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Denman Brush

Original Denman Brushes
This article covers original brushes and the most popular uses for the Denman brush. Also covered are the 6 different types of general purpose brushes and their use. But first let's start out by getting to know the Denman company a little better and the different types of hair brushes. Let's start with the types of hair brushes.

Original Denman Brushes

Denman Brush
A hairbrush is a stick brush with stiff or soft bristles used to smooth, style and detach human hair. In combination with a curling iron or hair dryer, it can also be used for styling.

For example, after sleeping or showering, a flat brush is normally used to detach hair. For styling and curling hair, a round brush can be used, especially by a professional stylist, often with a hair dryer. To straighten the hair and tame fly-aways, a paddle brush is used. Many bristle materials are not suitable for babies with fine, soft hair because of the hardness; instead, some synthetic materials and horse or goat hair bristles are used.

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Types of Brushes

Different types of brushes are used for different purposes or have special characteristics that benefit certain types of hair.

Round brush: Usually used for adding fullness and movement to the hair with a blow dryer. Some
Denman Brush
have a base of metal or ceramic to heat up during blow drying.

Vent brush: Vents allow more air to flow between the bristles, but the drying time is not affected.

Cushion brush: Bristles are mounted on a rubber cushion or mat for additional flexibility in order to minimize hair breakage during removal. A popular line of cushion brushes is produced by Denman.

Paddle brush: A broad base allows for more exposure during blow drying; flexible teeth are designed to minimize breakage, although some believe that it does not work.

Detangler brush: Features such as spacious, flexible, nylon teeth are designed to be gentle on tangled or knotted hair.

Boar bristle brush: Tightly spaced boar- hair bristles are designed to increase brushing tension and smooth the hair.

Pro Tip: Depending on the texture and whether the hair is wet or dry, the brushing effects will be different. Usually straight hair looks smoother when brushed. When brushed dry, curly hair tends to expand. Which makes working with straight hair easier.

Denman Brush

A round hairbrush is sometimes used with a blow-dryer to style medium- long hair.Or can be used as a curling brush.

Denman Brush

A hairbrush with a cushion is used to detach hair. Denman's finishing brush with natural bristle, air- coated for comfort, brings out your natural brightness, smoothness and refresh your hair. The brushes reduce frizz and add the final polish to your style, perfect for up-styling or brushing out curls.


Denman Brush

Denman International Limited is part of the 1972 Denroy Group of Companies. The Group is a family owned private company with headquarters in Bangor, Northern Ireland. It employs 160 people at the time of this writing. Denman International Limited is a sales and marketing organization with offices in London and Amsterdam and a wholly owned subsidiary, Denman Inc., based in Boston, USA. Its sister company, Denroy Plastics Limited, manufactures the Denman brush and comb range and is a key supplier to a variety of industries, including aerospace, defence, automotive, handling of materials and medical equipment. For more details, visit Denroy 's website.

The Denman Large 9 Row Styling Brush D4 Brush - 8.27 Inches

Denman Brush
This brush is often confused with a detangling bush which it is not. There are many videos and articles written about using this brush to detanlge hair. While it may work depending on your hair type that's not it's intended purpose to a degree. To properly detangle hair and get the best results you really need a detanlge brush not a styling brush. That's our recommendation.

So what is the brush's intended purpose?

For those blessed with volume and length, this iconic styling brush is maximized. The ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition. This brush is best for styles control and definition of wet curls.

Denman Brush
This brush is perfect for: Styling controlled. Detangling dry and wet hair to some degree depending on your hair type. Separating wet curls and defining them. Sculpture and hair styling. Blow-drying and blow-styling. Smoothing, straighting hair. Good for styles that need grip, tension and control.

The brush works by having the sculpted rounded nylon pins separate, hair and define curls when the hair is wet. There are nine rows of pins and larger head accommodate larger or longer hair and increase tension and grip. The half-round brush 's styling edges create tension when shaping the hair during blowing. Unique pin pattern gives extra grip and tension.

Care: Wash in warm water, soapy. Rinse and let the direct heat and sunlight dry. Remove loose hair with a comb from the brush. A hairdryer can be used.

Different Types of Denman Styling Brush

The Denman styling brush comes in different sizes made for different purposes. You want to pick the one that is right for you and your purpose.In addition to the D4 Denman Large 9 Row here are other models available. Denaman has more on their website, mentioned here are just the original classic styling models or variations. At the time of this writing other variations are: the Anarkitty, Fragranced, Diamante, Kiss, Animal Print and The Cocktail Collection.

D5 - Heavyweight 9 row styling brush - 8.46 Inches

Denman Brush

The Denman D5 's heaviest styling brush provides extra tension and grip. The ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition is our unique sculpted pins. Brush Length: 8.46 inches. Brush Width: 1.69 inches.

D143 - Small 5 row styling brush - 8 Inches

Denman Brush
Five rows of smooth, rounded nylon pins in staggered form provide exceptional grip and control to maintain hair tension during styling. The half- round rubber pad is perfect for smoothing hair and sleek bob shapes. Brush Length: 8 inches. Brush Width: 1.2 inches

D3 - Medium 7 row styling brush - 7.87 Inches

Denman Brush
British hairbrush design benchmark, our Denman D3 is loved worldwide. The ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition is our unique sculpted pins. Brush Length: 7.87 inches. Brush Width: 1.38 inches.

D14 - Small 5 row styling brush - 6.5 Inches

Denman Brush
Denman 's definitive miniature styling brush. The ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition is our unique sculpted pins. Its compact size makes it perfect for traveling with you. Brush Length: 6.5 inches. Brush Width: 0.98 inches

Denman - Behind The Scenes

What is your favorite Denman brush and why? Readers of this article and myself would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please comment below.

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