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Kent Grooming

Kent Grooming
Kent Grooming Hair Brushes For Men

You want your brush to work with your hair, not against it, whether you are grooming thick curly locks or thin, fine hair. I rounded up some fantastic models specifically for your individual hair type to help you get the right brush for you.
  1. KB Cool Hog Small Travel Bag Size Hair Brush - Perfect for travel
  2. OG2 Beech Wood Rectangular Club Hairbrush - Boar bristles remove excess hair products
  3. KB Headhog The Every-Day Hair Brush - Perfect for everyday use
  4. NS06 / PF06 Narrow Grooming Pure Bristle Brush - Ideal for shorter hair
  5. KFM2 8" 9-Row Half Radial, Ionic Charged, Gel Styler Hairbrush - Suitable for thick or long hair
  6. MN1B Rectangular Military Ebony Wood Pure White Bristle Gentlemen's Hairbrush -
    Convenient for thick hair
  7. Gentleman's Hairbrush Model No. MG3, Oval 5"x 2 3/4", Bristles 1/2" - Distribute natural oils gently in your hair

Headhog brushes have proven their versatility for the entire family for more than 30 years, whether at home or out with a handbag or a gym bag. The Coolhog is a small, colorful hairbrush with nylon ball-tipped quills. It works well for styling and hair up and is small enough for purses and hands of children. For more on Kent hair brushes view the Kent specifications PDF.

1. KB Cool Hog Small Travel Bag Size Hair Brush

Colorful and cushioned Kent KB Cool Hog Small Handy Travel Size for wet or dry hair.
Kent size chart
No Scratch Nylon Tipped Ball Protect your hair and skirt. Cushion  and a gentle de-tangling action penetrate the scalp. Good for wet and dry hair, and styling every day. For all types and lengths of hair. Made in England since 1777, the oldest manufacturer of hairbrushes in the world.

KB Cool Hog Hair Brush Small Travel Size. Colorful, padded. No Scratch Nylon Ball-Tipped for Styling Wet or Dry Hair, Sky Blue. The small colorful Coolhog have proven its versatility for the whole family, whether at home, in the handbag or in the sports bag. The air-coated head protects the scalp from damage, while the non-scratch ball glides through the knots gently. These fantastic tools are tough and reliable, which are wet or dry for most types of hair. Sky Blue, Royal Purple, Pink & Bright Green is available in 4 different colors.

2. OG2 Beech Wood 7 1/2" Rectangular Club Hairbrush

Boar brush for men
Fine luxury for traditional brushing or blow drying. With this tool, essential oils in the scalp are stimulated and encouraged to flow through the hair strands. Boar bristles also remove excess hair products, gel, hair spray, mousse, etc. A classic form dating back more than 150 years. Treat your hair respectfully, don't twist and twist it and gently use on your hair.

A rectangular beech wood club filled with pure black bristles. A classic form dating back more than 150 years. Fits medium to thick hair. Finest Men's is a range of bristles finished by hand. Designs come in different shapes, oval, rectangular or with handles. Made of fine wood and carefully sourced natural bristle, which is' cut' from different sections to offer a selection of strengths for thick, medium, fine or receding hair. Brushing not only relaxes, but also improves scalp circulation and encourages essential oils to flow through the hair that protects and nourishes.

Works great at helping keep dandruff at a min, makes hair feel silky smooth, but can be impeded by the thickness of hair. The longer the hair the harder it is to get a good pull through it. The bristles are soft which makes it pleasantly gentle but not quite a good scalp brush. Amazing product. Large surface with a solid design.

3. KB Headhog The Every-Day Hair Brush

For all the family, whether in the home, handbag or sports bag, the Headhog has proven its versatility, this is perfect for everyday use. The air-coated head protects the scalp from damage, while the non-scratch ball glides through the knots gently. This fantastic tool is tough and reliable and can be wet or dry for any length of hair or texture. Size: 8 1/2" Length of bristle: 3/4". Not recommended for long hair.

4. NS06 / PF06 Narrow Grooming Pure Bristle Brush

Narrow toilet pure bristle, is ideal for shorter hair styling and smoothing. It naturally creates healthy shiny hair. This natural bristles in flat style is ideal for short and long hair. It's great for shaping, straightening and general styling. For men and women alike. It will clean, stimulate and beautifully condition your hair.

5. KFM2 8" 9-Row Half Radial, Ionic Charged, Gel Styler Hairbrush

Kent hairbrush
Flexible natural mineral ionic bristles protect your hair and skull while adding volume and reducing Brittleness. Soft ion quills protect the skull and massage and stimulate the blood cells gently. Apply Gel to your hair Normally, then Brush, Flick, Twist and Style your desired effect with Confidence Size: 8 "Bristle Length: 2 / 4, "Effective Styler Without Gel.

A half-radial stylist especially designed for men who use style products. It is suitable for thick or long hair and has 9 rows of quills. The Kent for Men range is an exciting range of products specifically designed for men, which combine black handles and non-scratch gray quills containing powerful energizing ion molecules that help to remove UV environmental damage from the hair. Comprehension of ions: An ion is an atom that has lost or gained an electron that charges it negatively or positively. Quartz volcanic andosite crystals, emit negative ions and can be formed into brushes when added to the resin. When used, it produces quills that have a safe natural energy and the capillary vessels are stimulated and the cuticular layer, which seals in natural oils, is tightened and the hair is soft and vitalized.

