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InStyler Heat Settings

Have you heard about the InStyler hair styling tool? One of the most important features of any styling brush is the ability to control the heat settings to get the right amount of heat for your type of hair. Hot air brushes are a great tool to style your hair and give you the style to fit your occasion. Your hair style is a vital part of your image, just like makeup. You always want to look your best and any styling tool that makes the job easier and quicker is a plus. The Instyler has many features that can help you look your best.

3 Tempperature seetings for the InStyler
Temperature settings
InStyler heat settings. Off - no bars, Low - one bar (284°F/140°C), Medium - two bars (315°F/157°C) and High - three bars (385°F/196°C). 

Hot brushes are great time saving tools. But some are better than others and there are features you will want to have. What are the most important features? I analyzed the top brands and documented my findings. You can find my articles here: "Hot Brushes".

InStyler settings
InStyler features

Heat settings overview

The InStyler has an automatic Safety Shut-Off. The voltage is 120V/60Hz and the power is 135W.

InStyler heat operating sequence

InStyler directions. To start up the brush plug it into a polarized electrical outlet.

  1. Push the On/Off Button once for high-heat (3 Bars, 410°F). This is the ideal heat setting for thick, coarse hair. 
  2. Push the On/Off Button a second time for medium-heat (2 Bars, 315°F). This is the ideal for thin-to-medium textured hair. 
  3. Push the On/Off Button a third time for low-heat (1 Bar, 285°F). This is the ideal for thin, fine hair. 
  4. Push the On/Off Button a fourth time to turn the brush off (LED Bar(s) will turn off, NO Bars). The LED bar(s) will flash until the heated barrel and smoothing plate have heated to the desired heat setting; once the desired heat setting has been achieved, the LED bar(s) will remain lit.
  5. Do not use the InStyler on wet hair

InStyler temperature settings and hair type

Temperature settings for hair types
Hair types and temperature
Blowout before and after
Curls before and after
Straight hair
Straight before and after
Waves before and after
InStyler user manual

The brush comes with a thermal guard 

Thermal guard
 It is recommended that you use your Thermal Guard Training Aid to help prevent burns while you are getting used to the styling tool.

  1. To attach, snap the Thermal Guard Training Aid onto the side of the unit directly under the ring below the barrel. 
  2. Rotate the Thermal Guard Training Aid until tabs are seated in the indentations on the body of the InStyler, and the Thermal Guard Training Aid is facing out. 
  3. Once it is snapped in place, you can use your brush as normal.

MaxPrime Instyler heat settings

The MAX PRIME Blowout Revolving Styler offers the added advantage of 2-way barrel rotation and up to 4 heat settings up to 425F for maximum control.

Heating differences between an InStyler and a flat iron

The big difference is that by pressing it against a heat source, a flat iron will flatten your hair. The heat source is usually two hot plates. Your hair will then be baked. This process makes your hair very hot, which can damage your hair in some cases. The big advantage of the Instyler is that it uses a heated rotating head. Although heat is used, your hair is not pressed and subjected to high heat by towing flat iron. The rotating head is constantly moving, so it does the same job in theory, but better and faster and with less hair stress. The heated rotating barrel rotates at more than 100 revolutions per minute.

The heat settings in this article are accurate for the pictured air brush model at the time of this writing. Please make sure you follow manufacture guidelines and read your product manual before use.

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