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Best Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage

Brushes to Prevent Breakage
Best Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage? Use a nylon bristle brush to prevent breakage. Nylon is gentler on hair strands than boar bristles, which can cause weak or thin hair to be grabbed by the bristles and cause breakage. An alternative is to use a soft boar bush for fine hair.

Top Picks Hair Brushes to Prevent Breakage
Product Description Price
Wet Brush Pro Paddle Hair Brush Dettanlger Comb $9.92
Wet Brush 2 Piece Original Detangler $13.86
Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush $9.88
Wet Brush Classic $7.49
Revlon Detangle & Smooth Black Cushion Hair Brush $5.47
Conair Anti-static Detangling Brush $9.99
Conair Pro Hair Brush with Nylon Bristle $3.88
Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush $7.29
Bsisme Hair Brush Natural Boar Bristle $11.99
Tangle Teezer The Original $12.99
Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry, Ombre $9.69
Boar Bristle Curved and Vented Detangling Hair Brush $12.99
Wet Pro Epic Quick Dry Brush $11.24
Cricket Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush, 4 Ounce $10.22
SUPRENT Velvet Touch Paddle Brush, Detangling Brush $6.99
Beyond 100 Naturals Dry Scalp Bamboo Paddle Brush $22.05

Choose soft bristles gentle on hair

Choosing a premium quality wood handle with good rubber grip is a good first start when selecting a brush. A brush which has a mixture or soft nylon and natural bristles so that its gentle on thin hair.

A rubber handle is nice for a good grip. Some brushes like the Revlon has both. A good grip is essential for styling comfort.
boar and soft nylon bristles
Soft bristle brushes are gentle on hair

Bristles also remove oils from the scalp and properly distribute them across the hair to keep your hair healthy. A good recommendation is the Revlon Wood Series Round Brush, RV3060, Medium by Revlon. It's not too soft and not too hard. It has just the right amount of stiffness.

Mixture of soft nylon and boar for preventing hair damage

Premium quality wood handle with good rubber grip. A brush which has a mixture or soft nylon and natural bristles so that its gentle on your hair. A rubber handle is nice for a good grip. Some brushes like the Revlon had both. a good grip is essential for styling comfort.

Revlon Wood Series Round Brush, RV3060, Medium by Revlon.

Best Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage
Gentle on hair and rubber handle
Pros: Not too big and not too small. The brush is approximately 9 inches tall. This brush works well for those who have short hair including men. The bristles are soft and the rubber grip is very good.

Cons: Not ideal for creating curls or waves. Some find the brush to be too soft.

Another Great Choice is the Perfect Style Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush, 1" barrel by Revlon
Best Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage
This brush is a little larger. It 10 inches tall. Therefore pushing the envelope for shorter hair. Revlon’s inspiration is beauty and they are committed to a positive impact on our lives through the use of their products.

They have a passion for beauty and everything that makes you feel beautiful. Revlon is committed to helping you achieve stunningly beautiful hair, effortlessly with their latest technology and styling solutions.

You are empowered to create hair styles that make you look and feel beautiful. Revlon's hair styling tools are engineered with technological innovation to help support less damage and feature style advancements to create the looks you love.

Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage
The Revlon Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush allows you to create perfect beach waves any time of the year. The nylon pins will help separate hair while the boar mix bristles will make your hair smooth and shiny without scratching your scalp.

The ION+CERAMIC works to create and even heat distribution while creating a shinier and healthier looking hair. This brush is recommend and works best for medium to long hair.

It's really hard to tell if the ion plus ceramic makes that big of a difference. I am guessing every little bit helps and it can't hurt, right?

Prevent Breakage
Pros: Works well for blow drying and styling wet hair. We love that the brush grips your hair well without causing any damage. It's perfect for styling bangs while blow drying. The bristles have plastic caps so they are not hard and do not scratch your scalp. You head will thank you.

Cons: May be a bit big for short or shorter hair. If the brush is subjected to too high a heat the bristles could bend and become distorted. We recommend that you not use too high of heat, it's not good for your hair anyway.

Best Hair Brush to prevent damage to your hair

How To Restore Damaged Hair
Help Your Hair Recover Conditioning Your Hair Growing Healthy Hair
1. Use color treatments in moderation 1. Condition your hair each time you shampoo 1. Use natural hair products
2. Handle hair gently 2. Deep conditioning treatments once each week 2. Massage your scalp
3. Air dry instead of using heat 3. Use finishing oil or serum 3. Eat healthy foods
4. Limit shampoo to once or twice a week 4. Homemade hair mask 4. Get regular hair cuts
5. Brush your hair only when it's dry 5. Use a heat protectant 5. Don’t use damaged combs
6. Avoid restrictive hairstyles 6. Use a UV protectant 6. Clean brushes regularly

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