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Denman Brush

Denman Classic Styling Brushes - D9 - Hair Brush

These are classic brushes all from the Denman Brush Company. Reviewed here are 8 popular Denman brushes in order by popularity. If you are considering purchasing a Denman brush see the Pros and Cons information below to help you decide on the right brush for you.

Best Denman Brushes Pros and Cons
Product Price Pros Cons Recommend
Denman Large 9 Row Styling Brush D4 $21.95 Fantastic for thick natural hair None Absolutely – My Favorite!
Denman D5 9 row detangling brush $31.95 Great for wet and dry hair None Yes
Denman Large Professional Paddle Brush D83 $17.16 Rubber safety cushion It’s large – not a travel brush Yes
Denman Vent Brush or D200 Skeleton Vent Brush $15.95 Great penetration and aids in drying Not ideal for very short hair Yes
Denman Boar Bristle Oval Brush D82ML $46.95 Comes in L, M and S sizes None Yes
Denman Boar Bristle Round Brush D32M $27.95 Comes in .7, 1 and 1.2 inches Not for wet hair Yes
Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra Pink $33.95 Great for 4A, 4B and 4C natural curly hair None Yes
Denman D70 ThermoCeramic Curling Brush $28.95 Comes in L, M, S and XS sizes 90% dry hair – no wet hair Yes

Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush 7 Row and more

Original Denman Brushes

Denman Classic Styling Brush D4 9 Row Hair Brush

A hairbrush is used to smooth, style and brush through hair. In combination with a curling iron or hair dryer, it's used for styling. And this is where the Denman 9 row brush is at it's best.

The fact is about the Denman 9 row brush is that is the very popular in the curly hair community. A lot of curly hair women use this brush and absolutely love it. However, don’t let that reputation fool you because it’s actually made for all types of hair. And I bet after you use one for a little while you will find it to become a part of all your routines.

So here is a little bit more about the brush. It has a plastic handle with hard plastic bristles and a red cushion in which the hard plastic bristles are fastened to or come out of. There are different models of this brush in which sizes vary and the number of row also vary. The 9 row brush is the largest.

Now the coolest feature about the brush in which I love is the ability to modify the brush. You can take the brush apart and take out a row of bristles. You can take a 9 row and make it into a 7 row for example. Also, taking apart the brush is epic for cleaning. How many brushes do you have that you can take it apart for cleaning? So if you have product build up on your brush or some loose hair there is no need to worry because it’s so simple and quick to take apart and give it a thorough cleaning.

To take the brush apart just simply pull the red cushion from the top down and it comes away from the handle. Then you can open the red part up to reveal the hard plastic bristles inside. To reassemble just close the red rubber cushion and slide it back on the handle.

To make a detangling brush you make choose to take out every other row. This in affect changes the brush to become more a detangle brush due to the bristle spacing. Bristle spacing greatly affects tension. The more bristles the more tension you can put on your hair. So for detangling you are most likely going to want less tension so taking out a few rows of bristles makes sense.

For most people the way the brush combs through hair is going to be just perfect for most all uses. There are a lot of women and men who have long curly hair that use their fingers to detangle hair. This is a great way to detangle hair and can be done while in the shower when hair has conditioner on it making it more slippery. An alternative is to use the Denman 9 row brush. It can be used in the shower to detangle hair. Just be careful and work slowly due to your hair being wet it’s very easy to stretch and snap thus give you some split-ends. The Denman 9 row works great because of the handle giving you precise control over what you are doing.

The brush is also fantastic for evenly applying hair care products though out your hair strands. Apply the product to your hair and then use the Denamn brush to evenly apply on your hair. If you use your hands and fingers sometimes you are missing some sections of your hair. The Denman brush does a much better job. This brush will make sure the product you are apply is actually penetrating into your hair. The brush has great penetration due to the hard plastic bristles. These bristles are much better than your fingers at penetrating deep into your hair.

Your hair will look amazing when it’s fully coated with your hair care products. And thanks to the Denman brush you can easily and evenly apply those products to your hair. And after you are finished you will be amazed at how little hair is in the brush. There most likely will be very little shedding. Most people find that using this brush does not pull out your hair. You will get great results ans very little hair loss when using the Denman 9 row brush.

Denman brush in action brushing hair (product made in U.K.)

For example, after sleeping or showering, a flat brush is normally used to detach hair. For styling and curling hair, a round brush can be used, especially by a professional stylist, often with a hair dryer. To straighten the hair and tame fly-away, a paddle brush is used. Many bristle materials are not suitable for babies with fine, soft hair because of the hardness; instead, some synthetic materials and horse or goat hair bristles are used.


