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Mason Pearson C2

The "Detangling Comb C2" is another comb I like. This is a widespread tooth comb with an easy-to-use handle, but not as large, so it is best for less, shorter hair. Mason has a range of high-quality fine hair combs. The best advise is you have thin or very fine hair make sure you get the right comb. In this case a finer spaced teeth is what you want. Thicker hair will generally do better with wider spaced teeth.

Mason Pearson Rake C7

Mason Pearson Rake C7
Mason Pearson Rake C7
Mason Pearson has been around since the middle of the 19th Century and has been manufacturing high quality combs and brushes. Back then they were all made by hand. The process had greatly improved over the years but their comment to quality has never wavered. Each Mason Pearson comb is hand crafted with traditional techniques that produce smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for greater comfort. In contrast to ordinary combs, each of them is made of a single material that provides a perfectly smooth design.

The Body Shop Detangling Products

The Body Shop Detangling Products
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What I like about The Body Shop is their ambition to be the world's most ethical and green business in the world. Their Enrich Not Exploit Commitment comprises 14 major goals. Their goals are the clearest expression of who they are and what they stand for as a business.

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Paddle brushes

Round Brushes

Teasing brushes

The Wet Brush

Vented brushes

Fendrihan Boar Brush

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Zeus Boar Brush

Zilberhaar Beard Brush

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush

Effortlessly attain a sleek style with the Amika straightening brush. Fusing the convenience of a brush and the performance of a stylus, polished perfection instantly creates smooth hair in a single stroke. On dry hair, just use the Amika polished perfection straightening brush as a stylus to create a smooth and sleek look. For best results, slide the brush through your hair at a moderate pace from root to tip.

InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush

The Straight Up ceramic straightening brush gives you smooth, straight, frizz-free hair half the time it takes to use flat iron. Ceramic heated plates surround the individual ion bristles, which at the same time divide and straighten as they slide down the hair. Powerful, instant ceramic heat is evenly distributed across the surface to deliver super straight, shiny hair in a single pass.

Ceramic Heated Plates 

The Straight Up contains 65 high-performance ceramic hot plates that are controlled by digital temperature control to maintain heat across the entire surface of the brush. Adjustable temperature settings range from 330 ° F to 450 ° F to ensure optimum performance for all hair types and textures.

This hot brush gives you all the tension you need to straighten the root to the tip. Transform your hair with every brush while giving you a lustful shine.

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

Revlon Hair Tools are dedicated to helping women make beautiful hair that they'll love! If women want glamorous blowouts, big enviable waves, stunning straight hair, or the perfect fashion accessory to complete the look, Revlon has the trendy tools you want. Our revolutionary Pro Collection line will provide you with the latest technology to help you achieve the desired results quickly!

About Revlon One Step

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler is a groundbreaking styling device that puts the power of the dryer and the precision of the stylus in your hands. The development of the large paddle brush runs through your hair to detangle, clean and smooth your hair in half the time versus drying and styling separately. Do not direct hot air toward eyes or other heat-sensitive areas. Boosted by Ionic Engineering, one step is all it takes to make your hair smooth, lustrous and shiny. This is a lightweight model.

MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

High density nano-comb brush, ideal for all styles of hair, such as wavy or fine hair. MiroPure gives you more control of your style while increasing flyaways and statics.

Get professional results easily from 450 ° F heat with electronic controls. 16 temperature levels (300 ° F-450 ° F) for different hair forms.

Save the trouble of mistakenly clicking the buttons so that you can concentrate on styling. 60-minute auto shutdown gives you added peace of mind for every use.

Glamfields Straightening Brush 2.0

Ceramic comb teeth can heat up quickly without wasting time while waiting, and the straight hair effect can be kept for a few days before shampooing. Double anion repairs rough, bifurcated and damaged hair, making hair natural, healthy and sleek. Adjustable 4 Heat Setting is suitable for all types of hair and hair style. Global voltage, 360 rotating handle, 30 minutes auto off, temperature lock, small details, user-friendly model. Mini rose gold body with black comb.

Nowadays, hair straightening brushes are the latest fad for women with all hair types. Gone are the days of flat ironing your hair with all the excruciating pain! If you want to try something new and versatile, Glamfield's hair straightening brush might be the right thing for you. Glamfield's hair straightening iron brush is ideal for people who prefer a natural healthy look for their hair to a poker straight look. This hair straightener brush is truly one of the smartest hair styling solutions ever.

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How to tame frizzy hair

How to tame frizzy hair
How to tame the frizz in your hair
You you ever feel like you are all alone when you are tackling your frizzy hair? It's just you and your frizzy hair and your hair is winning the battle. Many people struggle with unruly hair so don't feel like you are alone.

