefully by hand for everyday use. This leads to the world's finest metal comb manufactured in the USA.

Aerin Travel Ivory Women's Comb

Best Comb For Womens Hair
A luxury twist on a classic beauty, the little ivory comb in an iconic style is manufactured in Italy. It adds a subtle touch of luxury when you are just the right size for traveling. The best feature about this comb is the ivory color and the fact it's the right size for carry. It's not too small but yet not too big. It's big enough to get the job done.

Denman Lime Green Precision Rake Comb DPC6GRN

Best Hair Comb
And last but not least are the flexible Denman Precision combs. They are ultra smooth and designed to comb and style your hair with no damage. What I like best about these combs is that they are heat, chemical and impact resistant. They are great for detangling wet hair and can be used with a hair dryer. They are flexible made of acetal and can be washed in warm soapy water.

Acetal is a plastic material that is widely used in the automotive and electronics industry. It very a very common material in gear wheels, eyeglasses and ball bearings. It's a great very durable material that's perfect for combs.

Conclusion And Carbon Fiber Women's Comb?

If you read this far you can see I covered a wide range of best women's combs. Combs are good for thick, long and curly hair to short and fine hair. All these combs will do a great job just select the one for your hair type and style.

A bit about carbon fiber combs. I wanted to like these so much and really thought it was a super cool idea but unfortunately at the present time I can't recommend any. All the ones I really wished were good were not. It seems is the Achilles heel of carbon fiber combs is they tend to break quite easily. As I type this I have a sad face because I wanted one really bad. Hopefully, someone in the future can figure it out, and make it more durable.

Atlas of Combs
The Origin of Combs

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Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brush

A ceramic round brush is a versatile dual-tasking tool which can be used to flatten or curl hair and increase volume.

Ceramic and ion big round brush
Ceramic & Ion Big Round Brush Chart
Image is not to scale
Ceramic and ion big round brush:

  • Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Hairbrush
  • Osensia Professional Round Brush
  • Spornette Ion Fusion Round Brush
  • Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush
  • Drybar Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush
  • Chi Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

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Your online resource for everything about hair brushes. Discover hair brushes for styling your beautiful hair all in one place. Your trusted information source that is brand fueled with expert advice from an actual human.

When buying a hair brush how much thought do you really put into it? Are you one of those who cruses the hair brush isle and picks one that looks good? Or do you take the time to figure out exactly what you are looking for and then read the reviews, weigh the pros and cons and then finally make your purchase. Well if you are the latter then you came to the right place. The purpose of this article is to help you make a more informed choice.

Having the right tools and products for styling your hair can either make your look or break it. If you are looking to add volume, shine and create those large bouncy waves in your style then a large round brush is for you. Using a large round brush also speed up your hair drying time.

Coated in ceramic a ceramic ion brush heats up quickly and evenly. This of course will shorten the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat from the blow dryer. Ceramic hairbrushes also emit negative ions that counteract positive hair ions.

The big advantage of this technology is that is completely eliminates or greatly reduces static electricity in your hair which as you know is the main cause of flyaway and frizz. The negative ions also repair and seal damaged hair cuticles and lock natural oils in the hair for a smooth, shiny, blow-out. These are the main reasons and advantages on why you are going got want one.

However there is a down side to everything and the ceramic ion brush has theirs as well. You can overcome the negatives once you understand them. The biggest negative is that they heat up very quickly by your blow dryer. They can easily cause damage to your hair.

Heat is an enemy to your hair when overdone. It can cause split ends and frizzy hair. The ceramic material in these big brushes heat up incredibly fast when exposed to hot air from the hair dryer. You need to have a high quality hair dryer and be aware of how hot the ceramic barrel is at all times when styling your hair. Not all people are aware of this and unfortunately end up with damaged hair. Another warning is that prolonged use, day after day, using this blow drying technique can damage your hair if not done with a low hot brush heat setting.

Using top notch tools are important and can keep your hair from being damaged if used properly. They allow you to exercise greater control and finesse when styling. Better hair drying tools gives you the exact amount of heat needed to style your hair. In addition, better quality tools usually last longer and end up being a better value in the long run. It's beyond the intent of this article to go into details regarding hair dryers but by reading thus far you get the idea.

Lets stake a deeper dive into each of the above mentioned ceramic iron round brushes. The brushes are not listed in any particular order. Each brush has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although each advantage and disadvantage is discussed in more detail below all these brushes is top quality.

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Hairbrush

In this model, Olivia Garden produces several sizes. The smallest is a half inch and the largest is a four and a quarter inch gigantic! The brush has a ceramic-coated barrel which heats up quickly and keeps the heat in longer. The brush's large holes maximize airflow, making the drying faster and makes the brush light weight.

I like the brush because if it's technology the tourmaline ion that hydrates hair cuticles and brightens the hair when brushed by spreading you hair's natural oil. The technology of tourmaline ions also helps to eliminate the conditions of frizz and flyaway. Tourmaline is a mineral of crystal boron silicate that helps to smooth the hair.

Tourmaline emits negative ions in dry or damaged hair that counteract positive ions. This leads to hair that is smooth and bright. The tourmaline even helps your hair seal moisture and counteracts frizz.

There is an XL version of this brush so when purchasing make sure you know what version you are getting. The XL version is longer. It has a longer barrel. This is a huge advantage that allows you to cover more hair and thus can cut your styling time by up to 25%. The disadvantage is that for some folks the brush will be too long and could catch you hair in ways you do not want or not expecting. Just be aware there is a longer barrel version called the XL.

This brush may cost a little more but combined with a high quality hair dryer and good styling techniques you can get a professional styled look at home. This one will get the job done and leave your hair straight or give you the bouncy wave you are looking for. You will not be disappointed.

