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Hair Brush Review

Best hair brushes
Best Hair Brush Round Up
It can take years of practice to find out what really works for you when it comes to styling your hair. And one thing is certain, you start by choosing the right hair brush to get the hairstyle you want.

Brush review

My top hair brushes reviewed:

  1. Kareco Tangle Buster Brush
  2. Umberto Banana Brush
  3. Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Nylon and Boar Bristle Brush 
  4. Spornette Luxury Cushion Hair Brush 
  5. Revlon Perfect Style Softness & Shine Purse Pin Cushion Brush 
  6. Revlon Essentials Signature Series Tunnel Vent Brush 
  7. Brushlab Ceramic Thermal Hair Brush (Orange Series)
  8. The Wet Brush 
  9. Goody Ouchless Cushion Brush
  10. Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush 
  11. The Body Shop Bamboo Pin Hairbrush

It may seem relatively easy to find the best hair brush, but if you look at the hair-growing section in a beauty supply store, you'll realize how many options there are. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, "But whether you're interested in a round brush or a bristle brush or prefer a boar brush or a classic paddle brush, it's all about doing the job without ripping your hair, strand for strand."

I brushed through reviews and compiled a list of favorite brushes. These are the best hair brushes that shine, from affordable picks by Goody and Revlon to luxury options by Mason Pearson.These are some of my favorites and why.

  11: The Body Shop Bamboo Pin Hairbrush- $10.00

Why it's great: 
  1. Good for a daily brush
  2. Stimulates the scalp
  3. Helps add volume
  4. Bristles feel nice on the scalp
  5. Bamboo brush typically does not cause static and frizz

Best for: Medium to long hair Features: A rubber pad smoothly follows the head's contours. During use, round tip pins do not scratch the scalp and are particularly good for thick hair. Bamboo handle is considered a renewable source for protecting the planet. 

  10: Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush- $36.00

Why it's great:
  1. Good for daily brushing
  2. Works well on curly, textured hair
  3. It's easy to hold
  4. Hair doesn't get tangled

9: Goody Ouchless Cushion Brush - $9.25

Why it's great: 
  1. Good to detangle hair
  2. Super easy to clean
  3. Affordable
  4. Good for thick, curly hair
  5. Glide through the hair gently
  6. Doesn't pull hair
  7. Passes through very thick hair, without pulling out a ton of it in the process

Flex Glide bristles combine strength with flexibility to gently pass through chaotic hair without snags or pulling. Less snagging and pulling hair when compared to a normal brush.

8: The Wet Brush- $10.99

Why it's great:
  1. Untangles strands gently
  2. The Wet Brush is great for thin, curly hair that is constantly tangling
  3. Loved the brand's range of designs, from giraffe to a vibrant pink color. Shown above is purple
  4. Great go-to shower brush
  5. Great for bargain-hunters

Wet Brush set out on a mission to conquer the horrible problem of tear-free hair. With IntelliFlex bristles, they created a unique brush that runs through hair effortlessly and detaches wet or dry hair without pulling or tugging.

Soft flexible bristles IntelliFlex easily detach hair. Ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip for stylists that makes this brush the best friend of the stylist. Perfect for men, women and children with all types of hair. Great for extensions. It works great on dry and wet hair. Super soft IntelliFlex bristles Detangle hair easily, even when wet For all hair types, thick, curly or straight Great for extensions and wigs.

7: Brushlab Ceramic Thermal (Orange Series) - $48.99

Why it's great: 
  1. Brush leaves hair soft and smooth
  2. Size of the barrel is perfect for straight and volume adding blow-drying
  3. Works perfectly to straighten hair with the help of a blow-dryer
  4. Round brushes are great for blow-drying hair

100 Percent bristles of nylon. Nylon bristles resistant to heat resistant to high temperatures. Ceramic thermal barrel helps distribute heat evenly to prevent drying and damage. Maximum control corresponds to maximum results. Our comfort grip is designed to massage and prevent slip ups. Faster blow dry.

This brush is for people who want to add volume, curl or straighten.

6: Revlon Signature Series Tunnel Vent Brush- $7.50

Why it's great: 
  1. Nylon pin bristles of this vent brush make brushing out stubborn strands a breeze for ladies with fine hair that easily tangles
  2. Makes blow-drying hair easier because it prevents fly-aways
  3. Works with wet, wild hair
  4. Helps with styling wild hair

Revlon Hair Accessories Signature Tunnel Vent Brush is designed to reduce the time required to dry hair. The tunnel vent brush is sleek and perfect to detach your hair. It has a soft handle to grip you firmly. Brushing fastens hair drying and removes tangles at the same time. This brush also promotes smooth blood flow in the scalp and contributes to healthy hair growth. It has a beautiful color.