Use the right products and techniques to tame the frizz

If you choose the right products you can learn to do the right techniques and win the battle. You too can have beautiful silky straight hair. Naturally dry hair, bleached hair and chemically treated hair is prone to have the frizz. And brushing your hair while it's bone dry is just going to cause more frizz. Try to find products without alcohol as not to dry your hair even more. For example, use Argan oil instead instead of hair care products what contain alcohol. I am a big fan of using Argan oil to help add back moister into you hair. If you still have the frizz after using Argan oil you can apply a tiny amount of hair wax to the unruly parts. But be careful to only use a very small amount of wax so you won't get that weighted down look. 
  1. Choose a sulfate-free and alcohol free shampoo and products
  2. Use conditioner
  3. Using a hydrating mask does wonders for your hair
  4. Use Coconut oil or Argan on your hair
  5. Always air dry your hair to 80% before blow-drying
  6. Using a diffuser when blow-drying helps
  7. Apply hair wax to the really frizzy parts after styling
  8. Always use the lowest heat setting when blow drying your hair
  9. Always use the lowest heat setting when using a hot brush or flat iron
  10. Invest in high quality products with ample heat settings
  11. Invest in an ion blow dryer 
  12. Do not bleach your hair, or at least try to not bleach frequently if you must
  13. Do not color your hair, or at least use an ammonia free product
  14. Do not rub your hair vigiriously with a cotton towel after washing, instead use a t-shirt
  15. Be gentle with your hair
  16. Protect your hair from the sun
  17. When swimming protect your hair from chlorine, try to wear a swim cap
  18. Inspect your combs and brushes for sharp edges that could rip your hair

Extra wide detangling comb

Extra wide detangling comb
Extra wide detangling comb from Conair
Effortlessly detangle wet or dry hair or distribute styling products through your hair using a wide tooth comb. Most high quality combs are gentle and sturdy and works well to detangle, style, and manage your hair without sacrificing texture. Its widely spaced conical teeth are designed for optimal effectiveness.

Look for a tough professional design that provides salon quality performance when shopping for a wide toothed comb. It’s great for applying conditioner and even works on wavy or curly medium-to-long hair. Some combs come in a convenient reduced size that is perfect for tossing in a purse or toiletry bag for detangling on the go.

Benefits of using a wide tooth comb:
  1. Can be used on all hair types 
  2. Can detangle hair 
  3. Can be used on wet or dry hair
  4. Can be used with styling products and detangling spray

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InStyler Original Hot Iron Silver 34 Inch

Video courtesy of Instyler
  1. Straightens and curls 
  2. Heated rotating barrel smooths and polishes as it styles 
  3. Tourmaline ceramic floating plate smooths without crushing, flattening or damaging hair 
  4. Multiple heat settings up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit 30 second rapid heat-up and auto safety shut-off 
This model is the 3/4 inch version so it's going to be great for shorter hair.
InStyler Original Hot Iron Silver 34 Inch Features
InStyler Original Hot Iron Silver 34 Inch Features
The great features about the Instyler is you can turn your ends in or out by simply allowing the barrel to spin on the ends of your hair for three to five seconds. Give your flat hair extra volume boost by adding your InStyler barrel to your roots! You will generate extra body and weight on the sides and back of your head, as well as extra height for your bangs.

InStyler Original Hot Iron Silver 34 Inch
InStyler Original Hot Iron Silver 34 Inch

InStyler TITANIUM 1.25” 1-Way Straightening and Styling Iron

InStyler TITANIUM 1.25” 1-Way Straightening and Styling Iron
The biggest advantage of this model is the titanium. It has the extra added benefit of smoothing and adding shine using the titanium.

The TITANIUM 1-Way Rotating Iron will completely smooth and shine your hair in a flat and elegant fashion without crushing or rubbing your hair. To straighten, close TITANIUM around the hair segment and slide down gradually from the root to the ends.

Straightens, curls, adds body and glow. The TITANIUM 1-Way Rotating Iron Precision Aligned Bristles and Heated Rotating Barrel delivers smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair with body and shine. Do not use during bathing or showering

InStyler MAX PRIME 1.25” 2-Way Straightener & Styler

InStyler MAX PRIME 1.25” 2-Way Straightener & Styler
This is the original Instyler rotating brush. There are newer models out there now like the Instyler wet to dry that has more capability.

  1. STRAIGHTENS BETTER: The rounded shape of the revolving barrel and the tourmaline ceramic hot plate avoids the bleaching and crushing that can flatten the skin, while the ion bristles brush and polish the bristles to reduce the frizz and give maximum shine.
  2. Optimum SALON STYLE. MINIMUM EFFORT.: The larger surface area of the 1.25 "round barrel (in addition to the flat plate) improves the heat recovery, enabling MAX to sustain a consistent high temperature of 425 ° F for maximum speed and styling performance.
  3. PROFESSIONAL STYLING: with 360 ° straightening capacity, the MAX Rotating Styler is favored over flat irons for straightening and managing frizz, while adding body and shine.
  4. Use on all hair types: with 4 heat levels 285 ° F, 315 ° F, 385 ° F, 425 ° F, for all hair types: long, short, thinning, dense, rough, curly, straight and frizzy.  It also has a 7' Professional Swivel Cord and an Automatic Shut Off.
  5. MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: a revolutionary 1.25 "two-way rotating barrel that straightens your hair and gives you the option to easily add curl, body and shine.