Osensia Professional Round Brush

Osensia’s brush gives you enviable hair all day long by their innovative ceramic and ion-infused design. The technology speeds up drying time and comes as a lightweight, ergonomic, hand friendly package to make your styling experience a breeze. Bristles in this brush are more than what meets the eye. They are anti-static, ionic mineral infused, and naturally antibacterial for healthier hair and maximum shine.

The other big advantage is they are also tough enough to withstand high heat (up to 428°F/220°C). Bristles are polished to help prevent hair damage or breakage. And the last big advantage is you are backed by Osensia 100% satisfaction guarantee. No matter the reason, they will gladly refund or replace your ceramic round brush for blow drying no questions asked.

Spornette Ion Fusion Round Brush

The ion fusion round ceramic aerated barrel hairbrush by Spornette creates professional hairstyles in a short period of time. It's very versatile, you can use this brush to curl or straighten. It comes in various sizes. A two-inch version to create short and medium-length hair curls and waves. And a two and a half inch for short, medium and long hairstyles to create curls and waves. And finally a three inch for medium and long hairstyles to create luminous body. The ceramic thermal ventilation barrel allows the heated air of your blow dryer to dry your hair faster. Also, the Spornette Ion Fusion Aerated round hair brush helps prevent damage by shortening the time you hair is under the heat. While combining with the charged anti - static bristles, it feels great on the scalp. Furthermore, blowouts are painless due to the brush that can gently grab thick hair. The brush is light weight and has a slender design to reduce hand and wrist fatigue when used over a long period of time.

Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

This is a thermal brush with tourmaline ionic bristles that infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp. It comes with a heat resistant static-free bristles to eliminate any fly-away and features a suede-like comfortable grip. The brush is available in different sizes, a 1 1/4 #330 inch barrel, a 1 and 1/2 inch #350 and a 2 inch #390. Make sure when you purchase you get the real deal. Make sure your brush says "Cricket". If you are in doubt purchase directly from the manufacture.

They also make a carbon fiber model. I just happen to think this is really cool lightweight carbon that allow for anti-static and pro heat hair drying and styling. It's called Carbon Thermal 390 2" and it retails for $18.59. The brush features a high heat tolerance with a seamless ceramic and ion barrel with anti-static nylon bristles infused with tourmaline and ionic properties. It has a nice griped comfortable contoured handle.

Drybar Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush

It features vented ceramic barrel that allows for maximum heat and airflow to lock in volume and curl for long-lasting styles. The ionic technology helps reduce frizz and adds shine while styling bristle design allows for exceptional tension and control the lightweight handle provides greater comfort with the thumb grip. But the best part is Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, her video. Has to be one of the most entertaining brush videos I've seen in a long time.

Chi Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

This is a ceramic barrel with nylon bristles. This brush will his brush speed your drying time and will help to smooth and decrease frizz. The manufacture is Farouk Systems, Inc. which is a Houston based company that caters to hairdressers. They are known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products. They were founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami a hairdresser whose mission is to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based upon “Education, Environment and Ethics”. Make sure you get an original and not a fake, order directly from the manufacturer's web site if in doubt.

Ceramic Ion Round Brush Round Up

Well there you have it top notch tools that get the job done in style. Any one of these brushes will add volume, shine and create those large bouncy waves you are looking for. Plus these brushes should last for many years to come. And lastly they will speed up your hair drying time.

I would be interested if you have experience with any of these brushes. If so please comment below.

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What Size Round Brush For Bangs

What size round brush for bangs

The gold standard for styling bangs is a small boar-bristle brush with tightly packaged bristles. The tightly packed bristles grabs each hair stand and allows you to apply the right amount of tension to your hair while applying heat from your blow dryer. Once you have the right tools all that is needed is practice to master bang techniques.

Best round brush sizes for bangs
Best Round Brush Size For Bangs
What size round brush for bangs: The best round brush size is 17mm to 23mm or 1/2 to 1 inch. The smaller the brush the shorter the hair it's going to be able to work with effectively. A 17mm to 23mm is not only great for bangs but also for creating tighter curls. The smaller the brush the tighter the curls.

Ever wake up in the morning and have your bangs shaped all funny looking. You look like a cow licked you right in the face. One side sticking up and the other going sideways?

Have no worries because this is where a bang brush comes to the rescue. Bangs and short hair in general dry faster than longer hair. So the best time to straighten out your bangs is right after you get out of the shower. The sooner you start the better your results will be.

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Your online resource for everything about hair brushes. Discover hair brushes for styling your beautiful hair all in one place. Your trusted information source that is brand fueled with expert advice from an actual human.

Round Brush For Bangs Techniques

Hold your hair dryer over your head and make sure your face is down and away from the blow dryer. Then brush your bangs from side to side until dry. Now your hair will be straight and should have no cowlicks. The last step is to roll the ends under. Now your hair falls straight and has s slight roll under at the ends.

If you hair has a lot of frizz you can go one step further and smooth your bangs with a flat iron. Use a slim flat iron and start at the root and slide down in vertical sections. This helps tame the frizz.

If you have too much frizz you may need a frizz tamer. Something like "Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream". This is a styling cream that smooths and conditions your hair and helps to eliminate fizz by blocking out the humidity. Make sure your hair is clean and a little damp before applying. Remember less is more when it comes to your bangs. You will not need a lot to get the effect. Then apply heat and style as you normally do.

Another product that can help is John Frieda's "Frizz Ease Extra Strength". John Freida's products are well known for its iconic frizz-fighting abilities. In addition to eliminating frizz, a dime-sized amount of serum applied to soaking wet hair can prevent damage from heat styling, repel humidity, and smooth out your bangs.

