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InStyler Rotating Brush

InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener

InStyler Rotating Brush

The rotating brush helps to detangle and gives nice curls. Our favorite as of now and I don't recommend using daily but it is great for quick touch ups.

InStyler Rotating Ceramic StraightenerInStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener The patented MAX PRIME Blowout Revolving Styler offers the added advantage of 2-way barrel rotation and 4 heat settings up to 425 ° F. MAX PRIME uses a round brush and blow dryer's styling power to produce smooth, bright hair with volume and movement. The heated rotating barrel, which spins at more than 100 revolutions per minute, delivers maximum straightening power by simply gliding down the hair. The rounded design of the heated ceramic barrel and tourmaline plate prevents the creasing or crushing of hair, while the ionic bristles polish strands to reduce frizz and provide ultimate brightness.To go to the manufactures web site click here: InStyler

Directing MAX PRIME away from your face easily adds the bombshell curves that complete any blowout appearance. Go a step further and wrap strands around the barrel to create day - long curls and waves.

InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler in black - 72.95
InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler in red - $89.99
InStyler MAX PRIME WET TO DRY 1.25" 2-Way Styling Iron, White - 1.25 - $86.99
InStyler MAX PRIME 1.25” 2-Way Straightener & Styler - $89.99
InStyler TITANIUM 1.25” 1-Way Straightening and Styling Iron - $118.63
InStyler Original Hot Iron Silver 34 Inch - $85.00

InStyler Rotating Brush Features InStyler Rotating Brush Features

  • Ionic Bristles 
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Plate 
  • 4 Heat settings up to 425 ° F 
  • 7 "Professional swivel cord 
  • Automatic shutdown 
  • Accessories Included

Rotating Brush Styling Tips

To achieve the maximum hair blowout always start with clean dry hair. Brush your hair to detangle and then section your hair into 1-2 inch pieces. Always starting with the under layers first. Then make sure to position the brush so the rotating barrel side is closest to your roots with the barrel placed underneath your section of hair. Close to activate the barrel rotation and then slowly work it down to your ends.

For even more lift, close the MAX PRIME around a section of hair at the roots and let the barrel turn around for 3 - 5 seconds before it glides to the end of the hair.

And for soft curls and waves just wrap around the barrel a section of hair and close MAX PRIME so that the barrel is rotating. Keep 3 - 5 seconds in place, then open the curl and drop off gently.

Hair straightener with rotating barrel and brush articles

The InStyler is a very versatile tool. If you are considering making a purchase or just want to know more you may have questions. I wrote a series of articles answering common questions people were asking about the InStyler.

Here are links to my articles for some of the really popular questions: "What does the InStyler do to your hair?",  "Can you use the InStyler on wet hair?", This article I was surprised at what I uncovered and I believe you will want to take a few minutes to read.

Other common questions are: "What Is An Instyler?", "How to Use An Instyler", and the next two articles contain great information on protecting your hair when using the InStyler, so I consider them must reads: "InStyler Heat Settings" and "Does the InStyler Burn Your Hair?".

Rotating Brush Performance

The Max is still the latest version of the rotating iron InStyler. With a simple double - click on the barrel in order to achieve maximum results, the innovative two way rotating barrel technology enables the change of direction by rotating in natural direction.

The Max Rotating Brush straightens, curls and styles of hair perfectly every time with a tourmaline ceramic smoothing plate, double rotating barrel and ionic bristles. The secret is its rotating heated polishing cylinder, a ceramic floating plate with tourmaline and four rows of precision-aligned bristles. The Max has a 30-second heat-up and automatic shutdown of security. For fine, medium and thick or coarse hair, there are several heat settings. The heat shield and heat mat are included.

Smooth and Straight using a rotating brush

Smooth and Straight
Set the Max 2-way rotating iron to rotate your hair naturally by double-clicking the barrel to change the direction of rotation. Max Styler smooth and polishes hair perfectly for a straight and sleek style without crushing or creasing the hair. Close the Max around a hair section and slowly glide from root to end.