Types of Brushes 


Denman D3 Styling Brush

  1. Use on wet hair Detangles 
  2. Separating and defining wet curls 
  3. Creating curls 
  4. Straightening 
  5. Fast drying 
  6. Styling hair 
  7. Creating sleek finishes

Denman D200 Skeleton Vent Brush

  1. Use on wet hair 
  2. Detangles 
  3. Fast drying 
  4. Styling hair

Denman D83 Large Paddle Styling Brush

  1. Use on wet hair 
  2. Detangles 
  3. Straightening 
  4. Fast drying 
  5. Styling hair 
  6. Creating sleek finishes

Denman D70 Extra Small ThermoCeramic Curling Brush

  1. Use on wet hair - 90% dry hair only 
  2. Creating curls 
  3. Straightening

Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra Pink

  1. Use on wet hair 
  2. Detangles

My preference is the Denman 9 row brush for styling CURLY THICK hair

Denman 9 row brush for styling CURLY THICK hair
Get this look using the Denman brush

My top recommendation is going to be the Denman brush because it’s great for your hair right out of the box. You can mod you brush if your wish. You can take out a row or two if needed but in most cases that will not be necessary.

You really just can’t beat an original Denman 9 row brush for styling curly thick hair. There are of course cheaper knock-offs but I am not a fan of knock-offs because of the quality. Sometimes you get a good knock-off and other times you end up with a dud. I am not going to take that chance that the knock-off is going to be good. Who knows how it's really made and is it safe. I know Denman is and I trust their quality. If I am going to pay $15.00 or so for a bottle of leave in conditioner I am not going to skimp on my brush.

Styling thick curly hair

Denman brush for styling curly hair
Curly thick hair can be styled easily with the Denman brush

  1. If you have hair longer than shoulder length then the best approach is going to for you to work in sections. 
  2. So you are going to need to clip you hair to prepare. And get your section of hair ready.
  3. In addition, you can apply a leave in conditioner and wet with a spray bottle as you work in the leave in conditioner (Shea Moisture strength and restore leave in conditioner) in with your hands. This will let the Denman 9 row brush glide through your hair like butter!
  4. If you are accustom of using styling lotion (Shea Moisture Jamaican castor oil) on your hair now is the time to also apply that to your hair. 
  5. Work both products in with your hands. 
  6. And finally if you are using a styling gel (ECO styling gel, olive oil) you can apply that as well and work in with your hands.

Now you can take the Denman 9 row brush and brush the section where you applied the hair styling products. You hair will be mostly straight. So the next step is to take the section and gently pick it up holding your hair with your fingers about midway of the length (or a little closer to your scalp) and shake it to get your light curl. You hair will look nice an uniform. In addition you will notice you will have no frizz.
Denman 9 row brush for styling CURLY THICK hair
Styling thick curly hair and the Denman 9 row brush

Now, just let your hair dry naturally. Depending on the products you use you could have some residue. In most cases when the product dries you should see no product specks or any kind of residue. There is no need to use any heat, jut let your hair dry naturally. Nice curls for an all-day healthy, shinny hair style.

Brush Types You should Know About

Different types of brushes are used for different purposes or have special characteristics that benefit certain types of hair.

Round brush: Usually used for adding fullness and movement to the hair with a blow dryer. Some

Denman Brush
have a base of metal or ceramic to heat up during blow drying. Round brush size chart. Best round brush for short hair. Round brushes that won't melt while styling with heat. What is the best size round brush for bangs? What are the best round brushes for a blowout?

Vent brush: Vents allow more air to flow between the bristles, but the drying time is not affected. More about vent brushes. Add more volume using a vent brush. More on tunneled vent brushes.

Cushion brush: Bristles are mounted on a rubber cushion or mat for additional flexibility in order to minimize hair breakage during removal. A popular line of cushion brushes is produced by Denman.

Paddle brush: A broad base allows for more exposure during blow drying; flexible teeth are designed to minimize breakage, although some believe that it does not work. More on paddle brushes. The Body Shop paddle brushes a vegan alternative.

Detangler brush: Features such as spacious, flexible, nylon teeth are designed to be gentle on tangled or knotted hair.What are some great detangling combs?

Boar bristle brush: Tightly spaced boar- hair bristles are designed to increase brushing tension and smooth the hair. Boar bristle brushes for men made in Germany. These are top quality brushes with fine craftsmanship. Do you have questions are boar bristles brushes vegan? If so you migh check out my article called: Are boar bristles brushes made from boars?

Pro Tip: Depending on the texture and whether the hair is wet or dry, the brushing effects will be different. Usually straight hair looks smoother when brushed. When brushed dry, curly hair tends to expand. Which makes working with straight hair easier.