And one of my favorites is "Moroccan Argan Oil". Be sure to get the certified by USDA, pure, natural, unrefined, and hexane free.

Bang Brush Options

  • Denman Thermo Ceramic Hot Curling Radial Brush, X-Small with 0.6 Inch Hot Curl Styler by Denman.
  • Spornette Mini Styler Boar Bristle 3/4 inch Round Brush #HB-2 for Blowouts, Volume, Styling, Finishing, Curling & Setting Short, Curly, Wavy, Straight, Thick, Normal or Thin Hair on Men & Women by Spornette.
  • Boar Bristle Round Brush, Hair Brush with Ergonomic Natural Wood Handle, 1.5 inch, for Hair Drying, Styling, Curling, Adding Hair Volume and Scalp Massage by PERFEHAIR.
  • Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Collection 1/2 CI-15 or 3/4 CI-20 by Olivia Garden.

Hot Brush Bang Options

Another option is to use a hot brush. You should look for a hot brush with 1 inch or less barrel for bangs. You can use a larger hot brush like a 1.5 inch on your bangs but this depends on your hair type and it's a little award due to use.

Hot brushes tend to be larger and heavier than a regular boar brush with a bamboo handle for example. The big advantage is that with a hot brush you can also style the rest of your hair. There is no need to switch to another tool.

John Frieda

What size John Frieda brush is good for your bangs
John Frieda Round Brush 1 Inch

"John Frieda Hot Air Brush" is available in a 1 inch and a 1.5 inch barrel. John Frieda gets good reviews and is a quality project. You may want to try them out. They are not that expensive for what you get. It has the advanced ionic technology for to help control frizz and a titanium ceramic barrel which heats up fast and distributes the heat evenly. This of course is important because you want to take every precaution against burning your hair. The nylon ball tipped bristles make it more comfortable on your scalp and the 2 heat settings are nice.


Revlon 1 inch round brush for bangs
Revlon 1 Inch Round Brush

Revlon also makes a very economically prices hot brush called "Revlon Heated Silicone 1 Styling Brush". This brush has soft flexible silicone bristles. The big advantage here is that the bristles are cool to the touch therefore are to be kinder to your hair.

The brush has 2 heat settings with a high heat setting of 430 F. Having two heat settings should cover most type of hair. The brush would be good at not pulling and breaking your hair due to the soft silicone bristles. You would normally use the brush on dry hair similar like a flat iron. Two great features for the Revlon brush is the auto-shut off and fast heating time. The brush is ready to use in 30 seconds. 

Finding the right size round brush for bangs 

To bring to a conclusion when styling bangs you want a small diameter styling brush. You can get away with using a larger diameter brush depending on your hair type but in general the smaller the better because you will have more control over your hair. You will be able to create the tension needed for you particular style easier and faster than if using a larger brush.

Hot brushes are a great tool but they fall into the large category. Due to their larger size which is of course needed to house all the electronics to create heat. And because of this larger size you are giving up control and finesse in styling. Now that being said there are many hair types that can be easily styled with out the need for a lot of control and finesse. So these products would work just fine.

It's going to be really hard to beat using a plain old small diameter boar bush and a high quality blow dryer. It's beyond the scope of this article to get into blow dryer specifics but with a high quality blow dryer you can apply the perfect amount of heat needed for styling without damaging your hair. Plus the small diameter round brush gives you the ultimate in control and finesse. This combination gives you the control for any hair style provided you have mastered the techniques.

Images by:
PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay
John Frieda

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Round Brush Size Chart

You can get a salon blowout at home with the right sized round brush and some practice. Round brushes are typically made with a metal or a ceramic coated barrel that heats up when used with a blow dryer. It works much like a curling wand.

Round brush size chart

  1. 17mm or 1/2 to 3/4 = very short hair, ear length
  2. 23mm or 3/4 to 1 = short hair, above chin
  3. 32mm or 1 to 1.5 = shoulder length
  4. 43mm or 1.5 to 2 = beyond shoulder
How to choose hair brush size
Round Brush Size Chart
A round brush is a fantastic tool to help with taming frizz and delivers the desired amount of bounce to your hair. However you should know that if you have fine or even normal hair using a round brush with a metal or ceramic barrel can cause severe heat damage if your hair already has weak ends.

What you can do instead is trying something a little gentler like using a mixed bristle or a natural round boar brush. Our handy-dandy chart above was created with the help of avatarmaker.

How to choose hair brush size

There are there tons of bristle options and sizes when it comes to round brushes. The most asked question is what size is going to work best for me. There are two main points to consider when choosing the size of your round brush. First is the length of your hair and second is the size of the curl or wave you want.

Round brush for short hair

For creating that extra volume and body in your hair round brushes are ideal. A round brush is what you want when blow drying your hair. The smaller the brush the tighter the curl it creates. If your hair is about chin length or shorter then a small brush like a 17mm to 23mm will work. This is also a great size for styling bangs.

Round brush for long hair

Larger brushes with bigger barrels are great for straightening and creating waves. For hair that is shoulder length a 32mm brush is an ideal size. You can also use a 43mm. Some prefer a slightly larger brush. It just depends on your personal preference. If you are in doubt go up in size because using a brush that is too small in size causes your hair to get stuck in the bristles. The one exception is when you are styling bangs. This is case where a small brush is going to be ideal.

There are brushes that are larger than 43mm and if you have hair that is longer than shoulder length a brush with a 43mm or larger can be your go to tool for creating beautiful voluminous hair.

There are a few hair brushes that come with an extra long barrel. These brushes are advantageous because they can dry your hair up to 25% faster. The longer barrel lets you work more efficiently thus covering more hair with each brush. The one brush that comes to mind is the Olivia Garden ceramic
+ ion extra long barrel speed XL.