InStyler MAX PRIME WET TO DRY 1.25" 2-Way Styling Iron, White

InStyler MAX PRIME WET TO DRY 1 25 2-Way Styling Iron in White
The biggest benefit of the Instyler Max wet to dry is going to be that you do not have to start with dry hair. Your hair can be wet so this allows you to skip blow drying and thus save time by doing so.

  1. NO BLOW DRYER NEEDED: the only wet-to-dry styler that uses patented rotating technology to straighten, add curls and waves while drying hair at the same time. Skip the blow drying out and get that much-needed blow-out look.
  2. PROFESSIONAL FRIZZ-FREE STYLING: Innovative wet-to-dry ion bristles emit ions to reduce frizz and deliver maximum shine.  The rounded shape of the barrel prevents cracking and wrinkling, resulting in safe, volume-filled skin.
  3. FASTER, HEALTHIER STYLING: the Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Plate allows MAX WET TO DRY to maintain a consistent heat up to 425 ° F at maximum speed and styling efficiency.
  4. STYLING VERSATILITY: The groundbreaking 1.25 "two-way rotating barrel dries and straightens your hair and gives you the opportunity to quickly add curl, texture and shine to damp or dry hair.
  5. USE ON ALL HAIR TYPES: long, short, thin, dense, rough, curly, smooth, and frizzy. For best results, using dry hair on your towel.
    7' Certified swivel cord

InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler in red

InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler in red
The MAX is the most advanced version of the InStyler rotating iron. The innovative 2-way rotating barrel technology allows you to change direction by simply double-clicking the barrel for maximum results by rotating in the natural direction of your hair.

InStyler MAX rotating brush

With a tourmaline ceramic smoothing plate, dual rotating barrel and ionic bristles, the MAX straightens, curls and hair styles perfectly every time. The secret lies in the rotating, heated polishing cylinder, the tourmaline ceramic floating plate and the four rows of precision-aligned bristles. The MAX has a quick heat-up of 30 seconds and an automatic safety shutdown. Multiple heat settings are available for fine, medium and thick or coarse hair. The heat shield and the heat mat are included with the Max.

InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler in black

InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler in black
  1. STRAIGHTENS BETTER: The rounded shape of the revolving barrel and the tourmaline ceramic heated plate avoids the creasing and crushing of hair that can flatten, while the ionic bristles brush and polish strands to reduce friction and provide optimum shine.
  2. MAXIMUM SALON STYLE. MINIMUM EFFORT.: The larger surface area of the 1.25 "round barrel (as opposed to a flat plate) enhances heat recovery, enabling MAX to maintain a consistent high 425 ° F heat for maximum speed and styling efficiency.
  3. PROFESSIONAL STYLING: The MAX Rotating Styler is preferred for straightening and managing friction with 360 ° of straightening energy over flat iron, while enhancing body and shine.
  4. USE ON THE HAIR TYPES: With 4 Heat Settings 285 ° F, 315 ° F, 385 ° F, 425 ° F, put on all styles of hair: long, short, thin, rough, coarse, curly, straight and frizzy.  A 6' Professional Swivel Cord and Automatic Shut Off is also available.
  5. MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: The revolutionary design of the 1.25 ”two-way rotating barrel straightens hair and gives you the option to easily add curl, body, and shine.
Video courtesy of InStyler

InStyler Original Demo How I Style My Hair

Video courtesy of

Video by RockFabulous40s, to quote, "I've had this InStyler for years. Its my favorite styling tool of all time."

Big Voluminous Hollywood Hot Air InStyler Tutorial

Video courtesy of

Chloe Boucher tells us everything we need to know about the Instyler.

How I Curl My Hair Wtih The Instyler Hot Brush

Video courtesy of

Video by Megan Bailey, To quote Megan, "Hi everyone! I decided to upload this video even though I know the quality isn't the best, because my camera never focused all the way and I didn't realize until after I was already done filming. But, you can still see how I curl my hair! I can always re-film this tutorial. I really just wanted to have fun editing this video and just kind of messed around and had fun with it. I know it's a little all over the place and I'm a mess, but I hope this helped those of you who didn't know how to use The Instyler, or even if you've been thinking about getting one!"

How To Achieve Hollywood Hair Using The Instyler

Video courtesy of

Video by Suzanne Jackson. To quote Suzane, "For months you guys have been asking for a 'How To' video on using the Instyler! The Instyler is hands down my go-to and must have hair styling tool. Not only does the Instyler create voluminous waves, it also straightens the hair too if you wish and it offers a lovely bend on the ends, if you prefer the more effortless look."

Instyler Curls Tutorial

Video courtesy of

Instyler curls tutorial by msalliemarie. Per msalliemarie, "I had a lot of fun making it. in this tutorial I will show you how I achieve my curls using the instyler 3/4 of an inch barrel curling iron. I also have the larger barrel instyler that I use for softer curls. I hope this tutorial was helpful. if you have any addition questions or concerns, feel free to ask them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. thank you so much for watchin".

