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Does the InStyler Burn Your Hair

The Instyler is a very popular hair styling tool. And the Max 2-way is the most advanced brush the company sells. There are thousands sold online and in stores and the majority of them have good reviews. But with every product there are Pros and Cons. I have yet to find a perfect product. So let's dive in.

Does the InStyler burn your hair? The MAX Instyler does not burn your hair. The MAX Rotating Styler is preferred by most people over traditional flat irons for straightening hair. The turning barrel  delivers powerful heat without trapping the hair between two hot plates. This leaves hair soft, silky and healthy feeling.

In InStyler has a 30 second rapid heat-up mode where the brush heats up quickly for use. The brush also has an automatic safety shut off. To control the heat there are multiple heat settings for fine, medium and thick or coarse hair. These setting are used to control the heat. According to the manufacture the MAX is able to maintain a consistent high heat of 425°F for maximum speed and styling efficiency.

According the the manufactures manual at the time of this writing here are the heat settings:

  • High 3 bars 196C for thick coarse hair
  • Med 2 bars 157C for thin to medium-textured hair
  • Low 1 bar for fine, thin hair
  • Off is no bars 
The LED indicator lights will flash while reaching the heat setting and one the temperature has been reached the LED will stay lit.

What do others say about the InStyler and burnt hair

Now with all that being said and if you use the brush according to the manufactures directions it should work just fine. I have gone through many web sites and have read many (hundreds of) reviews on this product and the majority of the review are good.

I have read some reviews where people are experiencing problems with the product but none that I found about burning your hair. I am guessing there would have to be some kind of major defect with the product for it to burn your hair. Or there would be gross neglect and the person was not following the manufacture directions. After reading the reviews I have a high confidence factor that the product will perform as advertised.

If you are skeptical you can always test the product before actual use on your own hair. One way is to test the actual temperature by using a non-contact digital laser infrared thermometer temperature gun. They usually run less than $20 at the time of this writing. You will need to make sure your temperature gun is capable of at least detecting 425°F. Let the bush heat up and then take it's temperature.

NOTE: I would not recommend taking off the protection cage while using the brush. And I would not recommend using this product on wet hair. I would not use the product on any kind of synthetic hair extensions. Read the manufacturers directions and manual before using the product.

NOTE: "It is important to keep your InStyler clean, as hair product build-up can accumulate on the barrel and bristles. With the unit unplugged, wipe the outside surface only with a lightly damp cloth. Bristles can be lightly scrubbed if necessary. Make sure the InStyler is completely dry before plugging into any power source".

Hair not as straight as it could be but not damaged

There are some reviews I read where people said after use their hair was not as straight as they had hoped for. That using other products they got better results. Particularly the GHD product was mentioned. Their hair was straighter and it lasted longer. Using the product gave good lift and bounce but it could not beat a flattening iron.

Other reviews complained about hair taking on curls. The product just did not create a long lasting curl. The curl created was more of a weak curl than a real curl. Even after using spray to set the curl in place it did not last. These reviews were few and far between. The most common review was its worth every penny and they are not going back to a flat iron. I do not doubt the less than stellar reviews. It just  may be due to their particular hair or the way they are using the product it's not optimal for them. And like I said at the beginning of this article I have never yet seen a perfect product.

NOTE: According to the manual it specifically says "Thick or Coarse - Set your InStyler at the highest heat setting and style as desired. With coarse hair, 2 to 3 passes with the InStyler should be enough to set your style. Don’t rush! Remember to Take your time and move slowly through the hair".

Pros and Cons found on the InStyler

  1. Heats up fast and is ready to use fairly quickly. This is great for in the morning when you are in a rush to head out the door. 
  2. Does not damage your hair. A flat iron if not use correctly can easily damage your hair. You can get that fried hair smell quickly if you are not paying attention. The InStyler is much safer and treats your hair much better.
  3. The majority of people say it smooths out their hair quickly and does a great job.
  4. Add lift and great volume to your hair.
  1. Curls do not last as long as anticipated. People mentioned there were better tools to create a longer lasting curl.
  2. Fairly expensive product as compared to other products on the market. 
  3. Does not give you that pin straight hair. Even with multiple passes pin straight hair was not obtainable.
  4. For those having longer hair it takes a long time to work through the hair.
In my opinion after research the cons mentioned above are subjective and would depend on your particular hair type and desired style.

Conclusion and closing thoughts on the InStyler burning hair

After doing a lot on online digging and research my conclusion is that I would recommend the product. I am not denying there are people out there where this product does not work out 100% for them. But they seem to be a small percentage. The majority of people using this product are going to be happy with their purchase. Some reviewers said they need at least 2 pass before they got the desired results. The majority of the reviews say it took their curly and frizzy hair and by using the InStyler and it made their hair look controlled and beautiful.  My final thought on the product is I would recommend its purchase and would definitely make sure not use it on wet hair.

Hot brushes are great time saving tools. But some are better than others and there are features you will want to have. What are the most important features? I analyzed the top brands and documented my findings. You can find my articles here: "Hot Brushes".

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