Olivia Garden brush
Extra Long Barrel Brush

Round brush size diagram

Use our brush guide above to help you choose the right size brush for your style of hair. There are many more sizes than mentioned in this article. Sizes mentioned here are to be used as a general guide and is not a hard and fast rule. Using the right size brush is very important due to you will become more efficient and will spend less time in front of the mirror.

Round brush tips

If you have frizzy hair then you may want to consider using a round boar brush. Boar is excellent at gripping your hair and getting more tension thus creating a sleeker style. Plus boar is great at spreading your natural hair oil down the hair shaft to the ends where your hair most likely needs it the most.

Sometimes is best to brush your hair in sections making sure to cover each section well before moving on to the next section. This of course takes more time but in the long run you will have naturally shinny hair.

Another big consideration when shopping for a brush is to make sure you get a brush with enough bristles. If the brush does not have enough bristles then your hair can get tangled in the brush. If the tangle is too bad you might end up having to cut your hair.

Also, if you are planning to get a mixed brush, one with nylon and boar make sure the tips of the nylon are smooth or have a round ball on the ends. Otherwise it could feel jagged and unpleasant when using. In addition, it could even pull out your hair, cause split-ends and thus damage your hair.

Look for a professional round brush that is intended for use with a blow dryer. A good round boar brush with a fine bristle will smooth your hair properly if used with a blow dryer. It's the ideal brush for creating styles that maximum volume.

Round brushes create curls and waves by wrapping up your hair around the brush and then when heat from the blow dryer is applied and then your hair cools down the curl or wave is created. When straightening hair the bristles grab your hair and tension is created thus holding your hair straight because your hair is wrapped around the brush. A the same time heat is applied from your hair dryer. When your hair is allowed to cool the straightness is then set.

Finally, look for a brush with a good strong handle especially if you have long hair. The longer your hair the more tension you will likely create and thus will put more stress on the handle. A wooden handle is superb and most likely ideal. Beware that some two piece plastic handles are prone to break after heavy use.


I hope this article was of help. Please comment. I would be interested to know what size brush works best for you and why. I also would be interested to hear about the different brands you are using.

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Round Brush That Won't Melt

Thermal brushes
Thermal round brushes that will not melt under normal use
Are you looking for a round brush that won't melt? Fabulous looking hair starts with the right tools so your hair brush should be top quality. Unfortunately, not all hair brushes are created equal and you definitely don't want one that you can use to start a fire with. A melting hair brush can lead to some really bad hair days. At the time of this writing I do not know of any popular styles which include melted plastic.

Round brush that won't melt quick review

Brushes are listed in no particular order. Prices as of posting and are subject to change.

# Brush Description Manufacturer Price Biggest Con
1. Denman round brush Denman $24.78 Looks
2. Conair gel grips thermal round brush Conair $7.97 Handle catches hair
3. Harry Josh pro tools round brush Harry Josh $55.00 Short bristles
4. Olivia Garden thermal collection Olivia Garden $15.75 Short bristles & handle catches hair
5. Spornette Ion Fusion Spornette $13.94 None noted

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Captain Kirk
High-tech wonders
The beauty market is filled with high-tech wonders that will meet all your styling needs, from metal, ceramic and wooden brushes to give you beach waves or that blowout bombshell style.

High Tech Brushes That Can Take the Heat

Some high-tech brushes even have features like carbon bristles that will not melt and ion-generators that claim to speed up the drying process. Sorry, but that's not covered in this article.

There is even a laser option at the time of this writing to help with thinning hair. "Beem me up Scotty", please!

"Beam me up, Scotty" as you might remember is a catchphrase from the science fiction television series Star Trek that made its way into popular culture.

It comes from the command given by Captain Kirk to his chief engineer, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, when he needs to be transported back to the Starship Enterprise.

Here are my top 5 hair brushes that won't melt while styling your hair. The brushes are reviewed in no particular order. So just because Denman is number one on the list does not mean that's the top pick. However if I had to pick one brush that does it all and I have no idea of your hair type or length I would most likely pick the Denman. All of them have their pros and cons and I go into more details for each below.

Denman beech wood and natural bristle should not melt

Denman Round Brush

If your Denman brush melts then you have a bigger problem. Most likely your will also have no hair left. This is their biggest and bounciest brush. It has a 30mm diameter and is perfect for creating big curls and waves. It's made from FSC certified sustainably sourced beech wood and natural bristle which I really like as well as many professionals.

It's going to be perfect for adding shine, curling & creating larger curls, creating waves, smoothing, straightening, blow-styling, generating shine and gloss and of course volume and body. The boar bristles and the wooden handle should last a life time or at least a really long time. 

In general, wooden handles are going to be stronger than plastic handles. Many plastic handles have broken where the base meets the handle. This is especially true for two piece plastic handles. 

With tension applied to the handle while brushing long hair some of these two piece handles eventually break. Since the Denman brush construction is a solid beach wood handle it should hold up well and last a long time. Generally, speaking I don't mind paying more for higher quality brush, something that is going to last a long time.

The biggest negative about this brush is it's looks. Too bad it does not come in a cool color like the Harry Josh brush.

Conair gel grips thermal round brush

3 inch round thermal brush

Conair gel grips is an extra large thermal round brush which has a soft gel handle that conforms to your hand shape for more control. The vented inner core distributes heat evenly without over-drying and frizz for faster drying. It also has a large round barrel for straightening coarse wavy hair or adding soft curls and volume. It is able to achieve waves of roller style without the hassle of setting your hair.

This is a 3 inch round brush. The handle although very comfortable in the hand has some drawbacks due to the material it's made of. While blow drying longer hair your hair can actually get grabbed by the handle. Since the handle material is grabby which is good for your hand it also can grab and pull on your hair.

