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Best Brush for Thinning Hair

Have you thin hair or thinning hair and looking for the best brush? thinning hair and hair loss is a lot more common than most people realize. For example 40% are women who loose their hair. Choosing the right brush for thin hair is important not cause damage to your hair or scalp.
Best Brush for Thinning Hair Boar Brush

The best brush for thinning hair is one that has the perfect combination of firmness without being inflexible or painful to the scalp. Look for a brush that will not will not rip or tear your hair. Brushes for thinning hair is smooth and polished in which as no sharp edges or burs where the bristles connect to the head of the brush. Most first-cut boar bristle brushes are going to be too hard on your scalp if you have thinning hair. A great choice is soft boar bristle brush because it the perfect combination of firmness and stiffness making it the best brush for thinning hair.

Best Brushes for Thinning Hair
Brushes Recommendations
GranNaturals boar bristle paddle brush Paddle style brush. I love the wooden handle and soft bristles. This combination is perfect for fine and or thinning hair. The brush loses some of its bristles but for the price, I would not be concerned unless an entire plug comes out. This is not a detangle brush, so don't even try. Also, this brush will not be the best option for Afro-textured hair.
Denman D4 - Large 9 row styling brush 9 Row style brush. One of the best brushes on the market today, period. I owned one for many years till I lost it. Then I immediately purchased another one. Now, that should tell you something, right? Comes in a 5 row, 7 rows, and a 9 row. Superb for Afro-textured hair.
Denman D1 Medium soft styling brush 8 Row style brush. Great brush but do not use with heat.
Denman D82L - Large boar bristle grooming brush Oval boar bristle brush. They mount bristles in a flexible cushion for extra flexibility.
Mason Pearson Sensitive Boar Bristle Hairbrush – Soft Oval style brush. One of the best. The Boar Bristle tufts have the highest reputation for polishing and maintaining hair.
Harry Josh Pro Tools Round Brush 2.25 Inch Small round brush. Very nice brush with a nice looking wooden handle. Great for short thin hair.
Kent LBR1 spiral radial brush 45mm Small round brush. I love the wooden handle. Great for short hair. Great for beards too.
Kent LBR2 spiral radial brush 55mm Round brush. Same as the LBR1 in 45mm but larger. Excellent brush for medium length hair and creating curls and waves.
Kent LBR3 spiral radial brush 75mm Round brush. Same as the LBR1 in 75mm but larger. Excellent brush for long hair and creating large curls and waves.
Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Palm style brush. Great brush for detangling thin to medium hair. Can use it to detangle Afro-textured hair, but I have found the Denman 9 row to be a little quicker. There is a trade-off, being quicker - the Denman or being gentler - the Tangle Teezer. Do not use with heat.
Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush Oval style brush. I love this brush because it is the same as the original Tangle Teezer but has a handle. Do not use with heat.
Boar hair brush for men & women with fine hair by Truly Genuine Stockholm Oval style brush. I love the Cherry wood handle and a combination of nylon ball-tipped and boar bristles. Plus, you also get a cleaning tool, which is a nice touch. It's not the best quality and the ball-tips come off, but for the price, it's a very good value.


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According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, "The main features to look for in a brush for thinning hair is its bristles and its the spacing of those bristles and their stiffness." If you are interested in straightening your hair you should read my article called: The best straightening brush for thin hair. If they are spaced too wide then the brush will not be as effective. In addition, if the bristles are too stiff they are going to scratch your scalp. Generally speaking for thin hair the brush needs to have softer bristles.

If you have thin hair and you are interested in more brushes for thin hair then read my article called: What kind of brush is best for thin hair. In this article I go over in more detail the following thin hair brushes.

GranNatruals paddle brush for thinning hair

If you have long fine hair then you should read my article called: What is the best brush for long fine hair. In this article I go over an amazing 30 different brushes all for thin fin hair.

Check out my article on "Should you brush fine hair". Did you know damaged, thin hair can benefit from an extra-soft boar bristle brush? Check out my best brushes for fine hair recommendations in this article and more...

And if you want to get a lot of volume and you have thin hair then you need a teasing brush. Teasing brushes are specifically used to create volume usually on the top of your head and are great for folks who have thin hair. Click here to ready my article called: Teasing comb for fine hair.

GranNaturals boar bristle hair brush good for thin hair

  • Crafted wood handle is perfect size.
  • Reduces frizz while you are brushing the oils from your hair.
  • By brushing you spread oils through your hair strands.
  • By spreading oil can repair dry hair and add volume and brightness.
  • For cleaning just use a little dish-washing soap and warm water. Be careful not to soak the wooden handle. 

GranNaturals Boar Bristle Hair Brush Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Wood handle No cleaner tool
Soft boar bristles Not great at detangling
Bristles can shed somewhat Not for wet hair
Price less than $15.00 Not the best quality

The GranNatruals paddle brush which has short bristles is good to shorter thin hair. Check out the video below for features and more about the brush. This brush is not optimal for thick hair. There are much better brushes out there for thick hair. For thick hair you need maximum penetration and stiff boar bristles, first-cut.

Boar hair brush for men & women with fine hair by Truly Genuine Stockholm

Most stylist recommended boar bristle brush contains soft, but firm nylon bristles so you get shimmering, frizz-free hair without hurting your scalp, unlike traditional hair bristle brushes. Although this small cherry wood brush looks simple, its powerful anti-frizz properties transform hair from dull, dry, brittle and breaking hair into shiny, soft, flowing and healthy looking hair, making it an ideal hair brush for women, men and children with normal, thick, thin, wavy, curly, straight, straight, ethnically mixed or thick hair. This brush is not optimal for thick hair.

Strong, soft ball-tipped nylon bristles stimulate the scalp while spreading natural, protective sebaceous oils from the root to the tip of stronger, shiner, gorgeous hair without the need for tons of hair care products.

Boar Brush by Truly Genuine Stockholm Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Cherry wood handle Ball tips can come off
Boar and Nylon with Ball-tipped Not great at detangling
Plus cleaner tool Not for wet hair
Price less than $15.00 Not the best quality

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, "By redistributing natural sebaceous oils from root to tip, hair is encapsulated in critical nutrients, improving follicle strength, flexibility and strength, resulting in less breakage than normal hair brush."

Optimal hair bristle brush tip spacing works quickly, naturally and smoothly through hair, making this brush with natural bristles great for anyone with sensitive scalp. These is no better hairbrush than this strategically placed line of all-natural boar hair bristles and soft, ball-tipped nylon bristles to stimulate your scalp for faster, healthier growth, while redistributing natural sebaceous oils from the root to the tip providing beautifully soft, shimmering hair, free of frizz and tangles with every brush.

Thinning hair brush conclusion

When looking for a brush for thinning hair look for one that has soft or softer bristles. Stay away from boar brushes that are First-cut. These brushes will have stiffer bristles that will most likely feel hard on your scalp. Also look for a brush that has a flexible cushion. The flex in the cushion will help make the brush feel much softer on your scalp. People with thin hair do not need really stiff bristles for penetration. A lot of penetration is not need for thin hair unless you just happen to have ton of thin hair, then you might need a little more penetration and the Stockholm brush will most likely be a better option.

Please make a comment below. I would love to know what brush works for you and why.

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