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Best Hair Brushes For Men Review

Which hair brush best for you

The best hair brush for a man is just as important as having the right haircut. The best hair brush will get the job done and do it right the first time. You know the style you are after so why mess around with some second rate hairbrush? I did all the guess work for you, and my list below is the best hair styling brush for men all in one easy to read list. Did you know the best kind of brush to use is the one that you keep using over and over again. For me, it was the Denman 9 row hairbrush. It's the one I used for many years till I lost it.

✅ What are the best hair brushes for men? Best for short hair is the Ibiza EX2, best for medium to long hair is the Mason Person, best for men's wavy hair is the Denman large paddle brush, best for men's thin straight hair is Drybar round brush, best for thick and curly hair is the tangle Teezer and best for teasing and really short hair is the Spornette Little Wonder. You want your brush to work with your hair and not against it, whether you have thick curly locks or thin, fine hair. I rounded up a few fantastic brushes specifically for your individual hair type to help you get the right brush for you.

I must warn you if you are a guy, and if you choose to purchase a brush below, please do not leave your brush on the bathroom counter for a female to see, because if you do, I guaranty she will take it from you! That might be how I lost mine.

What are the top 6 best hair brushes for men

The 15 Best of the Best Brushes for Men by Price Low to High
Best For Recommendation Price
Best brush for men's thick & curly hair option 1 Tangle Teezer Check Price
Best brush for detangling and adding shine at the same time The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer Check Price
Best brush for teasing and adding volume Spornette Little Wonder Check Price
Best for men's wavy hair Denman large cushioned paddle hair brush Check Price
Best oval boar brush option 1 Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342) Check Price
Best for thin, straight hair Men's Drybar round ceramic brush Check Price
Best wooden paddle brush Elchim Extra Soft Brush for Detangling with Wood Pins Check Price
Best round styling boar brush Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush Check Price
Best brush for men's thick & curly hair option 2 Denman 9 row Check Price
Best for short hair Ibiza EX2 extended cork round brush for men Check Price
Best sculpting, paddle and blow drying brush WEN Paddle & Sculpting Brush Duo Check Price
Best round brush with size options R+Co Round Brushes Check Price
Best for medium to long hair Mason Person men's nylon & boar bristle brush Check Price
Best brush for sensitive scalp Mason Pearson Sensitive Boar Bristle Hairbrush Check Price
Best oval boar brush option 2 Mason Person Check Price
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What are the best of the best brushes for men?


Top 6 favorite hair brushes for men

1. Best for short hair: Ibiza EX2 extended cork round brush for men


This brush has strong, small bristles so that even the shortest haircuts can be styled. Sorry Dewayne Johnson "The Rock" types, this brush is not for you. This is one of my absolute favorites best brushes. Ibiza uses the highest quality cork from cork trees in Spain. They have been making brushes for over 3 generations. Yes, you pay a little more but you get consistent quality with every brush. And in my opinion it's worth the extra cost. Make sure you choose the right size for your purpose and length of hair. 
Men's best brushes
EX2 40mm 1.5 inches

EX1 32mm 1.25 inches
EX2 40mm 1.5 inches
EX3 55mm 2.1 inches
EX4 65mm 2.5 inches
EX5 80mm 3.1 inches
EX5 Front
With an extended handle of cork the Ibiza Hair blends natural boar bristle with a unique heat resistant nylon carbon fiber for a round brush that won't melt. The weight is light. The most ergonomic handle ever in a brush. Manufactured in Spain. The quality of the brush looks good. It's light and the bristles look like authentic bristles of the boar. The 10 rows of bristles combine thick and thin, stiff and soft, long and short.

2. Best for men's medium to long hair: Mason Person nylon & boar bristle brush


This premium quality boar bristle is gentle on the hair and scalp and perfect for those with longer locks. Mason Pearson Hair Brush was developed and patented more than 100 years ago and is the ultimate tool for grooming. Only the finest boar bristle of premium quality, gentle to the hair and scalp, is used. The best way to distribute natural oils while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating circulation to the hair follicles is to brush with a Mason Pearson Hair Brush. The patented pneumatic cushion is in accordance with the scalp contours, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort. All Mason Pearson Hair Brushes are handmade in England and have a one-year manufacturing defect warranty. In the boar bristle collection, the animals are not harmed.