Now the good news is that Conair makes tons of brushes so if you want a better handle that has less grip they have other models to choose from. For example the Conair anti-static thermal round brush like the one pictured below:
Large Thermal Round Brush
Conair anti-static thermal round brush

Harry Josh pro tools round brush

Harry Josh brush

This is a 2.25 inch round brush that helps you to shape your hair. It features a mixture of both boar and nylon bristles in an innovative concave pattern. This unique pattern allows better control and more hair pick-up.

I like the brush because of it's sturdy wooden handle with an easy grip. The handle allows you full control to tackle even the toughest tangles thus leaving your hair strands smooth and shiny. Plus the color is just cool.

The only negative thing I can find about the brush is that it may not be suitable for everyone due the bristles are on the shorter side. Look at the photo of the Denman brush above and then compare it to the photo of the Harry Josh round brush.

As you can see the bristles are shorter on the Harry Josh brush. I find it odd that they do not make a larger bush. Anyway, you can always work in sections depending on your hair type. It's just more work due to short bristles will not penetrate as deep. But for shorter thinner hair this brush will be perfect.

Olivia Garden thermal collection

Thermal brush
The brush pictured above is not the largest brush size. Olivia Garden makes several sizes in this model. The smallest is a one half inch and the largest is a gigantic four and one quarter inch!

Thermal brush size chart
Olivia Garden round thermal brush size chart
The brush has a ceramic coated barrel that heats up faster and keeps the heat in longer. The large holes in the brush maximizes airflow making drying faster and making the brush lightweight.

I like the brush because if it's tourmaline ion technology which hydrates the hair cuticles and adds shine to the hair. The tourmaline ion technology also helps eliminates frizz and flyaway conditions.

Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that helps in the hair smoothing process. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions in dry or damaged hair. This leads to smooth, shiny hair. The tourmaline even helps seal moisture into your hair and counteracts frizz.

Here are some things to consider. It has short bristles and it has a rubber handle. If have read up to this point you already know what these features this mean. Due to the shorter bristles you may have to brush your hair in sections to get deeper penetration. In addition, the rubber handle may grab your hair.

Spornette Ion Fusion

Spornette Ion Fusion

Spornette's ion fusion round ceramic aerated barrel hairbrush creates professional hairstyles in a short time. You can use this brush to curl or straighten, it's very versatile. It comes in different sizes. A two inch version for creating curls and waves in short and medium-length hair. And a two and one half inch for creating curls and waves in short, medium-length and long hairstyles. And finally a three inch for creating luminous body in medium and long hairstyles. 

The thermal venting ceramic barrel enables your blow dryer's heated air to dry your hair more quickly. The Spornette Ion Fusion Aerated round hair brush also helps to prevent damage by shortening the time your hair is subject to heat.

It feels great on the scalp while combing with the charged anti-static bristles. In addition, blowouts are painless because of the brush can easily grab thick hair gently.

The brush is light weight and has a slender design so that when used over a long period of time the grip reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

If you have fine hair this might not be the best choice for you.

Brush that won't melt conclusion and final thoughts

If you have thin hair the two best brushes are probably going to the Denman or the Harry Josh. The bristles in these brushes will be able to better grip your hair better thus creating the tension you are looking for when brushing.

Not all brushes are created equal and some cheaper brushes can bend and warp over time. And can even melt.

If you are melting your hair brush then just imagine what you are doing to your hair! This means your hair dryer may be getting old or is already too old and is getting too hot. Usually they tend to get hotter and hotter and then automatically shut off. Sometimes you may even smell a burning smell. When this happens it's time to buy a new one.

Before burning or becoming damaged, your hair can withstand a 450F temperature. Just using heat does not mean that your hair will become damaged. Hair is usually damaged only by heat overuse or by heating at temperatures up to 450F or higher.

What is your favorite round brush and why? Readers of this article and myself would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please comment below.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

What type of brush is best for your hair

At the top of your list for beauty products I bet it's brushes. And the reason I know that is because you are reading this article. Otherwise you would be reading something else pertaining to beauty and not be interested in finding the best brush for your hair.

What type of brush is best for your hair: Is best answered by your hair type. Here is the quick answer. 
  1. Fine hair - Boar brush
  2. Curly hair - Mixed Boar and Nylon
  3. Medium thick - Nylon brush
  4. Natural curly - Nylon
  5. Need to add body - Round brush
  6. Short thick hair - Vent brush
First off keep in mind not all brushes are created equal. And not just any ole brush is going to work great out of the box. To get the maximum out of your brush you should match it to your hair type and your personal hair style. By doing this will give you the best possible results. Now let's take a deeper dive into each brush and explain why you should use one type of brush over another one.

Fine Hair Brush

Dovahlia Boar Brush

If you have fine hair then a boar bush is going to work best for you. Now, this is not to say that you should not use a boar brush on thick hair, you absolutely can. For fine hair the boar bristles will not snag or pull and will distribute your natural hair oils all along the hair shaft adding condition and shine.

This brush works best on dry hair. It's important to select a brush where the bristles are not too stiff. If they are too stiff you can condition them in hot water for 10 to 20 minutes and then work the bristles in the palm of your hand or hard surface softening them up. Sometimes they just need to be used and broken in before they get that nice softer feel. When purchasing a brush look for one that has softer bristles. You can feel the difference.

A good quality boar bristle brush usually gets much better with time and will generally last a life time with proper care. This is one reason I don't mind spending more for one because I know I'll have it for a long time.

Mason Pearson Boar Brush
Mason Pearson
One of my favorites is the Mason Pearson. It's highly recommended by many of the well know
professional stylist. There are other out there that are just as good. Look for a solid wooden handle. Wooden handles are not prone to breakage like their plastic counter parts are. I like the Mason brush because it has a flexible rubber backing or cushion that hold the bristles. It flexes as you brush. It's well suited for people who have short fine hair.