Denman Round Brush D32M

Denman Round Brush
Denman Boar Bristle Round Brush D32M Great For Adding Shine and Body

Advantages Denman Round Brush D32M
Great for all hair types Yes
The perfect size Medium
Rubber safety cushion None
Boar bristles Yes
Once-piece wooden handle Yes
Styling Curls, Body and shine
Travel Friendly Lightweight
Good for Blow-Outs Average
Maximum Penetration Average
Advanced technology None
Great For Adding Shine Yes
Balanced Handle None

A round hairbrush is sometimes used with a blow-dryer to style medium- long hair. Or can be used as a curling brush.

Denman Boar Bristle Oval Brush

Denman Brush
Denman 100% Boar Bristle Oval Brush

Advantages Denman Oval Boar Brush D82ML
Great for all hair types Yes
The perfect size Large, Medium and Small sizes
Rubber safety cushion Yes
Boar bristles Yes
Once-piece wooden handle Yes
Styling Average
Travel Friendly Depends on size
Good for Blow-Outs Average
Maximum Penetration Yes
Advanced technology None
Great For Adding Shine Yes
Balanced Handle Yes

A hairbrush with a cushion is used to detach hair. Denman's finishing brush with natural bristle, air- coated for comfort, brings out your natural brightness, smoothness and refresh your hair. The brushes reduce frizz and add the final polish to your style, perfect for up-styling or brushing out curls.

Denman's Vent Brush Great For Adding Style

Denman Flexible Vent Brush D200
Denman Flexible Vent Brush D200

A vent brush is a great tool to use to help style your hair while drying. It can perform some light detangling while adding style to your hair. It has great air circulation due to the vent holes cut into the brush head. This allows air from your hair dryer to reach your hair thus cutting drying time while performing light styling.

Denman’s Vent Brush Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Aids in drying hair Limited styling
Great penetration Not ideal for short hair
Light styling Ball tips can fall off
Light volumizing Mostly made of plastic
Light detangle
Scalp protection
Low static

D200 Vent Brush For Creating A Natural Finish

Denman Large Professional Paddle Brush D83

Advantages Denman Large Professional Paddle Brush D83
Great for all hair types Yes
The perfect size Large Only
Rubber safety cushion Yes
Boar bristles None
Once-piece wooden handle No
Styling Average
Travel Friendly No
Good for Blow-Outs Average
Maximum Penetration Yes
Advanced technology None
Great For Adding Shine No
Balanced Handle Yes
Great For Lot’s Of Hair Yes
Faster Brushing Yes

Denman Large Professional Paddle Brush D83
Denman Large Professional Paddle Brush-D83

A paddle brush is a great tool to help you save time while styling your hair. A paddle brush has a larger brush head therefore it can cover more hair with each brushstroke. If you have a lot of hair and especially long hair a paddle brush is what you want.

D83 Paddle Brush For Blow Drying Straight Hair


Denman Brush

Denman International Limited is part of the 1972 Denroy Group of Companies. The Group is a family owned private company with headquarters in Bangor, Northern Ireland. It employs 160 people at the time of this writing. Denman International Limited is a sales and marketing organization with offices in London and Amsterdam and a wholly owned subsidiary, Denman Inc., based in Boston, USA. Its sister company, Denroy Plastics Limited, manufactures the Denman brush and comb range and is a key supplier to a variety of industries, including aerospace, defence, automotive, handling of materials and medical equipment. For more details, visit Denroy 's website.

The Denman Large 9 Row Styling Brush D4 Brush - 8.27 Inches

Denman Brush

Blowdrying with the Denman D3 Original Styler

Click on an image for a larger view

How to take apart the Denman 9 row brush

Here is one reason I recommend Denman and love their brushes. It's super easy to take apart the brush for cleaning. Here is how:
  1. Hold the brush in you dominate hand and use your thumb to push up on the base of the brush.
  2. Slowly remove the red rubber and the bristles that are held inside.
  3. Turn it over and take the back of the red rubber insert apart.
  4. The bristles now can be removed for cleaning.
  5. Reverse the steps to put back together.

Watch the video to see how to take apart and put the brush back together again 

How to clean your Denman brush

This brush is often confused with a detangling bush which it is not. There are many videos and articles written about using this brush to detanlge hair. While it may work depending on your hair type that's not it's intended purpose to a degree. To properly detangle hair and get the best results you really need a detanlge brush not a styling brush. That's our recommendation.

So what is the brush's intended purpose?