HairStyles Getting the perfect Curls InStyler Max Tutorial

Video courtesy of

In this Hairstyles tutorial, I'm going through two options to get the perfect curls using InStyler max. These methods are the perfect Instyler hot brush tutorial to get curls in long hair. Video is by Michelle Regazzoli Stone, she has been working in the makeup industry for over 10 years and has given her a wealth of experience in all aspects of make up. She is passionate about what she does. She frequently makes tutorial videos on makeup, hair and beauty.

Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial using the Instyler Hot Brush

Video courtesy of

Here's my Beach Wave tutorial using Instyler 1 and 1/4 of an inch barrel styling tool. I bought mine from an infomercial about 2 years ago. You can find them in most beauty stores or at Instyler. I hope you enjoyed this video, and I hope it was beneficial to you. Well, thank you so much for watching. Hope you all have a great day!

Rave Review InStyler Rotating Iron

Video courtesy of

Good video but the review in this video promotes affiliate links. They are honest and sate that they do so there is nothing wrong with that other than the reader needs to be aware as some readers may weight the review as less because of the affiliate links.

Review on the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener

Video courtesy of

Here's my Instyler review of their Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straghtener that I use for everyday hair styling. This product really reduces the amount of time it takes to make your hair feel free to wear your hair in a ponytail all the time. The Instyler works best if your hair's dry. It's the only hair styling product that removes the bump left behind after you wear your hair, making it easy and fast to get a nice clean skin. The formula also prevents frizz and makes my hair look smooth and soft. I highly recommend it to you.

Instyler 7 In 1 Rotating Iron

Video courtesy of

Now get your glamorous hair with the best hair styler from InStyler. InStyler is no less than a hair make-up expert. Now straighten your hair, give your hair soft curls or rough curls so that everyone's attention can be drawn to your shiny strands. This hair styler includes an iron that rotates your hair perfectly by flipping it in and out. So next time you go out, let your hair rotate or flip, depending on your mood, to make your heads turn.

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Vegan Tampico fiber hairbrush by Redecker

Redecker Vegan Tampico Fiber Hairbrush
Redecker Vegan Tampico Fiber Hairbrush
Why I like the vegan Tampico brush:
  1. Brush is 8 "long and made without any animal products; cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.
  2. Great for daily brushing; the plant bristles naturally condition the scalp and detangle the knots.
  3. Made of all-natural tampico fiber, stiff plant fiber bristles are perfect for hair brushing; bristles have a high degree of shape retention and withstand high heat when blowing hair drying.
  4. Handle made of natural oiled beech wood, highly resistant to wear and tear; ages gracefully and long enough for daily use.
  5. Bristles are not stiff. They are soft to medium.

Cruelty free

Part of Redecker's exclusive cruelty-free collection, the Vegan Tampico Fiber Hairbrush with Oiled Beechwood Handle offers an all-natural hair care solution. Made from tampico fiber, the plant-based bristles condition the scalp while the knots are smoothed and detangling. Stiff bristles retain their shape and withstand high temperatures, perfect for brushing and drying hair. The brush handle is made of natural oiled beechwood, which is resistant to wear and tear and is long-lasting enough for regular use. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, this 8 "long brush is handmade without animal products. For maintenance, rinse with warm water and towel blot to remove excess moisture.


Tampico fiberr plant
The Agave Lechugilla Plant courtesy of
Is this a NOT 100% boar bristle brush. There are NO plastic bristles. Bristles are made from all-natural tampico plant fiber. Handle is made from all-natural oiled beech-wood which is highly resistant to wear and tear. My experience is that Tampico fiber bristles is a soft to medium-soft bristle. It's not a firm bristle. It keeps it's shape and wears very well. More about fiber processing.

More about Redecker

The first handmade Bürstenhaus Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. Since then, a lot has changed. Today, the name Bürstenhaus Redecker stands for the perfect combination of natural performance, feature and design for many years. This lives on the combination of inventiveness, sound craftsmanship and imagination. Handcrafted in Germany, Bürstenhaus Redecker brushes are made of domestic woods, bristles, hair, and plant fibers, and have been for decades. Precedence is given to natural and sustainable raw materials.

Air dry with blisters facing down to prevent damage to the wooden handle. Made in Germany.

Champignon brush from the brushhouse Redecker 

 Video courtesy of

The brush house Redecker 

 Video courtesy of

Brushes, brooms and brush from the brush house Redecker

 Video courtesy of

Clean your keyboard with the PC brush from Redecker 

 Video courtesy of

Hand brush with dustpan from Redecker 

 Video courtesy of

Redecker brush manufacture since 1935

Video courtesy of

The socket brush from Redecker

Video courtesy of

What does keratin do to your hair

Keratin Oil For Detangling
Keratin conditioner
Keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to make up your hair strands. The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, potentially contain keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and shiny. Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, more fashionable and straighter in shape.

By The making of this document was supported by Wikimedia CH. (Submit your project!)For all the files concerned, please see the category Supported by Wikimedia CH. - Own work, GFDL 1.2, you know Keratin is one of a family of structural fibrous proteins. It is the key structural material that makes up hair, nails, horns, claws, hooves, and the skin's outer layer. Keratin is also the protein that protects epithelial cells against damage or stress.