For long fine hair you can always go with a Dovahlia boar brush with plastic pins and boar bristles. This brush is also excellent for normal to thick hair. I like this brush because it easily penetrates through your hair and also provides the benefits of boar bristles. So you get the best of both worlds.

Curly Hair Brush

Mixture Boar and Nylon Brush
Conair Boar Bristle Porcupine Cushion Brush 8551

For those of you who have curly hair fear not I have not forgotten about you. I recommend a brush with a mixture of boar and nylon. This combination is going to give you the best of both worlds. A brush with a mixture of boar and nylon is going to penetrate deep enough plus give you the conditioning shine you are looking with every brush stroke. The boar bristles are going to provide enough tension and can also aid in giving you more volume. Also consider brushing in sections if your hair is really curly, thick and longer. And by longer I mean shoulder length or longer.

Another option is a boar brush with stiff bristles. They make boar brushes in soft and stiff bristles. The stiff bristles are going to penetrate like the nylon ones do plus will do a better job and distributing your hair's natural oils than nylon.

When brushing start at the roots and work you way down to the ends. Work in sections if you need to. Conair make a good everyday boar mixture nylon brush that is available at most stores at a good price. It's called their Boar Bristle Porcupine Cushion Brush 8551. It features a nice hardwood handle with a non slip grip.

Another favorite of mine is the Harry Josh oval boar brush. This is a mixture of boar and nylon bristles. It's a salon worthy hair brush and a professional quality hair tool many stylists use.

It's the perfect brush for your hair’s every need. Blending nylon and natural boar hair bristles together, it gently combs through wet and dry hair to tame tangles and leave your strands smooth and shiny. I do recommend for use on dry hair. Plus, the mix of quality bristles boost manageability and prevent breakage.

The brush utilizes a mix of the highest quality boar and nylon bristles. The natural boar bristles are soft and gentle on your scalp and help to enhance shine. Nylon bristles detangle and enhance manageability.

Comfort cushion pad adjusts to the contours of your head for better distribution of the hairs natural oils. The eye-catching mint green ergonomically designed durable wooden handle perfectly fits your hand.

At first glance because of the mint green color I thought the brush had a plastic handle but was pleasantly surprised when I found out it is actually wood. A flared bristle pattern helps to shape and style your hair with ease. It's approximately 9 long x 3 inches wide. Looks very nice. This one retails for about $50.00. Honestly it reminds me of mint chocolate for some strange reason. I just want to take a bite of it.

Brush review of what's covered so far

As you can see by reading the information provided thus far there are some important facts to consider before buying a brush. Pure boar bristles are great for fine to medium hair. There are soft or sensitive bristles available for very fine hair or even thinning hair. For normal to thick and even curly hair a mixture of boar and nylon are going to be the best. And finally, not covered so far, there is nylon only. This is going to be great for thick harder to manage hair.

Medium to Thick Brush

And as I just mentioned above nylon is going to work the best for people who have medium to thick hair. It's versatile and best for someone with medium to thick hair because of the flexibility of the nylon bristles makes it super easy to detangle hair.

Brush for Natural Curly Hair

Denman 9 row
Look for a nylon brush with rounded pins or bristle ends for good penetration but will not damage your scalp. I like the Denman traditional 9 row because of the rubber base. It has enough firmness but not too firm. It also does not promote static electricity and allows for a fast drying time and passes through thick hair easily.

Denman D3M
Denman 7 row men
For men I recommend the all back version. It's the benchmark of British hairbrush design featuring sculpted pins for the ultimate in styling and natural curly definition. I love the rounded bristles. This is a 7 row half round brush that is great for creating tension when blow drying and styling.

Adding body

TYME round brush
TYME 3-Inch
And for those of you who have have very straight hair you will be interested in adding bounce and volume. This can be accomplished by using a round brush. Used with a hairdryer, the barrel heats up like a curling iron and producing similar results. And, like curling irons, the barrel size defines the curl size.

You should be aware that metal brushes can get very hot and damage your hair if you are not careful. Always keep the hair dryer moving and use a thermal protectant like Art Naturals Thermal Hair Protector which contains 100% organic argan oil and made in the USA or Macadamia Professional Thermal Protectant Spray which is safe for color treated hair.

Short Thick Hair

Spornette 176 Nylon Ion Fusion Vent Brush
For short thick hair you just can't beat a vent brush. The biggest drawback is that these types of brushes are not going to give you a polished look. They are mainly good for quick drying and styling. The holes in the brush allow for the hair dryer to quickly pass through thus drying your hair quicker. These brushes to not provide much tension and quickly pass through even the thickest of hair.

Spornette, a family-owned and operated business, has been making fine hair brushes for three generations. They know what it takes to make a hairbrush of salon quality. Spornette's Ion Fusion Vent brush allows heat to pass through the brush's body and reduce the amount of time you spend drying and styling your hair. And not only will your blow-drying sessions be cut in half, this vent brush will help to reduce static, leaving you with soft, silky hair.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hair Straightener Features

Hair Straightener Features
Click to enlarge - Hair Straightener Features

When trying to find out what the best hair straightener is for you, look at hair straightener features
and the different types of hot air brushes. Read more of my articles on hot brushes, like what features you should get, hot brush cautions and more. You should also match your hair type to brush features making sure you are going to get maximum results. There are so many features out there, so how do you select the ones you want and really need? Well a great place to start is right here and this article.