Denman Large 9 Row Styling Brush D4 Brush

Denman Large 9 Row Styling Brush D4 Brush

What is the Denman brush used for? For those blessed with volume and length, this iconic styling brush is used in controlled styling and natural curl definition. The Denman large 9 row styling D4 brush is best for style control and definition of wet curls. In addition, it's used to detangle natural 3c and 4 type hair. The Denman brush is also used to apply many types of hair products because it can evenly distribute the product through the hair with just a few brush stokes.

For more about detangling see the Denman D5 - 9 row detangling and volumizing brush below.

Denman also makes the D5 9 row in a detangling and volumizing brush.  It's very similar to the heavyweight 9 row with one very important exception. The bristle density is different. It has less bristles for easy detangling. Less bristles creates less tension thus allowing the brush to work on the tangles with each brush stoke. The detangling brush also allow for easy cleaning just like the D5 heavyweight 9 row brush. Just follow the instructions above and wash with warm soapy water. Make sure to avoid putting it in direct sunlight or a high heat source.

Denman D5 9 row detangling brush
Denman D5 9 row detangling brush

What's the best Denman brush for curly hair? With curls comes tangles and sometimes a lot of them. It's important to use the Denman D5 9 row detangling brush because the bristles are spread out and are not as densely packed as the other models. This feature will allow the brush to glide through your hair with less friction and thus causes less damage to your hair while detangling.

Click on an image for a larger view

Modify an existing D5 9 row to use as a deteanlger

If you already have a Denman brush but it's not the detangling brush you can modify you existing Denman D5 9 row by taking out every other row of bristles. This effectively turn your brush into a very good detangling brush with just a few easy steps. Watch the video to see how.

Denman Brush
This brush is perfect for: Styling controlled. Detangling dry and wet hair to some degree depending on your hair type. Separating wet curls and defining them. Sculpture and hair styling. Blow-drying and blow-styling. Smoothing, straightening hair. Good for styles that need grip, tension and control.

The brush works by having the sculpted rounded nylon pins separate, hair and define curls when the hair is wet. There are nine rows of pins and larger head accommodate larger or longer hair and increase tension and grip. The half-round brush 's styling edges create tension when shaping the hair during blowing. Unique pin pattern gives extra grip and tension.

Care: Wash in warm water, soapy. Rinse and let the direct heat and sunlight dry. Remove loose hair with a comb from the brush. A hairdryer can be used.

Different Types of Denman Styling Brushes

The Denman styling brush comes in different sizes made for different purposes. You want to pick the one that is right for you and your purpose.In addition to the D4 Denman Large 9 Row here are other models available. Denaman has more on their website, mentioned here are just the original classic styling models or variations.

Denman Row Styling Brush Advantages
Great for all hair types Yes
Rubber Safety Cushion Yes
No Scratch Tipped Bristles Yes
Good for both wet and dry hair Yes
Good for Blow-Outs Average
Maximum Penetration Average
Advanced Technology None
One Piece Handle Yes


D5 - Heavyweight 9 row styling brush - 8.46 Inches

Denman Brush

The Denman D5 's heaviest styling brush provides extra tension and grip. The ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition is our unique sculpted pins. Brush Length: 8.46 inches. Brush Width: 1.69 inches.

D143 - Small 5 row styling brush - 8 Inches

Denman Brush

Five rows of smooth, rounded nylon pins in staggered form provide exceptional grip and control to maintain hair tension during styling. The half- round rubber pad is perfect for smoothing hair and sleek bob shapes. Brush Length: 8 inches. Brush Width: 1.2 inches

D3 - Medium 7 row styling brush - 7.87 Inches

Denman D3 brush
Denman D3 brush

What type of Denman brush should I use? One of the best all-around brushes is the Denman D3 brush which is a medium 7 row styling brush. It's size makes it very good for just about all hair types and it excels at controlled styling. The bristles pass through your hair without getting caught and thus does not promote hair breakage. It's an excellent all-around brush. If you have thicker hair and or lots of natural curls and waves you will want to consider the Denman D4 which is a 9 row brush. It's a little bigger giving you more control and detangling ability.

Blowdrying Short Hair with a Denman D3

British hairbrush design benchmark, our Denman D3 is loved worldwide. The ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition is our unique sculpted pins. Brush Length: 7.87 inches. Brush Width: 1.38 inches.

D14 - Small 5 row styling brush - 6.5 Inches

Denman Brush

Denman 's definitive miniature styling brush. The ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition is our unique sculpted pins. Its compact size makes it perfect for traveling with you. Brush Length: 6.5 inches. Brush Width: 0.98 inches

Denman - Behind The Scenes

What is your favorite Denman brush and why? Readers of this article and myself would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please comment below.

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