23 cm or 9.3 inches tall

What it is: An ultimate tool for grooming, which was developed and patented more than 100 years ago, made of the finest, premium boar bristle, which is gentle on the hair and scalp.

Who it's for: Anyone with long hair types, coarse to normal.

What it does: The best way to distribute natural oils while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating the circulation of hair follicles is to brush with a Mason Pearson hair brush. The patented pneumatic cushion is in accordance with the scalp contours, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort. This brush features a nylon spike to enable thick, textured or wavy hair to be brushed. Made in the UK.

Mason Pearson specification PDF


3. Best for men's wavy hair: Denman large cushioned paddle hair brush


D83 - Large paddle brush
The paddle surface is sufficiently large to cover a large amount of space for the pull-though of wavy hair. The wide bristles do a good job if you have natural wavy hair. The Denman Paddle brush is perfect for gently grooming long and thick hair. Nylon ball ended pins are placed in an air coated natural rubber pad to penetrate, smooth and straighten the hair. Grip and control are provided by the matte finish handle. The natural rubber pad that massages your scalp as you brush sturdy plastic bristles on wet or dry hair.

4. Best for men's thin, straight hair: Drybar round ceramic brush


Half Pint Brush 60mm

With this voluminous brush, you can create smooth curls that help reduce frizz and add brightness. During blow-drying, the ceramic barrel heats up, which helps lock in volume and curl. A medium round ceramic brush for medium to long hair and short to medium hair straightening.

Double Pint 70mm 2.7 Inches
Full Pint 60mm 2.25 Inches
Half Pint 50mm 1.75 Inches
Just because a brush's target audience is primarily female does not mean a man can't used it. My advise is if the product is really good who cares, right? So for more information on Drybar round brushes and to see a quick over view video see my post on Best mens hair brush fine hair.

Drybar Half Pint Brush creates short to medium hair smooth curls. The volume is added to shorter styles. Nano Ionic Technology helps reduce frizz and add brightness in the barrel and bristles. Drybar Half Pint Brush ceramic barrel heats up during blow drying, helping to lock in volume and curl; vents allow air to flow freely and reduce dry time. Ergonomic, lightweight design relieves muscle fatigue and styling stress. Simplified, one piece handle eliminates pulling and catching hair.

5. Best brush for men's thick & curly hair: Tangle Teezer



These teeth are made for thicker, more curly hair, strong and flexible. The palm shaped design makes it quick and easy to detach thick and curly hair. The Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling
Hairbrush-Salsa Red is a handheld hairbrush that is easy to use. This detaching brush glides through wet and dry hair four millimeters longer than its original counterpart, freeing your strands from knots and tangles without causing damage to your mane. The secret to its success are the unique teeth that boost brightness and manageability without tugging or pulling.For more information and a short video overview see my article on Best hair brush for men's thick and curly hair.

Lilac and Pink
Pink Fizz
Pink and Red
Purple Mint

Pain-free detachment for thick and curly hair that does not pull or tug the hair Teeth with Firmflex technology, making curls firm but still sufficiently flexible to retain their shape without being distorted after brushing. Patented teeth that bend and bend through the hair without tangling, helping to reduce hair loss due to cuticular damage. Ergonomically designed shape for creative styling and easy handling that fits snugly in the palm. Can be used on dry and wet hair.

Tangle Teezer size is 13cm or 5.3 inches tall
Tangle Teezer has developed scanning technology which determines if your Tangle Teezer is genuine. If you have a QR code application on your phone then scan the QR code on the Tangle Teezer retail box to see if you have a genuine Tangle Teezer.

6. Best brush for teasing: Spornette Little Wonder


With this popular teasing brush, add instant shape and volume to your hair. Spornette 's Little Wonder Brush has been brushing and teasing tresses for decades, in addition to having a supercute name. This miracle tool is actually one of the first brushes founded by Walter Sporn in the late 1950s, so you know it has to do something right.For more information see the Spornette brush specifications and buying guide.

Brush dimensions
Start with dry hair and divide the top layer of hair from your crown into three or four sections with the tail handle of the brush. Lift one section in the air and use the brush to paint quick strokes from top to bottom. For the other sections, repeat steps and brush lightly over the top of the hair. For more information see my article and short video on the best backcombing brush for men.

HairBrushy Article: Men's Bristle Hair Brush
Ibiza Hair
Mason Person
D83 - Large paddle brush
Drybar round ceramic brush
Tangle Teezer
Spornette Little Wonder 

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