Hair Straightener Features. Hair straighteners have 3 basic features. They are Stationary, Rotating and Dual-Rotation

Basic straightener features

  • Stationary - These have a fixed position on the brush, so you have to roll your hair manually. Some people prefer stationary brushes instead of rotating because the hair is not tangled.
  • Rotating - The brush head can rotate, increasing your hair volume and making your styling easier. It is also possible to use the brush without rotation.
  • Dual-rotation - These styling tools have two directional buttons, so that they can spin forward or backward, making them equally convenient for people with a right or left hand.

Other hair brush straightener important features

There are many important features but thees are the most important features that really standout and I personally look for before making a purchase. When looking for a straightener brush these are the ones you want to really look out for.
  • Safety feature - The most important feature of any styling tool is safety and having an auto shutoff. Everything else is secondary. Safety is the primary concern. You do not want a product that is not well made and has your safety in mind. There are hundreds of times when you are going to be in a rush in the mornings and will set the hot brush down on the counter top and will leave the room only to ask yourself an hour or so later, "did I turn off the brush"? At that moment you are going to wish you had a brush with a 30 minute auto shutoff.
  • Control - You must be able to control the brush with one hand comfortably. You don't want a too heavy brush. In addition you do not want a brush where the handle is too big and makes it hare to get a good grip. you must be able to get your fingers around the grip comfortably without slipping. If you just applied a hair conditioner it's a good idea to wash your hands first before using the straighter. Otherwise you run the risk of it slipping out of your hand or even worse yet having hot air directed into your face.
  • Heating features - Heat settings are after that. You want the amount of heat applied to your hair to be controlled. Especially to keep your hair from being damaged or if you have already damaged your hair to prevent it from being damaged even more. Hair straighteners now have precise temperature controls that can be set to your type of hair. For example, a temperature of 365 degrees is generally considered optimal for medium thick hair. You would probably use a lower temperature of 300 degrees for thin hair. And a higher temperature is required for real thick and curly hair, usually 450 degrees.You want multiple heat settings in a wide range for different type of hair thus making sure your hair type is covered. The MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic hair straightener brush has 16 different heat settings. Nice! To read more on MiroPure click here for my article called Miropure hair straightening brush review.
  • Bristle types - The type of bristles you get depend on your hair type. Nylon is going to be best for hair that is not too thin or sensitive scalps. Some straighteners have silicone balls or other materials for tipping bristles that is easy on your scalp. They can make your scalp more comfortable.
  • Plate features - Which types of plates are going to be better ceramic or titanium? Although some use titanium, the majority of straighteners have ceramic or tourmaline plates. For delicate, fine or even color-treated hair, ceramic will be the best choice. The ceramic heats very evenly and slowly without any hot spots than tourmaline or titanium. Tourmaline and titanium, by contrast, heat up very fast and can easily damage thin or sensitive hair. You can use tourmaline or titanium for thick hair. The additional advantage of tourmaline is that it produces 20 times more negative ions, makes your hair moist, silky and reduces frizz
  • Locking controls feature -  Some people don't like hair straightener controls right on the gripping handle because they hit the buttons without knowing it and end up changing the settings while in use the iron. If the buttons don't lock, it can be a big problem. If you can lock the buttons, you won't change a temperature randomly without realizing it. Just imagine you are styling your hair and you have thin hair and are using the hot air brush on a low heat setting when you inadvertently hit the temperature button and the temp shoots up to 450 degrees. This is not the temp you want to be using with thin hair. There are many products on the market today that have an auto lock out feature. Power switch and heat up/down buttons will be locked in 5 seconds when it is power on. You then are required to double click the power switch will then unlock the keys. At the time of this writing the Apalus brush hair straightener has this feature. Nice!
  • Digital temperature readout - A hair straightening temp readout is probably one of the best features you can find. It helps you figure out exactly the temperature at which you set the straightener to prevent unnecessary heat damage. This feature is critical on being able to prevent overheating and the resulting hair damage from using too hot a temp setting. Furthermore, once you find a temperature that works really well for your hair, you'll know exactly what the temperature should be next time.
  • Wide head design - Nice big head is great to work through hair fast. A wide head or a paddle brush design is going to give you the ability to cover more hair with each brush thus taking less time.
  • Warranty period - 12 month warranty is much better than a 6 month warranty. To me a longer warranty means the manufacture has confidence in their product. There is no real proof that a longer warranty results in a better higher quality brush. In fact some people think a longer warranty means the brush is the sure sign of a poor quality. this is because they can get it fixed at no charge so the manufacture is not concerned that much with quality and they can speed through the manufacturing process. But what is does mean, at least to me is that it's a guarantee that if something does go wrong I can have if fixed or replaced for free.

Important feature conclusion

It's not necessary you choose a hair straightener that has all the features mentioned above. Just evaluate the ones that are most important to you and then make your purchase. If I had to pick just one feature out of all the features listed above I would most likely pick the auto shutoff feature for safety. As of this writing I believe most if not all of the major manufactures are adding this feature to their products. It is going to come down to which manufacture has the shortest auto shutoff. A 30 minute versus a 60 minute auto shutoff, obviously a 30 minute is better unless it takes you more than 30 minutes to do your hair.

Hair straightener features - MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic hair straightener brush in action

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MiroPure product features and techniques

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Beautiful for achieving straight hair - MiroPure brush

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Hair Straightener Auto Shut Off

Many women are not able to make flat iron their styling tool of choice due to the high temperatures turn their thin and sensitive hair to split ends quickly. This is one reason new air brush straighteners have become a sensation practically overnight. You should definitely buy a styling tool with an auto shut to avoid any risk. In this article I rounded up all my absolute favorite straightening tools that have an shut off.