To get a better understanding let's take a quick look at hair, what is it and is it really made up of dead cells? According to Matthew Hoffman, MD,

"hair is made up of keratin"

Keratin is a protein

Keratin is a protein that is the main structural material making up hair, nails and in animals horns, feathers, claws and hooves. So it's not just in humans. And since it's a protein it's not alive. There are no nerve cells in hair. so when you get a hair cut you feel no pain.

Keratin is also a protein that prevents damage or stress to epithelial cells. In water and organic solvents, keratin is extremely insoluble.

Keratin monomers form intermediate filaments that are tough and form strong un-mineralized epidermal attachments found in reptiles, birds, amphibians and mammals.

There are many combs that are infused with Keratin oil to help with static electricity. These combs infused with keratin oil seem to work better than other combs when it come to reducing static.

5 Things to Know About Keratin

 Video courtesy of

The Process of a Keratin Treatment

 Video courtesy of

Conair Comb Detangle 3.2 Ounce

Conair Comb Detangle 3.2 Ounce
Conair Comb Detangle 3.2 Ounce - newer model
The "Conair Comb Detangle 3.2 Ounce"comb does not seem to do as good at controlling static electricity as the older model. Older model pictured below. The older model is no longer available. The newer model is just a detangling comb. In addition, this model, the teeth seems to break easily, more than the older model. If you drop the comb on a hard surface it may break. If you accidentally step on it it will break. My advice is if you can get the older model then do it. My preference is the older model over the newer design. I am not 100% sure but I believe the newer model is made from a different plastic, seems to be harder and less flexible. This would cause the comb to be more brittle and create more static electricity while combing.

Conair older model detangling comb

Conair comb
Older model no longer available
 Newer model comb

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Aveda how to sleek straight hair tutorial with Brittany Marie

Brittany Marie shares her best tips on getting a smooth, elegant hair look with Aveda's Damage Remedy products.

Video courtesy of

Get a new, natural, straight-hair look with this tutorial from the beauty blogger Brittany Marie.

Aveda paddle brush hair care routine

From the beginning to the end video of all techniques used in styling plus all of the products used.

Video courtesy of

Aveda how to tutorial using wooden vegan paddle brush

You can achieve naturally curly, wavy hair without a roller hassle or a curling iron. In this hair tutorial, Aveda stylist Paige shows you how to create a heat-less curl hairstyle using Aveda's wooden vegan paddle brush along with some excellent tips for using Aveda Damage Remedy.

Video courtesy of

  1. Shampoo your hair using Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo, which helps repair and strengthen damaged hair. 
  2. On damp hair, start to style by applying Be Curly Style-Prep and brush through with the Aveda Paddle Brush. 
  3. Part hair into sections and begin to twist each section away from the face. 
  4. Add more hair to the twist until there is no more hair to add. Wrap the ends around and secure with a bobby pin or clip on the other side of the head. 
  5. Repeat the process on the other side. 
  6. Allow hair to dry overnight and remove the pins in the morning. 
  7. To help bind split ends together, apply Damage Remedy Split End Repair to the ends only. 
  8. Lock in curls with all-day frizz control that leaves hair touchable by spraying in Be Curly Curl Enhancer Hair Spray, scrunch in to finish the look.

Choosing a boar brush

Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342)
Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342)
Brushes comes in different sizes and shapes. What brush type is best for your hair? You should know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the basic shaped brushes before deciding on one. Plus you should know it's indented purpose. Know these basic facts will make selecting a brush much easier. When it comes to boar brushes the basic brush shapes are, round brush, paddle brush and oval or regular brush. Basally a paddle brush is going to be great for folks who have a lot of hair and their hair is long. Shoulder length or longer. An Oval brush is going to be great for those who have shoulder length hair or above. And lastly real quick, a round brush is going to be great at making volume or adding curls. The larger the diameter of the round brush the larger the curl. For really short hair you are going to want a smaller diameter round brush.

Boar or Nylon which is better?

Each has their own strengths ans weakness, but if you have really thick and or curly hair you are going to need maximum penetration. A boar bristle brush alone may not provide you with the penetration you need. So manufactures also make a boar and nylon combination brush. A really stiff First Cut boar along with nylon can get you the extra penetration you need to reach your scalp. The combination give you almost all the benefits of using an all boar bristle brush. Reaching your scalp is important to be effective at spreading your natural oils throughout your hair.

The reason why boar is so effective is that it's like your own hair. Boar has tiny scales just like a human hair. These tiny scales are real good at collecting your scalps natural oils and spreading them  from the roots to the tips of your hair. Nylon is much smoother therefore is not as effective as boar.

The "First Cut" is the most desirable and costly. Most manufacturers use "Second" or "Third Cuts" because they are smoother and well suited to thin or thinning hair. A Second or Third cut is going to be cheaper and softer than a First cut. First cuts are more expensive and more desirable because the bulb end of the bristle is thicker and has better penetration. Many manufactures reserve First cuts for their premium products.