6. MN1B Rectangular Military Ebony Wood Pure White Bristle Gentlemen's Hairbrush

A rectangular wood with ebony. For a personalized look, filled with pure white bristle. Similar in appearance to her bigger brother the MHN2 T, but instead of handmade, the hand was
finished. Convenient for thick hair.

Remove loose hair from the tufts regularly by inserting the cleaner tool (LPC2) or a comb on the side and remove the old hair. Sometimes, only the bristles are placed in the water using warm mild soapy water, trying not to submerge the wood, as this damages the wood. Never use harsh detergents or ammonia. Finally, wipe with a clean towel gently dry. Allow the bristles to dry naturally to face down and away from the sun, radiators, hairdryers or any artificial heat.

7. Gentleman's Hairbrush Model No. MG3, Oval 5"x 2 3/4", Bristles 1/2"

Measures 5 "by 2" oval 3/4. "Beechwood with pure white bristles. It is hand finished with the finest wood and selected natural bristles to ensure the highest quality.  It's an oval Beachwood white for men pure bristles. Suitable for all kinds of hair. The whole point of boar bristles is the gentle natural cleansing they give your hair rubbing against the shafts of your hair. They also distribute natural oils gently in your hair and create a beautiful natural shine. Hair should always be dry when using boar bristles.

The base of wood was not intended to be repeatedly wet, as wetness expands wood and dryness contracts it. This can definitely lead to cracks if repeated too often. By inserting a cleaner tool (LPC2) or a comb on the side of the brush, remove loose hair from the tufts regularly and remove the old hair. Be careful not to scrape the cleaner over the top of the tufts, as this can cause damage to the pure bristle in particular. Wash with warm soapy water from time to time, but never use ammonia or harsh detergents. Submerge only the tufts, not the back of the brush, and clean the brushes. Rinse in cold water and shake excess water and wipe using a clean towel. Allow the bristles to dry naturally away from the sun, hairdryers and artificial heat.

About Kent

Ken is the oldest hairbrush manufacturer in the world and has maintained British traditions to produce the finest hair tools in the world ever since. For over 230 years, the best quality tools are made and more than 250 products are created. Each one receives quality, design and attention to detail. They were the holders of the Royal Warrant during the British monarchy's last nine consecutive reigns.

How Kent hair brushes are made

The company continues to maintain it's reputation for craftsmanship and unprecedented quality. Even in today's fast- moving, mass- produced assembly lines, many of their originals are still manufactured by hand. You are paying for very high quality bristles. The wood is naturally black and not painted black. The brand name has been around since the 1800s. A lot of bristles don't fall out like other ones and they are imported from England. With a lot of use, your hair will become softer and shinier. It  should last for at least 10 to 15 years.

Kent hair brushes presented by GB Kent and Sons

A bit about Kent: Did you know Kent was founded in 1777 and is renowned for its outstanding reputation? It's the oldest manufacturer of hairbrush in the world. Their success was built on its rich British heritage and expertise in service and hair care. After more than 230 years of manufacturing, they  offer a wide range of more than 250 products ranging from hair, body, clothing, make-up and shaving supplies. In addition to its rich heritage and exceptional reputation, they are best known for thier range of hairbrushes, which consist of products for all hair types, lengths, styles and budgets. Kent products are the perfect choice for both salon and retail use with a wide selection, including styling, radials, ceramics, vents, ionic, paddle, voluminous and pure bristle brushes.

More Kent Grooming Favorites

Kent cherry wood rubber cushion black bristle brush
Cherry wood with rubber cushion and black bristles
With its roots from their "Hog" product line, this cushion brush is both an exceptional styling and grooming aid as it is a true modern classic. The smart black rubber cushion is filled with pure black bristle. Suitable for dense thick hair.

Kent narrow pure bristle cushioned base - white color
Narrow pure bristle cushioned base in white
Narrow - sized cushioned brush is great for smoothing and finishing short hair. The air - cushioned head protects the scalp from damage, while the pure natural bristle distributes the natural oils and promotes brightness and luster. Comes in black as shown below.

Kent narrow pure bristle cushioned base black color
Narrow pure bristle with a cushioned base and black in color
Monster Beard Brush
Monster Beard
Monster Beard Brush - package
Monster Beard Package
The monster – a moniker not to be taken lightly. This is not just some tarted, rebranded, off-the-shelf hairbrush put on the market under the guise of being a legitimate beard brush. Not at all. As real makers, they are not in the business of falsification, smoke, or mirrors.

Kent products images
When Kent designs a product to untangle a problem, they start from the ground up. Their finest, bearded makers designed and built this one. Two hundred and forty years of making knowledge, craftsmanship, care and attention have been poured into every monster. Instantly recognizable, the unique beard brush handle with its flintlock pistol grip is unparalleled in design, comfort and ease of use. The head of the monsters is large enough to accommodate the unruliest of beards while maintaining their own dignity. A very special hand-mixed blend of both horse hair and uniquely selected nylon combine to create a tufted head of unimaginable beard brilliance.

Brush Types

The major factor in determining brush type is the density of bristles. Bristle density also helps in determining it's purpose. Based on bristle density and shape (round or concave) you have the following types of brushes:
  1. Vent brush
  2. Round brush
  3. Paddle brush 
  4. Teasing brush
  5. The Wet Brush - Does the wet brush work on dry hair and Is the wet brush good for your hair

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