Hair Straightener Auto Shut Off: These are my top four auto shut off models in no particular
order. Glamfields Heated MCH Hair Straightening Brush with a 30 minute auto shut off, the AsaVea MCH Hair Straightener Brush 3.0 with a 30 minute auto shut off, the MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush with a 60 minute auto shut off, and lastly the Apalus Brush Hair Straightener with a 60 minute auto shut off.

At the time of this writing the auto shut off times listed above was listed per the manufacture's manual. Please do not rely on this website but make sure to read your product manual and follow the manufactures instructions. There are many other very good models with an auto shut off the ones I listed are my top ones. Which one you end up choosing is up to you.

Hair straighteners come in two basic types the "Flat/Paddle" and "Barrel Brush" style. They perform similar and both have ceramic or tourmaline plates containing bristles. Heat is generated by the plate and as the hair passes through the bristles negative ions are released the make your hair smoother and shiner. The barrel brush can have a fixed or rotating head. The head also straightens and adds shine to your hair. The way it works is that hot air is directed into the barrel and as it rotates it adds volume and shine to thin air. The biggest difference between the "Flat/Paddle" and the "Barrel" straightener is the barrel version can also curl hair as well as straighten.

Hair Brush Straighteners Important Characteristics

The most important feature of any styling tool is safety and having an auto shutoff. Everything else is secondary. Safety is the primary concern. You do not want a product that is not well made and has your safety in mind.

Brush control

Now that being said some other very important features is control. You must be able to control the brush comfortable with one hand. You do not want a brush that is too heavy.

Heat setting

After that is heat settings. You want to be able to control the amount of heat being applied to your hair. Especially to keep from damaging your hair or if you already have damaged hair to keep it from getting even more damaged. Hair straighteners now days have precise temperature controls you can set to your hair type. For example for medium thick hair a temperature of 365 degrees is usually considered optimal. For thin hair you would most likely use a lower temperature of 300 degrees. And for real thick and curly hair a higher temperature is needed, usually 450 degrees.

Brush bristles

What is the best. Well that depends on your hair type. Nylon is best for sensitive scalps or hair that is not too thin. Some straighteners have bristles tipped with silicone balls or other materials. They can be more comfortable to your scalp.

Ceramic or titanium?

Although a few use titanium, most straighteners will come with ceramic or tourmaline plates. Ceramic is going to be the best choice for delicate, fine or even color-treated hair. The ceramic heats very evenly and more slowly than tourmaline or titanium without any hot spots. In contrast, tourmaline and titanium heat up very quickly and can easily damage thin or sensitive hair. For thick hair, you can to use tourmaline or titanium. Tourmaline has the extra added advantage of producing 20 times more negative ions, making your hair moist, silky and reducing the frizz.

Glamfields Heated MCH Hair Straightening Brush with 30 minute auto shut off

I love the 12 different heat settings. This gives you a wide range of options for your hair. In addition it has a 30 minute auto shut off which in my opinion is good. Nice big head works through hair fast. Heats up very fast. And lastly a 12 month warranty.

  • Heat settings: 12, from 250° to 450°, 40 seconds to 450° 
  • Auto heat lock, 30 minute auto shutoff 
  • LED temperature display, dual voltage (110V/220V) 
  • Metal ceramic heater, negative-ion function 
  • Features – Wide head, anti-scold tip, LED and swivel cord 
  • Warranty: 12 months

AsaVea MCH Hair Straightener Brush 3.0 with a 30 minute auto shut off

Same as the MCH above I love the 12 different heat settings. This gives you a wide range of options for your hair. In addition it has a 30 minute auto shut off which in my opinion is good. Nice big head works through your hair quickly. Does not heat up as fast as the MCH. And lastly a 6 month warranty. I would have like to see a little longer warranty.

  • Heat settings: 12, from 250° to 450°, 60 seconds to 450° 
  • Auto heat lock, 30 minute auto shutoff 
  • LED temperature display, dual voltage (110V/220V) 
  • Metal ceramic heater, no negative-ion function 
  • Features – Wide head, anti-scold tip, LED and swivel cord 
  • Warranty: 6 months

MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush with a 30 minute auto shut off

I fell over over the incredible 16 different heat settings. Can go as low as 170 degrees. This gives you a wide range of options for your hair. It has a 60 minute auto shut off which in my opinion is good but would have liked to seen a 30 minute shut off. Nice big head works through your hair quickly. Does not heat up as fast as the MCH, but is quick. And lastly a nice 12 month warranty.

  • Heat settings: 16, from 170° to 450°, 60 seconds to 450° 
  • Auto heat lock, 60 minute auto shutoff 
  • LED temperature display, dual voltage (110V/220V) 
  • Metal ceramic heater, “double” negative-ion function 
  •  Features – Wide head, anti-scold tip, LED and swivel cord 
  • Warranty: 12 months

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener with an one hour auto shut off

Takes longer than the other to read its working temperature for thick hair. 3 minutes to get to 450 degrees or thereabouts.  If you are rushed you will need to plan ahead.  It has a 60 minute auto shut off which in my opinion is good but would have liked to seen a 30 minute shut off.
  • Power switch and heat UP/DOWN keys will be locked in 5 seconds when it is power on. Double click the power switch will unlock the keys. 
  • In-house technology of temperature control. Comb case temperature is controlled at 50-60℃(120-140℉) for safety use. 
  • Fast heat-up:1 minute heat up to 80℃ (180℉), 3 minutes heat up to the max 230℃ (450℉). 
  • Convenient Centigrade to Fahrenheit convert: press "+""-"button at same time. 
  • 25% longer ceramic plates, brush structure design great for hair root straightening. Auto shut-off protection if NOT IN USE for 60 minutes. 
  • Dual voltage operation support: 110V~240V 
Find out more on Hot brushes. What are the most important features you should have on a hot brush? I analyzed some the top brands. You can find my articles here: "Hot Brushes".