Combination boar and nylon for styling

Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush
Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush

Great video on the use of a boar and nylon styling brush. You are going to want to watch as the techniques used applies to both men and women. SamVilla Signature Series Styling brush

Video courtesy of

How to distinguish real boar bristles

Video courtesy of

Quality boar brushes

When looking for a boar brush look for quality. Look closely at the workmanship of the brush and make sure that anywhere your hair will tough the brush is completely smooth and free from wooden splinters, gaps or rough or sharp edges. A wooden boar brush with splinters at the base will shred your hair. A cushion brush with shape edges where the bristle meets the rubber will also damage your hair.

Don't be afraid to spend some money a good high quality brush. Just think of all the money you spend on hair products in a year. At $10 to $12 dollars a can that adds up over time. So spending more for a brush is not a bad idea. Plus your brush will last 10, 20 or more years with proper care. When is the last time your purchases hair care products and it lasted 20 years? Honestly, I have some, but these were bad products I ended up not using. So they sat in the bathroom drawer for years before I tossed them into the trash.

Why use a boar brush?

The main reason people use a boar brush is to help promote healthy shinny hair. In addition with regular use you may even find out that you can cut down or maybe even totally eliminate some hair care products. In the long run this might even save you some money. So really a high quality premium boar brush may really turn out to be more of a bargain than you initially thought.

Hair brushing is essential for washing, massaging the skin or scalp and for stimulating the release of a beneficial oil called sebum for conditioning. Brushing distributes natural oils or Sebum. The effect is a healthy, shinny looking hair. Since sebum is the natural oil that protects and moisturizes your skin. Daily brushing results in hair that is more manageable and, of course, more shinny.

More on brush types

Usually boar brush is called a finishing brush. This is because you want your hair to be completely dry and tangle free before your use a boar brush. Brushing wet hair is a bad idea and can cause your hair to break or snap very easily. When you hair is wet it's at it's weakest point. While brushing, it can stretch and then snap. This will cause breakage, weak spots and or split-ends. Before using a boar brush make sure you hair is tangle free. Boar has a lot of tension and if your hair is not completely detangled the boar bristles can grab the hair and either pull it out or cause it to break.
  1. Vent brush
  2. Round brush
  3. Paddle brush 
  4. Teasing brush
  5. The Wet Brush - Does the wet brush work on dry hair and Is the wet brush good for your hair
Video courtesy of

What is a ceramic hair brush?

If you remember back from the art class in high school, ceramic is a hard substance made of clay. In the oven, Clay is heated to over 2000 degrees and the result is solid ceramic. One of the features of ceramics is that it heats up very quickly. As it heats, the temperature is evenly distributed through the material. So, for example, in a ceramic hair dryer or hot comb, as the hot air moves through the ceramic material, it heats up and stays hot. As the hot air moves over the ceramic material, ions are also released. See my article on negative ions and hair for more information about ions. Andrew Carruthers states the ions helps your hair dry quicker while blow drying. He was skeptical at fist but after running side-by-side tests he realized the ions really do make a difference.

Negative ions and hair

What's a negative particle, huh? And what are the negative ions doing for your body? I bet you are primarily interested in the effects of negative ions and how they affect your hair. Okay, actually, I wrote this article that I had to go back to high school to figure out exactly what the ion was to begin with.For more read my article called Negative ions and hair, you'll be glad you did.

Why does some boar brushes use a cushion? 

Why does some boar brushes use a cushion?
This is NOT a defect or missing bristles - cushion air vent hole in a Jean Pierre brush
A pneumatic cushion is used to help facilitate the bristles conforming to your scalp. The cushion has a vent hole which allows air to escape, this action allows the brush to conform to your scalp while brushing. This action helps prevent the brush from being used too aggressively and scratching your scalp. When pressure is applied while brushing the brush cushion responds by venting out the air and complying to the couture of your scalp.

One last suggestion when shopping for an expensive brush make sure you can contact their customer service prior to purchase and they actually answer back. Now days many customer service departments are non-existent. If I am going to pay a premium I want to at least be able to contact someone if I need too.

Please comment below on what is your ideal boar brush and why.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Boar bristle brushes on Amazon

Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Boar brushes are popular because they bring many great benefits when brushing your hair. One of the biggest benefits over nylon brushes is being able to be really good at conditioning your hair naturally without the use of any special conditioning products. A boar brush takes your hair's natural oils and spreads them from the roots to the tips everything you brush. In return you get naturally conditioned hair with reduced frizz. The biggest disadvantage of using a boar brush is you should not use them on wet hair. Always use on dry hair and start at the roots and brush down to your tips.

The brushes mentioned here are for both men and women.

Popular boar brushes on Amazon

Best boar bristle brushes on Amazon
Yolika Boar Bristle Paddle Detangling Brush

Yolika Boar Bristle Paddle Detangling Brush - $21.20

  1. Scalp oil is the best natural conditioner, superior boar bristles can bring natural oil from the root to the tip.
  2. Avoid pulling and tangling your hair. Yolika's unique comb, which is a combination of boar bristle and soft nylon, can make your hair much easier.
  3. No matter what type of hair you have, thick or thin, straight or curly, the brush can perform perfectly.
  4. The upper ends of the brush teeth are made of circles that can prevent injury to the scalp, the striped anti-slip handle has an ergonomic design.
Good to keep long and thick hair untangled. Works on dry and wet hair - however I strongly advise NOT to use a boar brush on wet hair due to your hair is at at weakest point when wet. Quality is good, considering the low price. Has a good Design.