More on how to achieve looks you are after using the Instyler 7 In 1 Rotating Iron. This review goes into more details on the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener and shows us an every day type of use.This hot brush gets a lot of rave reviews and it's understandable why, here is another hot brush rave review that I believe is beneficial to watch. If you want to use the Instyler to get those beautiful beach waves then you are going to want to see the beach waves Instyler rotating brush tutorial. And if you are interested in getting those perfect curls you are going to want to watch the Instyler Max hot brush perfect curls tutorial. More on Instyler curls. Another very interesting video is about how to achieve Hollywood hair using the Instyler hot brush I think you will enjoy. And lastly two more great videos, one on how to curl hair using the Instyler and how to achieve big voluminous Hollywood hair using the Instyler rotating brush.

Soft Curls and Beachy Waves

Soft curls
Wrap a section of hair around the barrel from root to ends for soft curls and "beachy" waves and close Max around the hair section. Let the rotating barrel do everything for you. Max should be kept in place while the hair section is closed and do not pull through the hair. Let the barrel rotate for 3 to 5 seconds before opening the barrel to release the hair, and let the curl drop the barrel gently.

Volume and Lift

Soft Curls and Beachy Waves
Close Max around a section of hair on the scalp and let the barrel rotate from root to tips for 3 to 5 seconds before gliding down to the ends of your hair to give hair an extra lift at the roots. Rotate the barrel from tip to root for added volume in the opposite direction to create a backcombing effect.

InStyler Product Description

MAXIMUM SALON STYLE. MINIMUM EFFORT. The MAX Rotating Styler is preferred over flat iron for straightening and controlling frizz, while adding body and brightness*. As the barrel rotates quickly, it provides strong heat without trapping the hair between two hot plates. This rotating tool leaves hair soft, silky and healthy. STYLES FASTER The larger surface area of the 1.25 "round barrel (compared to a flat plate) strengthens the heat recovery, enabling MAX to maintain a consistently high heat of 425 ° F for maximum speed and efficiency.
InStyler Product Description

STRAIGHTENS BETTER The rounded design of the heated ceramic rotating barrel and tourmaline plate prevents the creasing and crushing of hair, while the ionic bristles brush and polish strands reduce frizz and provide maximum brightness. MAXIMUM VERSATILITY The revolutionary design of the 1.25 "bidirectional barrel straightens the hair and allows you to easily add curl, body and brightness. Style begins at the root; glide over roots to straighten and smooth, start rotation at the base and lift to increase volume.

Add these voluminous curves effortlessly by directing the MAX Rotating brush away from your face. Wrap strands around the barrel to create curls and beach waves that last for days. Use on all types of hair: Long, short, thin, thick, coarse, curly, straight and smooth.

Rotating Brush Additional Directions

Start with clean, dry, detangled hair. DOUBLE CLICK: To change the barrel direction, close your InStyler MAX twice quickly to change the rotation direction for maximum performance when styling. STRAIGHTENING: Position the InStyler MAX so the barrel side is next to your scalp. Starting at the roots, close the InStyler MAX onto a 1 to 3 inch section of hair. Slowly glide the InStyler MAX down to the ends of your hair. CURLING: Carefully wrap a section of hair around the barrel. Close the InStyler MAX and rotate your wrist to ensure the ends of your hair are included. Let the InStyler MAX rotate for 5 to 10 seconds. Open the unit and let the hair fall from the barrel.

The shorter barrel is for shorter hair and the longer barrel is for longer hair. The brush is for dry hair only. We love all that there is about the InStyler. It smooths and tames the frizz while giving it the body it deserves. We recommend purchase. There are at least one complaint where the rotating brush pinches hair. You have the option to have the brush rotate either way. The pulling may be due to a redesign from the original one. We recommend dry your hair and blow dry with your comb as usual and then finish off with the roller to get your preferred style.

InStyler Rotating Brush Videos

In this video from InStyler the rotating brush is used to straighten hair. I like the video and recommend watching because it only takes a few minutes to show you this amazing product. It's super easy to use and works very well.

This video is an introduction video if you do not know anything about rotating brushes. They are used to give you full body, dry and style at the same time, designed to take the place of blow-dryers, uses less heat so it's better for your hair, can do big bold curls or tight curls - your choice, and can create flips.

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