A closer look: Revlon Hair Accessories Signature Tunnel Vent Brush helps to promote healthy hair growth by encouraging the circulation of blood in the scalp. The brush is good for removing hair tangles and is best suited to create smooth straight styles on long hair. Start: Brush the wet hair for quick drying.

5: Revlon Soft Touch Pin Cushion Brush- $6.63

Why it's great: 
  1. What's better than a brush working through a mess
  2. Can be cleaned easily
  3. Nice design
  4. Feels great
  5. A great stimulating scalp massage

Nylon Pin Cushion Brush for all types of hair- even thick hair. The brush 's cushion has a massage effect on the scalp, which is very soothing and healthy for your hair.

4: Spornette Luxury Cushion Hair Brush- $19.14

Why it's great: 
  1. Makes hair softer and smoother
  2. Scalp feels great
  3. No pain
  4. Distributes natural oils of your hair

LARGER SIZE: A full- size and travel- size version of Spornette 's luxury cushion brushes. This larger version is a hairstyle staple that can be used for everyday use in your vanity bathroom or office desk drawer. Dimensions of product 9.2 x 3 x 1 inch; 12 ounces.

The large luxury boar and nylon cushion brush of Spornette works well on all types of hair- long, medium, short, thick, thin, curly, wavy or straight. For wigs and extensions, it's even gentle enough.

BOAR BRISTLE AND NYLON BRISTLE COMBO: This cushion brush is equipped with both boar and nylon bristles. The nylon bristles are slightly longer than the boar bristles, which facilitate the penetration and detachment of the bristle tuft. The shorter bristles of the boar soften, fit and add brightness.

SATIN HANDLE: The large luxury cushion brush of Spornette features an elegant satin handle that feels luxurious in the hand. And your hands won't tire or cramp as you style at just 6 ounces.

PROTECTIVE RUBBER CUSHION: Disclaim damaged hair! Cushion brushes are designed to collapse when they meet resistance, such as tangles and knots, which reduce breakage, even during vigorous sessions of hair breaking. The cushion is vented with an air hole in order to allow air to circulate under the rubber. This allows the brush to completely dry out between uses and eliminates bacterial growth, keeping it clean, safe and healthy.

Did you ever wonder what the secret of your stylist is? Why doesn't your hair look so wonderful when you style it at home? Part of the secret of a great stylist is to have great tools. Spornette produces high-quality professional hair-styling tools at an affordable price with its LX series of brushes. The LX large luxury cushion nylon boar and nylon bristle hair brush are similar to costly European high-end brushes. Since the 1950s, Spornette, a family-owned and three-generation company, has been producing salon quality brushes for the professional beauty industry.

3: Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Nylon and Boar Bristle Brush- $175.00

Why it's great: 
  1. Even with the (extremely) high price tag of the brush, many owners argue that this tool is worth 100 percent of every penny. 
  2. Also many owners claim this is one of the best brushes they have ever used.
  3. Leaves your hair so healthy and so smooth

Our Mason Pearson Hair Brush was developed and patented more than 100 years ago and is the ultimate tool for grooming. Only the finest boar bristle of premium quality, gentle to the hair and scalp, is used. The best way to distribute natural oils while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating circulation to the hair follicles is to brush with a Mason Pearson Hair Brush. The patented pneumatic cushion is in accordance with the scalp contours, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort.

All Mason Pearson Hair Brushes are handmade in England and have a one-year manufacturing defect warranty. In the boar bristle collection, the animals are not harmed. The hand-polished plastic handle makes it comfortable to hold and use the hairbrush.

2: Umberto Banana Brush - $8.99

Why it's great: 
  1. Nice handle - easy to hold
  2. Gives my hair a great lift
  3. Great to detangle hair after the shower
  4. Great to brush thick hair without breaking it or pulling

One of Umberto 's simple secrets to beautiful hair is a professional quality brush. The Banana Brush is a versatile brush designed for all types of hair. It removes damp hair gently and helps to create lift and fullness at the roots when blowing drying. Nylon bristles of high quality are detached and controlled. The cushioned pad has a wide area. The lightweight, carved wooden handle provides easy and comfortable handling. The unique, curved shape of the banana corresponds to the shape of the head.

1: Kareco Tangle Buster Brush - $12.50

Why it's great: 
  1. Ability to easily "glide through hair " and "remove tangles"
  2. Great daily brush
  3. Good in the shower
  4. No pulling and snagging
  5. Good on tangles
  6. Glides through hair, snag-free and without damage
  7. Good on long hair

Detangle, smooth and shape large sections of wet or dry hair with a paddle and ionic bristles with unique flexibility. This brush massages and glides gently as it eliminates knots, making it ideal for sensitive scalps and to protect hair from breakage of all textures. Busting tangles was never so easy!


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