A lower ratio of boar bristles to nylon pins than other brushes. And many are nylon. There is no statement as to the ratio of boar bristles to nylon. Not designed to use with a hair dryer due to the nylon bristles loos their form under heat.
Blow Dry Round Hair Brush with Natural Boar Bristles
Care Me Blow Dry Round Hair Brush with Natural Boar Bristles

Blow Dry Round Hair Brush with Natural Boar Bristles by Care Me - $15.99

  1. Unlike other brushes that claim to be “pure boar brush” but actually mix of nylon bristles to reduce cost, our boar bristles are pure boar hairs to distribute natural hair sebum oils as a conditioner resulting in shiny smooth hair. Added nylon pins enhance the boar's effectiveness by handling thick coarse hair. Made by Care Me
  2. Vented Ceramic Barrel and Core allows up to 50% more airflow from a blow dryer and evenly distributes the heat to make hair dry quickly and straighten out. Boar bristles lift hair at right roots and add shine & volume. 
  3. A round brush is great for blow-outs. Bristles hold in moisture to reduce frizz & brittleness and to polish finish. Straightening, Curling, Blow-drying All Hair Types - Normal or Thick, Straight, Wavy or Curled Hair
  4. Added ball tips on Nylon Bristles are gentle to the scalp and do not pull or snag the hair. Nylon bristles feel hard but will turn into soft when blown by hair-dryer

Works great for styling with a hair dryer on low heat setting. Will handle all kinds of hair - curly, straight, or frizzy. Bristles reach the scalp, even if you have thick hair. Price is very good for a round boar and nylon brush.

Plastic handle. I am not a fan of plastic handles because they can break more easily than a solid wooden handle. No statement as to the ratio of boar bristles to nylon.

Best Blow-dry round brush with natural boar bristles nano ionic tech for professional salon blowouts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Boar brush Beauty by Earth

Boar and Bamboo Bristle Hair Brush - by Beauty by Earth - $17.99

  1. Natural conditioning treatment to make your hair smooth, shiny, and looking it's best. By Beauty by Earth
  2. When you brush your hair on a regular basis your hair becomes healthier and softer and you may no longer need to use leave-in conditioners or expensive, oily hair serums.
  3. Using a boar bristle brush won't change your hair type, but it will simply make your hair more manageable and easier to style because it will deeply condition each strand of hair.
  4. Comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Leaves strands feeling extra soft and shiny. Nice option for those with long, thick hair. Brush design is relatively easy to clean.

Not really a detangling brush, there are better options out there. No statement as to the ratio of boar bristles to nylon.

Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set
Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set

Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set - $24.99

Benefits and features:
  1. Bristles are firm enough to reach your scalp
  2. Bristles are made of 100% boar's hair
  3. Bristles distribute your hairs natural oils from roots to tips
  4. Regular brushing gives your hair a healthy natural shine just like mother nature intended
  5. Natural bamboo handle
  6. No rubber fumes
  7. No nylon fillers to scratch your scalp
  8. Included is  washable hemp travel bag, boar’s wooden brush and a wooden comb
  9. The detangling comb works as a wet brush detangling comb for use after bathing
  10. Once your hair dries, use your boar brush
  11. Perfect for men or women
  12. Made by Dovahlia. Made with high quality materials, Family business.
Dovahlia for men
Dovahlia for men
Features boar bristles and a nice bamboo handle. the brush works very well to distribute natural oils from roots to tips. And a plus comes with a comb and storage bag.

Although the bristles say they are on the firm side they really seem to be more on the softer side so what this means is if you have very thick course hair you will have to use some effort to get good penetration. I always prefer a brush on the stiffer side because I can always make the bristles a bit softer but If you get one with soft bristles there is no way to make them stiffer.

More about Dovahlia brushes

Bsisme Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Brush with Detangling Pins Wooden Paddle
Bisime boar and nylon brush

Bsisme Hair Brush - Boar Bristle Brush - $12.99

Stated benefits:
  1. Paddle brush design
  2. The Bsisme brush glides through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease
  3. The boar bristles helps distributing natural oil evenly to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizzy
  4. Daily use give you benefits like improved hair texture and healthier,smoother softer and shinier hair
  5. Natural oils are secreted everyday by your scalp and is the best and most effective natural conditioner
  6. Boar bristles are great for distributing oils because the scale and structure of boar bristles is very similar to human hair
  7. Mixed nylon and boar. The natural boar bristles easily removes dust, oil ,dandruff and dirt on the scalp. The nylon bristles help to glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly
  8. Massages and stimulates your scalp safely, and promotes increased blood flow circulation that may help improve hair growth
  9. Comes with a hair brush cleaner
Wooden brush handle w/rectangular shape is easy to use and has sturdy design. Popular among people with long, thick hair. Packaging works well for storage or for gifting the brush.

