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Wet Brush For Curly Hair

Curly hair

Curly hair and the correct wet brushing

As lovely as it is, curly hair can be difficult to handle and style. Whether you are dealing with crazy curls or tangled waves, with several quick and simple tricks, you can cut your time off in front of the mirror on the wall. This article focuses on the how-to and assumes you are already using the correct brush. If you need help selecting the correct brush refer to our "Best Hair Brush For Curly Hair" post.

Is your mane ready to be dealt with? Well if your answer is yes, then here's all you need to know about styling for your your waves. So let's jump in!

Pro Tip: You have to tackle your knots before you do anything. A brush may cause severe damage to your snarled hair. Take a wide-tooth comb before you pick up the brush.

wet brushing
Wet brushing hair
Did you Know: It is important to avoid pulling your hair in order to prevent breakage. You will put a lot of stress upon your hair if you peak from root to tip, which can cause a ton of split ends.

Instead of pulling and yanking on your hair as you comb, just simply grab a small section of hair. Work a small section at a time and slowly work your way up. This avoids stressing your hair. Make sure you do not feel any pulling on the scalp when you're working on the bottom half of your hair.

If you are having big problems detangling your hair without puling hard, then stop and use a detangling spray. Try O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler, or simply use a little conditioner. You'll be glad you did and your hair will thank you. You may never want to comb again without it again.

OrignalMineral No Knott Conditoning Detangler 8.4 oz

What the product is: O&M No Knott Conditioning Detangler is a conditioning spray that snarls and knots are free of damaging hair. The ultra-hydrating formula is mixed with a union of nutritional ingredients. Macadamia and Argan oils work to restore the hair to protect it and leave it glossy and free of knots, ready for styling.

What it does: To be used on freshly washed hair or dry hair, or even hair straight out of the ocean or pool for protection and conditioning without weight. Additional information: Macadamia Seed Oil: Refills and enriches the hair, making it softer and more elastic. Organic Argan Oil: Restores brightness and softness in dry, fragile hair and nourishes hair.

Take a wide tooth comb into the shower when your hair is hard to unwrap and full of tangles. Coat in your hair in conditioner and then wet your hair and slowly peat the process. The conditioner will treat your hair giving sufficient support and added slickness to prevent breakage. Just remember generally speaking a brush is too rough for wet hair, however it is a great choice for dry hair styling.

Treat it with kindness if you love your hair. Treat yourself to high-quality brush, forget about cheap plastic ones. A combination of natural bristles and nylon is the perfect choice for curly hair.

Mason Pearson popular wet or dry hair brush

The Pearson Mason Popular Hair Mixture Brush will not cause split ends or divisions in your hair and or irritations Evenly comb through the hair strands for beautiful healthy hair. Hair brush is nylon bristles. Our Mason Pearson Hair Brush is the ultimate grooming tool, developed and patented more than 100 years ago. Only the finest, high-quality scalp-friendly boar Bristle is used. The best way to distribute natural oils while exflammating the skin and stimulating the circulation in hair follicles is through brushing with a Mason Pearson Hair Brush. The patented pneumatic cover is in accordance with the shape of the scalp that minimizes the effort required to brush. All Mason Pearson hair brushes are made by hand in England and are subject to a one-year manufacturing defect warranty. In the collection of the boar bristle, the animals are not damaged.

Pro Tip: Keep your brushes clean once you find the perfect one for you. The importance of washing your hair tools is vastly underestimated. It pays to clean your brushes every week or at least give it a freshening up. Also, inspect your brush every time you use it. A dirty brush can deposit residues and dirt on your hair and make a comb through and styling mush harder.

Did You Know: Would you like to know the easiest way to keep your hair gorgeous and sleek? Just rub a few drops in your locks of Moroccan Original Oil Treatment and you'll be gleaming in no time.

MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment

Moroccanoil has a mix of a unique ultra- light non- greasy formula that locks brightness and provides silky texture. South West Moroccan Argan oil is used in products. Naturally Argan Oil renovates the hair cell structure and restores shine to hair consistently.

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush

Brush your wet hair anywhere easily with the Pro Select The Original Detangler Lovin' Lilac from Wet Brush.

The Wet Brush set out on a mission to conquer the horrible issue of detangling hair without the tears or damage.

They created a unique brush with IntelliFlex bristles that effortlessly run through hair and detangles wet or dry hair without pulling or tugging.

The key to strong and healthy hair and the most overlooked step in hair care is how you brush your hair. When wet, the hair is weakest and can snap it like a rubber band.

You should therefore brush with a tool that gently looses the knots without pulling or breaking the hair.

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