I disagree with the statement that this brush can be used as a detangling brush, "glide through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease". I firmly believe that there are NO boar brushes that are good at detangling hair. There are much better options. A boar brush should be used on detangled  and fully dry hair only!!!! Never use a boar brush on wet hair. Brush has odd odor out of box. That to me says something is not right with quality control and or the manufacturing process. Could have VOCs. Bristles tend to fall out. Ball tips fall off. There is no statement as to the ratio of nylon to boar bristles.

More information on the Bsisme boar brush

Amazing boar brush

Pros and Cons are at the time of this article thus the manufacturer could very well have corrected or improved the product since then. all prices are also at the time when this article was written and therefore could be priced differently. All brushes are available at the time of this writing on Amazon.

Please comment below on brushes you use and like from Amazon. Readers and myself would be glad to here from you.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Boar brush alternative

Boar brush alternative TEK wooden brush
In addition to nylon and plastic have you considered using a wooden hair brush as a boar brush alternative? If you are a vegan and or living a way of life that seeks to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, whether from food, clothing or any other purpose, then a wooden brush may be just the tool for you. There are many benefits but there are also some disadvantages. The biggest question is, does a wooden brush do a good job of distributing your natural hair oils from the root to the tips. I have my doubts but I believe it can work. The only real way is for you to decide by actually brushing your hair with one. And in my opinion the best way to start is to first find a high quality wooden brush.

What I would look for in a quality vegan wooden brush

  1. Handmade is great - I know attention to detail has been given and pride of craftsmanship is built into the product.
  2. High quality wood from carefully managed forests - FSC certification is a plus and proves it
  3. All natural rubber 
  4. Finished with a natural finish - no dangerous VOCs
  5. Sturdy handle
  6. Nice design
  7. Look carefully where the wooden bristles mates up to the rubber - no gaps, no edges otherwise your hair will be pulled and or ripped as you brush. When you brush your hair passed over this area every time.
Vegan TEK wooden brush

TEK wooden brushes

Their brushes are handmade in Italy. They are manufactured and assembled in Italy using a tradition of craftsmanship and attention to details and high quality standards.One of the main reason I like TEK wooden brushes is that they exercise environmental awareness along their entire production line. They source wood from managed forests and use natural rubber or what is called caucciù rubber. Rubber is not derived from petroleum products. Even the finishes are Linseed oil and Carnauba wax.

Being FSC certified is important because it ensures that products are sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental benefits.

TEK wooden brush benefits

TEK wooden boar brush alternative benefits

  1. Air vent hole between pins. It’s pneumatic and lets air escape and moisture drain out
  2. Hand made in Italy
  3. Respects our environment
  4. FSC certified
  5. Hypoallergenic
  6. Anti static
  7. Massages your scalp and helps to improve the blood circulation
  8. Reinforces hair roots, and absorbs the excess of sebum and hair impurities

Choosing a boar brush alternative

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Wooden brushes for healthy long hair 

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

How to soften hair brush bristles

If you are attempting to soften nylon bristles don't bother, because it's not possible. Synthetic bristles brushes do not soften using this technique. This only works on real boar bristles. If you are interest in saving a few dollars you might try this method. Sometimes you can revive an old hair brush. It's worth a try due all you have to lose is your time and a little olive oil.

Also, if you have ever bought a boar brush and you find the bristles are too stiff you can to use this technique for soften the bristles.

Soften boar bristles

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How to get static out of a hair brush

How to get static out of a hair brush
How to get static out of a hair brush - Image courtesy of
How many times have you started to brush your hair when you notice your hair is raising up to meet your brush? One quick way to cure this problem is to take an ordinary dryer sheet and rub on your brush or comb. Then try again.

Static prevention

If you want to prevent static electricity from happening in the first place you can always try wrapping your brushes and combs in dryer sheets during high static times. Some stylist considers this technique a good static eliminator. Generally high static times are going to be in the middle of the winter. This is when there is lower humidity in the air. The indoor air is usually dry due to your heater keeping your house or work nice and cozy.

Also did you know that brushes generally carry more static than combs. So if you can you might try reaching for a comb in high static times. another good idea is to use a good detangler or leave in conditioner. This technique also helps elevate static in your hair.

How to get rid of static from a hair brush

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How to clean hair brush bristles

How to clean hair brush bristles
Clean brush - image courtesy of The Wet Brush
It always a great idea to periodically clean you brushes. One quick and easy way is to hold your brush by the handle and stir the head of your brush around in a bowl of warm water. After the brush head is wet then add a few drops of shampoo on an old toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to scrub the bristles of the hairbrush. Finally rinse your brush in a bowl of clean water by swirling it around. If you do not have an old toothbrush you can use another brush.

How to clean hairbrushes

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How to Clean Natural Bristle Hair Brushes 

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Make sure you if have a wooden brush you don't soak the head in water because it will ruin the wood. Use a spray bottle or spritzer bottle with clean warm water and wet the bristles, then use another bottle with shampoo or detergent and warm water mix. Use this solution and spray your brush while gently massaging the bristles. Use clean warm water and spray off the shampoo and or detergent. To get the desired results you may have to repeat this process several times.